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3 days ago

Hiked this trail with kids and a dog. Nice bushy trail - lots of berries along the way and a bench at the half way point. Beautiful lakeshore trek on the way back. It took our group just under 2 hours total at an easy pace.

This is probably my favourite trail in this park. It has a lot of ups and downs and some scenic overlooks as well. I have started stashing my bike in the bushes close to the washroom near the top of the trail and hiking up and biking down on the road. An hour up and ten minutes down.

This was my first hike ever. I went by myself and it was a great experience. I did a little bit of the Spirit Sands trail, it was a great challenge. Luckily it was an overcast day because I don’t know if I would’ve survived if I did it full sun. After a bit of the sand trail I went to do the Devils Punchbowl... it was breathtaking. The fact that something like this exists in Manitoba blows my mind! I’m definitely doing it again and bringing everyone I know.

lovely hike, very enjoyable.

Very clearly marked trail and is about 70% shaded. You will walk by a few camp sites, parking lots and washrooms. A few sections feel a bit more secluded. A pleasant walk with the confort of many people around.

Cool trail system. Only had Time for the small 1st trail which took about 25min. *warning* after the short walk my dog had about 12 ticks on her and I even found a few on my ankles. Tuck your pants into your socks and make sure you check your pet after this hike!

14 days ago

This ain’t your average walk in the park backcountry expedition. If you’re thinking pristine and well maintained trail with adequate markers (both distance and direction), this trail ain’t for you. Want to put your head down and just walk? Think again. This trail will eat you up, literally, and spit you out the other end. Would not recommend for first time backpackers, experienced only if you’re hoping to do the whole trail in a matter of days.

The Mantario trail is the epitomy of Manitoba. It’s got thick brush, misquotos and horseflies, rock slabs, and beautiful backcountry lakes. If you complete the entire trail, the distance is much more than 60kms, over three days I clocked about 80kms of hiking (excluding walking around at campsites). The terrain can be rugged and the bugs relentless, bring your bug nets and spray. Expect your feet to get soaked, given the really muddy and boggy portions which are the worst between Marion Lake and Ritchey Lake. The trail can be very difficult to follow at times, given that you’ll be bush wacking for over 50% of the time while taking bush to the face, and following the numerous detours to get around the fallen trees/brush.

Bring your bear spray as encounters are not unusual. You can definitely conquer this trail in 3 days, but make sure you are prepared to pay the physical consequences after putting your body through some of the most difficult terrain Manitoba/Ontario has to offer.

off road driving
17 days ago

Good trail. Wide gravel/rock trail. Minimal mud holes (unfortunately). some flooded spots due to beavers, but easily passible


on Hunt Lake Trail

17 days ago

You can park right up into the entrance of the trail. You will need a provincial park pass to park here (or anywhere else in the Whiteshell) while you are here!

It is not "near Benito"...it is on Thunderhill. This is a glitch by the All Trails site not the people who uploaded the info.

It was a nice scenic walk. I wouldn’t consider it a hike. I would consider this easy compared to others I have done.

Scenic, challenging and worth the effort. If you’re looking for a place to test your trail running skills and stamina, this is the right choice. Muddy holes, rocky ridges to climb up and over, and enough roots and boulders that it’s a constant challenge not to roll an ankle.

Great little gem of a trail in Nopiming Provincial Park. The trail head is just 11km north of Black Lake campground. It’s a moderate hike with some big steps required to get up or down the rock faces. The 360 degree views from the top are awesome! There are three picnic tables at the top so bring lunch. This is the perfect hike for kids and dogs.

Clean paths, nice view and easy for biking.

Anyone going July 7/8ish weekend? Just for a car key swap yo get back to entry...?

Great trail with beautiful view of West Hawk lake. The trail is hard. Pleasant views make it worth.

Needs tree clearly on the path many downed trees which made it more of a scramble then a hike in some areas. Also be prepared to walk through long grass as there is no packed ground, wood chips, or gravel. Over all the hiking trail just needed some TLC but a lot of fun! Very hilly so be prepared to be going downhill for half of it and uphill for the other half. Wife and I finished it in 51mins.

Great trail. Clearly marked.

Nice hike but LOTS of poison ivy. Be prepared.

Great place for a short hike. It's very beautiful as well.

This was a great way to spend my Saturday! Definitely not an easy hike - but well worth the gorgeous views! Just keep in mind that there is LOTS of climbing, so wear good shoes and take it slow if your not used to that kind of activity!

Also fell off the trail twice, so I wouldn’t suggest going alone, but as long as your close to the water (not the loop side) you should be fine!

Went with my family here recently. The weather is cloudy and it was raining just slightly which was a blessing in disguise, can't imagine how hard this path is in +30 weather. I find that this trail isn't exactly "easy" since it's all sand. You have to climb sand dunes which is very hard on the legs after a while. The punch bowl was beautiful, can only imagine how blue the water is when it's nice out. I'll do the punch bowl portion of the walk again for sure.

What a great hike! A friend and I did it and even though we couldn’t find the end of the loop (which I am noticing in comments we weren’t the only ones) we had a great day. This hike is challenging and really takes you away from the Manitoba flat land feel - and it’s not that far away from the city!

I wouldn’t recommend going alone unless you are good with navigation just because it is poorly marked and easy to fall off trail.

I can for sure say this trail really tested me. I ended up splitting it into 2 because 1 water bottle was just not enough.

Day 1 was the spirit sands and that was exactly what you would expect - sand. It was amazing seeing sand dunes in Manitoba like that. Also gave myself a solid pat on the back for making it up.

Day 2 was devils punch bowl. The hike itself was great, but the destination was a let down. The water that is so supposedly so amazing to see looked like a swamp. Maybe the water is to low right now but it just wasn’t exciting. But the trail itself was great through the rolling hills. The destination is why I rated this trail a 4 instead of a 5.

For sure bring lots of water - especially through the sand dunes. 1 water bottle (24oz for me) will not cut it (at least for me it didn’t).

1 month ago

I wouldn’t rate this trail hard as I have done a lot harder trails that were rated less but I went June 8th and the trail was not managed at all. There were 2 massive trees that had fallen that required you to go deep off the trail to get around. That was also with the grass being almost 2ft tall on the trail.

Would have been more enjoyable if the trees that were impossible to climb over or under were cleared - this was also at the beginning of the trail.

The trail is wide and regularly mowed. Signage is not great, so some attention to the map is needed to stay on the route. Nice views of the lake. I saw four white-tailed deer as I walked the route.

trail running
1 month ago

very good trail. well marked. ran the trail June 1st. not wet at all. short but nice run. only 1 or 2 spots with fallen trees in the way

trail running
1 month ago

ran the first 3km from the south trail head. was very we and muddy at low spots. If that is a concern would avoid until trail dries up. not that after the forest fire the first .5km is tough to navigate but after that is once again normal. few fallen trees blocking the path but not bad


Okay, so a friend and decided to trek the Hunt Lake Trail loop based on recommendations from friends and this app. The main section of the trail up to the shelter is fantastic with great views and terrain. The loop, we learned, is no longer maintained.

We hiked the loop, but I would not recommend it to anyone who is not extremely confident in navigation. The trail is poorly marked making it very difficult to find your way through. Shoutout to the guy who came before us and marked more of the trail, I wish I’d read your comment beforehand. I can’t imagine what it was like before you marked it.

Overall I am very glad we did the old loop, it was fun in its own way and gave some nice scenery.

I love the lookout tower, beautiful hike. Well maintained road to get there

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