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14 hours ago

A nice way to end the old growth trail before stopping At the lodge for a beer.

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16 hours ago

good trail as fun for biking

The view up top is amazing!

Such a beautiful trail. I did this hike in August of 2017 right before the Kenow fire burned it's way through Waterton Park. this trail offers such unique views of Waterton National Park, Glacier National Park and Akamina Provincial Park. Would definitely suggest ascending on the Forum Lake side of the trail and descending on the Wall Lake side. An absolutely stunning hike. This is a difficult trail, but it's not so hard to discourage a reasonably in shape person. Most of the hike is on top the ridge at high elevation. 10/10 would recommend.

I would rate this 'moderate' as opposed to 'hard'. Not too steep in the forest region (which is the majority of the hike), but when you start reaching the top it gets pretty steep. But for the most part, I found it fairly moderate and very enjoyable. Beautiful views at the top. An awesome way to spend a Sunday!

Nice trail. Lots of squirrels. LOL. Would walk it again.

Nice trail. I used my road bike today. it was a bad idea. A mountain bike will be perfect.

Spectacular views! Trails are not well marked so just be cautious and take your time. So much fun. Enjoyed the warm and shallow river. Lovely fire pits and picnic tables in private grassed areas. A water refill station. Pit toilets were clean. Absolutely beautiful!!! Hidden treasure, well worth the drive.

Good trails little slick if it rained . my self and my son had fun through the trails . some of it is very challenging. good over all.

Nice and easy hike. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

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1 day ago

I would recommend taking a bicycle on this trail as it is quite long. Really good long distance running trail too! Pretty much anyone can ride a bicycle as well as the vertical grade is nonexistent (I.e., it’s flat). There were a lot of small children out the day we went, some even with the training wheels on. One of the best trails I’ve ever done. Really unique and quite beautiful. We took a tonne of photos. Rented bikes at the start for 40$ each and completed it in about 2.5 hours.

We went mid-day on a Saturday, so it was pretty busy. If you ride a bike it’s best/safest to let other bicyclists pass from the opposing direction first. You don’t want to be that d*ck creating unnecessary trouble for others. I would recommend trying to do this early or mid-week to avoid the crowd.

Was amazing trail nothing impossible to hike. Just take your time to get to the top and do not bring heavy stuff in your backpack.

Did the whole loop today. Definitely counterclockwise is the way to go. Took 4hours to complete it with micro breaks and some picture taking. Bringing the dogs will also be great since there were not a lot of scrambling. There were cyclists in the area but they were pretty good in letting you know when they are passing. Nice hike with a steady elevation. Didn’t even use my poles today so this will be good for families with kids. :)

Not hard at all , not worth the money , 8.60$ for the parking fees , shame!
No god indications where to go , but nice and clean trials, won’t be back .

ran the last 10km very easy

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2 days ago

Great for Jeeps. First time taking our Rubicon JL, definitely will be back!!

Nice little hike to the lake and spent the night. Rough trails around the lake and up to the falls but passable. No bear signs, and saw alot of little frogs

We spent 5 hours there for that 13km trail. It was a great hiking with views, shades and creek. Highly recommend! Will come back again.

2 days ago

The trailhead is located in the parking lot behind Olives market. The trail itself is poorly marked and we passed several people that were confused about which way to go. The shortest and most direct route is walking down an active railroad line, which is not that wide and you have to be really on the alert for incoming trains. There are several paths that wind through the trees in between the river and the railway line. There are some picturesque views of the glacier fed river on the way to the train wreck. The train wreck itself is several twisted and deformed boxcars hidden in the trees. Over the years the boxcars have become covered with graffiti. The quality of the graffiti artwork is nothing special. I would not repeat this hike again.

Took my kids (7, 5, and 2). Had a stroller and the big kids on bikes. We didn’t do the 10km loop because I wasn’t sure how they would do for that distance, so we did a bunch of smaller loops and it was beautiful and great for the kids. It was just hard enough for them getting their bikes up all the little hills.

easy 9km run. couple hills in houston

We went clockwise and had an amazing time. Total time was 3.5 hours. There were some funny moooing cows in 1 of the meadows that my daughter loved. Our 3 kids 9, 11, 12 got a little tired a the end but they also enjoyed it very much. Highly recommended, so many spectacular views throughout the hike.

First time doing this hike today. Definitely need better signage letting users know you have a good km to walk before you even start the actual trail. Did it counterclockwise as a bunch of reviews recommended to do so. Not sure why as going either direction would be challenging. Constant up and down hills. Would like to try this again when it isn't so smokey outside.

Combination of dirt and paved paths, lovely scenery. A fantastic way to spend a few hours in nature without having to drive outside of the city! Easily accessible via transit which is another plus.

This trail was very steep, with lots of loose underfoot gravel / dirt etc. for most of it. The last push to the top through scree was particularly steep. worst part was the trip back down, very unpleasant as almost impossible to maneuver the trail without slipping and sliding. Lots of really rude fellow trekkers coming up behind at speed, letting dogs off leash and such. Looks like there are some trail improvements underway, but still not a trail we would do again. Recommend hiking shoes, poles and a good bit of water. Also do this trail early to avoid crowds.

The Bay was a little disappointing , it had a little opening to the bay, that was mostly rock, but still very peaceful

fantastic trail. lots of loop options

Great small scale trail. Best to get lost in and try to find your way out.

3 days ago

This is an advanced trail!

Did this trail at the end of July 2018. All the descriptions of the trail are wrong from the official sites. The first 11km to the lower camp site is now only a one track trail that goes through 4 small creaks and lots of small rocks sticking out on the trail in certain sections. My group of 4 used mountain bikes for this part. I would recommend a light dual suspension mountain bike! At the lower campsite, you will have to lock up the bike. Hang it in a tree because apparently there is a porcupine that likes chewing on bikes. Enjoy the lower campsite as there is a major river with a beautiful view (I wish we could have stayed for a night. fill your water bottles or batters before the next part.

The next part you will cross the lower campsite bridge and will be going through a mountain pass. Its not too bad and the entire section from the first to second bridge you will go up 400m in elevation. Get a walking stick in this part as you will need it for the final leg. Just a warning this is the "bear alley" of the trip. There is berry bushes on both sides of this trail section trail. it will be about 4.5km to the second bridge.
The third stage is after you go across the second bridge.

This section is 1.5km to the fryatt valley to the Brussels camp site (stay at this one if you’re not going to the acc hut). This next section is all small loose rock and will be hard with a 40+ pound pack on your feet. You will cross the river 2 to three times and there will be yellow markers on the right side of the valley for the Brussels camp site. Stop at this one and enjoy the view! If you see the Fryatt lake, you have passed the site!

Took our group 8 hours to get to the Brussels camp due to me having gut issues/overloaded packs due to beer and being from ontario I was not used to the elevation changes.

The next day we walked to the head wall camp site. the walk around the Fryatt lake was spectacular! Also a refreshing swim but be warned its cold (7 degrees) and you can loose footwear in the lake! After the lake the trail gets pretty wet and over grown even in the mid summer. Bug spray would be recommended. We did get to the headwall camp site and was unimpressed compared to the Brussels one. It was over grown and very buggy.

We did not do the last 1km to the ACC hut as it was late in the day and it is straight up (1000m I think) of switch backs. Maybe next time!
The way back down only took us 5 hours to get back to the parking lot.

Did it in 3 Days. Wish we had another day or two to explore!

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