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Thoroughly enjoyed a 6 km hike in the park today. most of the trails are clear of ice and snow with the exception of the left side trail from the lake to the bridge. Trails were busy lots of hikers and lots of pooches. Excellent day to be in the great outdoors.

21 days ago

-9C/-18 with windchill. Snow and ice.

28 days ago

Snow and ice well under control.

1 month ago

Took my dog for a walk, several off leash areas. The place is always clean with a beautiful view and is also pretty big. My fav park in Dartmouth.

Great in the winter....I suspect a bit muddy in spots in the spring and fall

3 months ago

Best place on earth

Well marked, great camping spots and the landscape changes drastically throughout the trail so it never gets boring. I did it with 1 overnight stay. There was a good camping spot on the farthest loop where the portage trail crosses the actual trail at upper five bridges lake, it’s fairly flat with smooth small gravel and beautiful lake view. At a fast pace it took me 8 hours total hiking but I stopped for breaks which aren’t included

5 months ago

Second year completed in a row, did the trail in June both years I did it in two days next year will be doing it in three days

5 months ago

Great day spent exploring McNabs Island. Nice trails and fun to walk around the ruins and lean about the history of this island. We took many breaks and enjoyed nature. Fun day!

it's a good trail for walk, but you still can hear the traffic noise

on Sentier de Clare Trail

road biking
5 months ago

Used steel bike with 1 1/4 width tire several areas of loose gravel but nice secluded ride. Trail could use. A little more maintenance. Trail was dry. If wet definitely mnt bike

Lovely hike on a trail and lake I had never heard of. We didn’t see anyone the whole time we were there. It’s a fairly easy hike. Just be careful of loose boards on some of the footbridges. I suspect it’s longer than 2.4km but still very manageable.

Pretty awesome east coast hike. A group of us did it in 2 night and 3 days. We stayed at refugee cove the first night, and Carey Brook Cabin the second night. The cabins are very nice compared to a campsite, but comes at a cost (Id recommend them if you are struggling to do distance, or if its cold). There are plenty of rivers to get fresh water from so just bring a water filter. The last part of the trail on the north side past eatonville road is rather dull as it is a walk in a forest with moderate elevation gain. In our group of 4, on the last day I left from Carey Brook Cabin and hiked back to the car at the HQ (20.7KM), while the other 3 waited for me on Eatonville road for a ride. Eatonville road is a gravel road, would recommend a SUV, Jeep, or a truck to drive back there our 2010 corolla did fine though.

Most of the trail is inside the forest, but some times popes out to rock beaches, and once to an open field area. There are some cliff jumping spots near the middle of the trail (10', 40' and probably ~60') jumps, but you have to time the tide just right so you dont get sucked out into the bay. During late August the mosquitos were fairly bad. There were plenty of people on the trail, and there is no sense of danger. Just follow Leave No Trace procedures and you should be fine.

trail running
6 months ago

Got to run with the dog off leash !

6 months ago

Super pretty and fun hike! Did it in 2 days, 3 nights (Seal Cove and Refugee Cove). Hike to refugee cove was beautiful and challenging. Between the two camp sites was a lot more flat than day 1, a long but steady hike. Seal cove to the trailhead is a bit boring, you follow along an old road. Found out later if you ask, there is a shuttle you can pay for and skip the less scenic part of the hike.

6 months ago

Beautiful, I would definately do it again. The horses at the end of it make it all worthwhile. If you are choosing to share food with them, be prepared to be surrounded by them all lol.... we went in and out in one day, 3 hours in and about 2.5 back....

6 months ago

Overall it was an amazing hike. We did the loop backwards. Extremely rewarding. Amazing views. Loads of looks offs.

After reading reviews and talking to folks we expected the hike to be far more challenging.
We would recommend this trail as a pre cursor to the Fundy foot path (friends we did the loop with us and said the footpath is far more challenging)

Amazing trail with great views. It is a challenging hike but well worth the time and effort. Will be back to hike this again in the near future.

Did this as a family 2 years ago and loved it! 7.5 hours at a leisurely pace. Beautiful scenery.

A pristine and well-marked trail. The work volunteers put into this route really shines through! Easy to navigate, with the exception that I accidentally crossed the loop the first loop intersection both times, adding a couple kms.

Went on a day with lots of rain and there was surprisingly little mud.

Took ~5.5hrs to power through at a fast and furious pace, but would absolutely recommend taking a full day to enjoy the views and swim.

Amazing trail!! We had great weather with no rain but high humidity. Stayed at Refugees Cove and Seal Cove both had swimming beaches which was great as it was mid-July when we were on the trail. Highly recommend!

7 months ago

Beautiful trail beautiful scenery! Rated as hard and it is but well worth it. Did the trail in 3 days but would probably opt in doing it in 4 next time to enjoy it more. Refugee cove and Seal cove campsites were perfect! Would recommend for sure!

Being a runner, I do this the first loop 1-2 times a year. A challenging course which pushes the limits of my abilities. When you do get to one of the look-offs, the views are breath-taking. Plan at least 3-4 hours if you plan to walk the first loop.

Only did first loop. with Megan, Holly and BobbySue

This is a well laid out trail with plenty of scenery. I’ve done it multiple times.

Just hiked this for the first time with some friends who do it annually, we did the loop in 1 day ... which was not easy ... and didn’t really give the opportunity to see the beauty at each lookout ... would recommend taking two days

10 months ago

Love Shubie trail

The best trail I’ve been on. It’s a hard days hike to finish this in one day. I hike this trail 2-3 times a year in winter as well as the summer. I often camp one night at the half way point.

Great trail if you do a shorter loop for dogs and day hikes as well.

Absolutely the most beautiful place in Nova Scotia ❤️❤️

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Local, the kids love it. Peaceful Beautiful Lake !

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