2 days ago

Good hike - we went as far as we could in our car and parked - walked the 6 km into Roxbury from there. Definitely bring fly spray. Keep in mind - the walk in is basically all uphill going up the mountain, and the walk back out is downhill. There were black bear tracks in the mud all over within the Roxbury Settlement. Signed the guestbook but did not stumble upon any geocaches - if they're still there. Didn't specifically look for them though. No foundations or houses/buildings of any sort still there that we could find - pretty uneventful. Took a look at the 2 cemeteries - of all the haunted folklore of Roxbury - we definitely didn't even get a haunted feeling - just a very calm and peaceful place, deep in the woods. Also took a look at some wells and walked to the pond. Saw a few camps but no one was around. Thought about walking as far as the lake/mill site, but after walking around several mud holes in the middle of the road, we finally came to one so deep and wide that we couldn't even get around it without going through it so we used that as a turning point. Had several ticks on us as well but that's to be expected. The only formations we saw were basically rock walls lined the Roxbury Settlement after the mailbox (guestbook) and the wall stretches for quite a distance on both side of the road - - definitely very old. Dexters is still doing a lot of clear cutting work the whole way up Roxbury road so beware of heavy equipment and men working. On the way back out from Roxbury, you descend the mountain and get small views of the north mountain across the valley to show you how high you are. It was a nice hike, however with not much to see I wouldn't do it again. It's a very neat place to see with a very interesting history.