If you're short on time this is an amazing hike. Small hills to climb, beautiful look offs. Easy to take the wrong path, but no trouble to get back on track. Gorgeous for trees mixed in with many others. Only negative is there's a ton of mediocre graffiti at the very top of the hike.

Great trail! Leads to great loops, definitely icy !

Great trail for families. There were some icy spots today but easy to avoid. It is mostly clear now. There were more short, steep hills than I was expecting but fine for walking. The ducks at the heart pond were very entertaining to the 5 year old and the grownups!

lovely trail, not a lot of signs that I could see where off leash vs on leash areas are but it may have just been the trails I chose to walk didn't have them. I only saw one sign that said you are now leaving an off leash area. other than that it was beautiful and a great walk with my dog!

washed out
6 months ago

Nice trail out of Bedford into Lower Sackville. The route along the river nicely scenic. Trail prone to flooding. Today, large pools of water and ice. A few small detours necessary. Road noise an issue due to the proximity of two major highways. Trail well groomed.

Dog friendly with off-leash areas, so if you want to birdwatch or meditate you’ll have to arrive on days when most families are not there and/or stay away from the duck pond area. Remembrance Day was busier, for example. The trail is a good walk with several loops and the park is accessible by public transit. Going down to the ravine trail is best. The trail down to the ravine is not as kept as the loop, but is still accessible on foot and much quieter! Just be mindful of muddy areas closer to the brook, especially in spring, but there are logs to help with getting over that. Lots of songbirds, red squirrels, fungi and lichen, fyi.

Trail was great! Definitely worked up a sweat hiking through. The look off is fantastic! I sat for a moment to take it in. Some areas are overgrown with trees blocking the trail. Probably from the last hurricane. I found myself off trail a few times but it was still a great hike overall!

A little hard to get on the right track at the beginning of the trail but after that it was easier and more obvious. Maybe summer is better when there aren't as many leaves on the ground. Views were beautiful and trail was the right amount of challenging. Definitely pay heed to the warning about ticks - pulled three off the dog when we got back and they looked like the dreaded black legged kind.

Nice trail. It was rocky and some of the paths are over grown. Hard to find some of the markers. Went on a weekday mid-morning and the trail was empty.

Easy trail for a nice day walk

Good hike, fairly rough terrain. Great for a crawler/scale RC here is an RC video shot there https://youtu.be/4UPQZPcdyWQ

Nice walk with the family (able to use the stroller) but not a lot of scenery. Lots of shade. If you're here in September there are lots of blackberries around a part of Governors Loop. We collected handfuls.

8 months ago

Lovely shade with dappled sun. Quiet, alongside a creek. Lots of elevation and climbing though. Trail goes through condos and apartment buildings, but still quiet and private.

Such a great spot to see all the leaves changing colour in the fall! Very trafficked spot. Lots of dogs!

Well marked and has a couple of signs to help you know which loop to take. Saw a couple of deers and there are many adorable dogs off leash

9 months ago

Well maintained. Easy and beautiful to walk. A repeat destination for sure!

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