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we love this trail! nice combo of forest trails, walking along the shore and along a brooke. my kids love counting all the bridges! we pack a lunch and eat beside the waterfall.

a great hike for the whole family! very well marked and you can tell alot of love and care went into the making of the trail. should mention it is not stroller friendly.

Great trail with beautiful Oceanside views. The first km or so was crazy rocky, so be sure to have boots with good ankle support. Would definitely hike this trail again.

Took fantastic picture of bull moose!

7 days ago

A great and versatile trail system with something for every. Nice short loops around the house and lake with interesting historical landscape features (old ice house, 200 year old greenhouse foundations, a ha-ha fence etc.) and then two wilderness loops, the barrens and wetlands trail that make for a great half day walk. Lovely sitting rocks for breaks at Thompson Lake, an isolated little wilderness lake at the far end. Best done clockwise, so you get the easy return leg at the end, which is an 18th century stage coach road. Outer loops are not heavily used, so get a bit overgrown, but easy to follow. Good year round. Nice winter snowshoeing when snow is deep. Bit muddy in the spring. The network is well-signed with blazes and handy maps at the junctions and a big orientation map at the trailhead, the parking lot beside the big historic home (really worth a visit when open.)

Great walk anytime of year.

We went on Dec 31. Note, the gate is closed so you walk in — it has to be at least 4km walk in — it’s a pretty road along the water but you need to build that timing, 45-1hr walk in/out into your plan. We only did 1/2 of the first loop as a result. There was some ice on parts of the path which is pretty rooty and rocky so that slowed the pace as well.

Awesome trail. Moderate terrain with some steep sections - beautiful views. About 1foot of snow on ground when we were there - but well packed from other hikers.

23 days ago

Love this trail

Nice Christmas eve stroll with the dog

This is as close as you will get to Central Park in Halifax as it’s a beautiful park with endless trails and things to see. Can also see several old war bunkers and interpretive signs which is very interesting. There are a couple parking lots - this park is always extremely busy and really comes alive in the summer. Parts of this park are off-leash... some parts are no dogs allowed at all. Some are only on-leash - you have to watch your every move for little signs where the areas change. Are easy to miss. Beautiful views of the ocean/harbour and can even see York Redoubt and Dead Man’s Island from the park.

We love doing the frog pond loop. We always take our dog for walks here. It is a very busy trail with a large parking lot. You can venture off this trail onto other connecting trails in Sir Sanford Fleming Park. Very easy walk with minimal ups and downs. Trail is mostly dirt with a few small boardwalk sections.

This is our favourite place to explore - there’s nowhere else quite like it. There are tons of trail combinations that you can do. Every time you return you will find hidden things and places that you haven’t seen before. Tons of old war buildings and bunkers to look at. A few you can even go in. In the summer there are public washrooms available on site. Lots of picnic tables as well. If you venture down on the trails between the fortress and the ocean the hill down to the water is extremely steep. Lots of secrets about this place to find for yourself. It really is an enchanting place. I’d recommend for everyone to go here at least once to see what it’s all about. Lots of history and interpretive signs. There’s also rumours of parts of it being haunted... we have experienced those claims only once but something we will never forget. Truly interesting.

29 days ago

This trail is extremely easy and is good for all family members (including on-leash pets). Also keep your eyes out for geocaches in the area. The trail does not take long to do and there is one section of the trail that is boardwalk.

A very rewarding hike with excellent ocean views. The first part of the trail crosses an eternity of lose beach rocks on the upper side of the beach. You should wear hiking shoes with ankle support - good place to roll an ankle. If you go in sneakers just be cautious. The trail itself is a loop with over half of it having ocean views. Good for on-leash dogs, however people like to break the rules which is rather annoying... parts of the wooded section of the trail can be extremely muddy but there are stones and boards to walk on to cross. There are also secrets to this trail. Find for yourself.
This is an area known for high levels of ticks so always practice good after-hike inspections of yourself and your pets. A good dose of the (pet-friendly) Atlantick spray before hiking this area would be recommended. Overall, this is a hike I go back and do every few years as it’s interesting enough to do more than once.

This trail for us is one that you do once but never really return to. The hiking it good. - some ups and downs, stumpy trails, 1 look off where you can see the ocean in the far distance. There are 3 coloured trails. We did 2 in one day, then returned again to complete the trail we skipped the first time. It’s a nice quiet woodsy hike, however extremely boring. Some areas can be quiet wet at certain times of year. The road to the parking lot is dirt and is often very soft and muddy so just getting there can be an experience (early spring). Great for hiking with your dog...it is on leash only... however people not being able to read and all, we met several unleashed dogs running up ahead of their owners. Not very nice to have lose dogs approach on-leash dogs. I expect these are locals who think they own the trail. So overall, nice to do once for a new place to go, but not an “omg I must go again” trail.

This trail offers amazing views of the Atlantic ocean, as well as opportunities to go down inside approximately 3 caves. The trail is extremely easy but there are a lot of stairs if you go down into the caves that some people may mind. The trail doesn’t take long to do at all. Maybe 30 minutes (round trip) if you stop and go into each cave and then you can either loop back or turn and go back the same way you came. Note: there is an admission price to get into the park but there are several other activities to do there, as well as a small store and restaurant.

Beautiful, it was pretty wet, but it’s December! Totally doable. Didn’t do the full loop, but was gorgeous even in the rain.

If you don't want to do the full loop, we had a very nice hike to the "skull head" lookout on the top of the granite cliff face, taking about 2 hours from the south parking lot and back. One thing worth noting, we were expecting the hike to be "hard" from the trial rating, and although the hike did become quite challenging following the first right turn onto the loop, the first long section of the trail from the parking lot consists of a wide flat gravel trail. Still some nice scenery along this portion.

Excellent place to explore abandoned buildings and bunkers (fenced off areas for the most part)

This is my go to trail (the trail that leads to the back right of the lake, not the shown front middle to left). The rocks and elevation makes it a fun and moderate hike. At the end of the trail leading into Fight Trail, where you have a beautiful view of Halifax.

Cool trail, super easy but short. Would definitely recommend to those looking for a quick fix.

My brother came with me. It was short but we enjoyed it.

This was a perfect time of year. I wouldn't do this Itbe summer as the vegetation would be too closed in and I hate wearing bug sprays. I'd rare this as moderate with challenging spots of low difficult. A beauty of a high spot viewing the frozen lake.

An amazing workout! Beautiful trail in the winter. I can only imagine what it would be like with bugs and lots more foliage, because the trail was sparsely marked and I lost it once. However, the views at the tops of the little peaks and the frozen lakes were absolutely gorgeous.

Great views. Suggest to take two vehicles and park at each end so you don’t have to double back.

It was a foggy day for me with a surprise clearing. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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