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More a correction than a review. Dogs are NOT allowed on the LRT. There are certain trails where dogs on leashes are allowed in the Gros Morne National Park, but definitely not on the LRT.

3 months ago

A beautiful leisurely trail. The fall colors were stunning and water sounds were soothing.

3 months ago

Well maintained with lots of nice spots to view the river. Popular area for salmon fishers, moose, beaver, ducks and other wildlife. Be careful when water levels are high; this area often floods.

3 months ago

One of my favourite secret spots. A short but very steep, unmarked trail brings you to a beautiful swimming and salmon fishing spot next to a waterfall along Mint Brook.

Beautiful spot to watch the sun set.

3 months ago

Beautiful views, especially on the first day hike out of the gorge. You get lots of beautiful highlands after that. Aside from the very beginning and end, the elevations are fairly mild.

I can't overstate how wet it was. The entire landscape is boggy and absorbs the frequent rain like a sponge. You will constantly be in ankle-deep water. As such, lots of bugs. It also get quite cold (like 4°C in August at night).

Navigation is the real challenge. As they tell you, don't rely on foot paths to show you the trail, you'll need to be on your GPS pretty frequently. Note that there are multiple routes: I had the official route, the one from here, and another on my garmin. They're all somewhat different (a fact I didn't appreciate at first, to my own detriment).

The official trial is the black-track in AllTrails. It tends to go over hills, whereas the AllTrails route goes around those hills, making for a longer, flatter, and wetter trail.

I would STRONGLY suggest following the official trail on the route between Harding's Pond and Green Island Pond. We started with the AllTrails route then turned back and did the official one for this section. The two routes split right as you leave Harding's Pond, with the official trail taking you more northward into the hills. You'll get much nicer views on the official trail; the AllTrails route will be flatter, but will take you through difficult tuckamore and over a cliff right before Green Island Pond that's quite dangerous if its wet.

I would also follow the official trail on the last day's descent. The trails are a bit confusing here. I didn't see the AllTrails descent, but given the cliff it took me down the previous day, I wasn't gonna trust it.

In any event, this was a challenging hike. Not so much physically, but more because of the wetness and navigation issues. It's well worth it, though. Gorgeous.

3 months ago

Easy, scenic trail.

Lovely trail! A must do if you visit this off-the-beaten-path community.

4 months ago

What a nice surprise! The trail is rough and very slippery after the rain but the view at the end is awesome. The trailhead is unmarked and can be hard to find. Ask the attendance at the nearby campground for directions. Too bad it looks like locals use this area as a party spot from all the garbage in the river otherwise I would have given 5-stars.

Very interesting spot where the river flows into and out of an underground cave. There are more trails then what we walked if we had more time to explore.

4 months ago

Great hike through forests to the Tableland. Nice views and chances to see wildlife.

Easy trail with fantastic views. The babbling brook near the end of the first half made us turn around early. Hiking poles for that section would have helped us.

Great trail for families! At the end it was a real treat to see the little waterfall and walk on the suspension bridge. The view and peacefulness of the area makes this a must see!

wonderful hike. my friend and I took 2 cars and parked one on either end. we started in flatrock and walked to torbay. bring lots of water!

4 months ago

Lack-luster but its a good place to walk your dog and it's wheel chair accessible

My favourite trail in Gros Morne!

Easy as indicated. Well maintained raised path. Great view.

This is a great hike through beautiful and unique landscape. We were very impressed with how different the terrain was from other hikes in the Gros Morne National Park. The trail is very well maintained, with boardwalk much of the way....because a large portion is through marsh/bog. We were attacked by black flies for a good portion of the hike. They really loved my 7 year old son! The flies were more annoying than anything else, and caused bites that bled but didn't itch or cause any other problems. The waterfalls at the end are definitely worth the hike!

Beautiful swimming hole ( I’d rate it 5/5 if that was the case ) I found the actual trail really hard to follow and the trail isn’t kept up . I will be doing it again but next time I’ll be sure to have the map printed off . No cell service and I didn’t have it saved to my phone . Hiking boots are a must with this one :) beautiful scenery .

A trail, that has it all: amazing views, up and downs, forest. Perfect.

Absolutely stunning! Easy trail which takes you along the rver to a breath taking view of Rencontre Lake and the Fjords. A must if you are in the area!

Amazing hike. I pushed it (for me) and managed to get through with two full days of hiking and one night camping. The bugs were definitely a nuisance and I used a lot of bug spray. Generally where there's no wind you're going to find bugs. I emerged from my tent on the second day around 6am to see a large male moose feeding near the water's edge at Harding's Pond. Later on the second day I spotted a Caribou running down a distant valley. Still amazed how they can do that given all the sink-holes and boulders. The sight-lines were clear and views spectacular. Made for much easier navigation, although I did manage to get lost at one point for an hour or two. I found from getting off the boat at Western Brook Pond to my camp at Harding's Pond that the trails were pretty easy to follow. The second day I found the trails harder to follow, interspersed with game trails, faded or non-existent and needed the compass several times to navigate. From Green Island Pond onward, the trail was pretty distinct and easy to follow all the way to the parking lot. Ferry Gultch is where the trail meets that of the day-hikers who go to Gros Morne, so the trail is very well-traveled from that point to the parking lot. I learned what "Tuckamore" is on this hike. Picture walking into a thick hedge will full gear and wondering as you plow through whether its twenty feet to the other side or half a mile. Sometimes not possible to avoid. Other challenge is the mud. It's rich, black, and seems like it could swallow you whole with a wrong step. I was once literally up to my knee and had to grab onto a branch to pull my leg out against the suction. I highly recommend hiking poles. They were invaluable when walking through the tall grass to poke in front and locate the countless rocks and sink-holes you'll encounter, as well as helping push away branches in the tuckamore. A high point was discovering "bakeapple berries". They are plentiful along the hike and yes they do taste like baked apples. They seemed to all be ripe while I was hiking (mid-August) so I lucked out and was continuously picking-eating along the trail. All in all, an amazing experience that I hope to do again.

Love this trail so much . Great spot to picnic or beach out .

The view at the end is worth the trek with the tablelands on one side of the valley and the more familiar hills stretching out opposite. As you travel along the small pond you cross a ton of streams, dipping the trail down and up, otherwise it would be flat until the narrows where you climb up to the base of the tablelands. Depending on the flow you may be able to fill up bottles with cool crisp water flowing down off the edge of the tablelands (I drank it unpurified, I'm fine)

The main trail is quite easy, mostly flat, most of the way is narrow boardwalk over soft boggy ground. There's two branches one through a fascinating moose "exclosure" and a more scenic branch to Little Pond. The falls are very impressive. The trail is more like 9km if you exclude the branches, it's the claimed 10 with them

Excellent hike with varied landscapes.

Beautiful trail. Freshly maintained. Nice views.

6 months ago

a very nice trail with two ways to go up. Make sure to Take the Governor’s stairs as well either up or down.

The tablelands portion was beautiful with great views of the surrounding area. Not a lot of traffic on this trail either compared to some of the others so the solitude was nice. The second mile to mile and a half is fairly narrow and muddy with a lot of vegetation overhanging the trail. Some of it was either hogweed or cow parsnip so keep an eye out for it and steer clear. I wouldn’t go out of my way to do this trail again but it definitely was a nice time and had its moments. If I could skip ahead to the tablelands portion somehow I’d probably rate it higher

We did this hike earlier today, it is a great hike, wilth an awesome waterfall at the end. The hike itself is easy with only slight elevation changes along the route. The surface is a mix of boardwalk (lots thru swampy areas) and dirt or crushed rock. The hike takes you thru many different vegetation areas and a detour thru the moose (free) enclosure easily demonstrates the impact that moose have on the local vegetation. The other detour to little pond is worthwhile, but is a little more challenging with more elevation changes... a great hike, the falls are truly spectacular.

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