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To put it simply, the Western Brook Pond trail is a wide gravel access road across a flat marsh with views no better than what you can see from the road. While the pond itself is beautiful, you can see barely any of it from the trail itself, though there is a typical dirt trail extension along the shore that I sadly didn't have time to walk. There is, however, a small restaurant that services the boat tours at one end of the walk, as well as a tiny beach along the edge that I believe you can paddle in (but don't quote me on that).

2 days ago

We had a lot of trouble finding the correct path. There are many flags and ribbons leading you to a variety of incorrect location, although the views from these were still good. Unfortunately we wasted so much time finding the trail that we didn’t have enough time to finish it. Would definitely try it again if we had time. It would be good to clear out the false markers and install more prominent ones on the path.
We also hiked it the day after a big rainfall and the trail was very wet - make sure your boots are waterproof.

9 days ago

We spent two wonderful nights camped at the Green Gardens campsite. The hike in was beautiful and the terrain changed so much in such a short time. The trail was pretty wet and muddy and hiking poles definitely helped. The 4 campsites are in a gorgeous location each with their own raised wood platform and picnic table. There is easy access to fresh water at a small stream as well as a pit toilet (no roof). There were chipmunks but they didn’t seem interested in our food and there was no food storage system so we hung our food in a tree. The lovely resident herd of sheep kept us company day and night! The stairs down to the beach are fine even though the sign says they are closed. Absolutely glorious sunset on second night and epic thunder, lightning and buckets of rain on the first. This hike was the highlight for my daughter and I during our visit to Gros Morne. Highly recommend!!

Easy coastal Trail. Good views. Well maintained.

Love this trail so much . Great spot to picnic or beach out .

They revamped the trail by turning it into a broad gravel road, which while I understand it I don't have to like it. The pond, however, is still amazing. I recommend taking the scenic loop extension, literally nobody else did while I was out there.

The view at the end is worth the trek with the tablelands on one side of the valley and the more familiar hills stretching out opposite. As you travel along the small pond you cross a ton of streams, dipping the trail down and up, otherwise it would be flat until the narrows where you climb up to the base of the tablelands. Depending on the flow you may be able to fill up bottles with cool crisp water flowing down off the edge of the tablelands (I drank it unpurified, I'm fine)

24 days ago

Short walk down to a few lookouts and ocean view. Really nice to go down on the rocks and at low tide can go through some tidal pools. Overall more of a walk than hike.

Excellent hike with varied landscapes.

Beautiful trail. Freshly maintained. Nice views.

This used to be a beautiful trail but Parks Canada built a forest access road over top of it. Shame you on, Parks Canada. So sad. RIP Western Brook Trail

Not a boardwalk trail as some older photos suggest. This is a wide gravel road leading to the pond. There's plenty of other woods roads in NL that offer scenic views of Western NL, don't waste your time and money unless you really need to take the boat tour.

This trail starts off flat and in the open. You srtart with a walk across the earth's mantel and then over a mountain ridge leading down to a wonderful vista. The path takes you to the cliffs over looking the ocean. Continue to walk along the cost where you will see heards of sheep. Things to know: mostly unshaded, rocky, steep inclines and declines, windy. Allow 4 to 5 hrs.

great hike, worth every step

The tablelands portion was beautiful with great views of the surrounding area. Not a lot of traffic on this trail either compared to some of the others so the solitude was nice. The second mile to mile and a half is fairly narrow and muddy with a lot of vegetation overhanging the trail. Some of it was either hogweed or cow parsnip so keep an eye out for it and steer clear. I wouldn’t go out of my way to do this trail again but it definitely was a nice time and had its moments. If I could skip ahead to the tablelands portion somehow I’d probably rate it higher

Great hike. You pass through a lot of different terrain down to the coast. It was more shaded than I thought it would be though you’re still exposed for a good part of it. The hike out is the hardest part though it’s not terrible. The stairs down to the beach itself are marked closed and it looks like the trail used to be part of of a loop but they closed half of it because of erosion. You can tell where it ends pretty easily as there is a sign and the trail itself breaks away partly down some steps. There are some sheep roaming around by the cliffs and plenty of scat.

We went down this trail for the boat tour. The view is nice at the end of the trail and the trail is pretty accessible and well groomed (more of an unpaved road). I wouldn’t go out of my way to walk this though unless you’re going on the tour.

Beautiful ocean views with lookouts intertwined with magical forests. Love the sporadic muskoka chairs along the way to sit and reflect on the beauty around you.

nice trail with stunning views, but I wouldn‘ t call it easy; I am used to hike in the Swiss Alps, there a trail like this would be labelled moderate or even difficult (as the tourist map of Twillingate does it)

1 month ago

One of my favorities short distance trails in St. John’s. Great if you only have a couple of hours to spare!

1 month ago

Ok forested trail. Some blackflies.Trail veers onto a beach then back to the woods. A few small brooks and a larger waterfall.

Took this hike earlier today to connect with the boat tour on the lake. The hike is underwhelming- wide open on a wide (vehicle) gravel path. Some of the scenery is cool as you get a good viez of the different types of vegetation. The boat ride is well worth the hike as the views on the lake are awesome.

We had a great time on this hike. It goes up and down and offers many views of the ocean.

1 month ago

Great scenery, probably our highlight of 3 days spent in Gros Morne.

1 month ago

Didn’t have time to do the entire length but went approx 1/2 way. Absolutely delightful.
Not always well marked, but you can find your way.
A lot of climbing involved so make sure to wear good footwear.

1 month ago

A lovely moderate level hike. Varying topography from scrambling over exposed granite rock faces, to through a forest tunnel to along the edge of a bay plunging down to the water. Simply lovely.

1 month ago

It was an awesome hike if you’re looking for something outside of Terra Nova and the bugs. It take you on the Salvage town that is very beautiful and the hike give great town views. After that the coastline hike is just great. We had encounters with three minke whales on our off the trail hike. We did go on our own path for about 1 km on the shore hiking the rocks and spent about 5 hours watching the water. I’d do this hike over and over again.

1 month ago

Not too difficult for experienced hikers , great trail.

A beautiful and rugged coastal trail. Some slight scrambling involved. Wonderful old fishing community and scenic cliffs and beaches.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail, done it in late April last year was kind of icy a bit steep and some parts but overall not too bad

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