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Whiteshell, Manitoba Map

Scenic, challenging and worth the effort. If you’re looking for a place to test your trail running skills and stamina, this is the right choice. Muddy holes, rocky ridges to climb up and over, and enough roots and boulders that it’s a constant challenge not to roll an ankle.

Great trail with beautiful view of West Hawk lake. The trail is hard. Pleasant views make it worth.

This was a great way to spend my Saturday! Definitely not an easy hike - but well worth the gorgeous views! Just keep in mind that there is LOTS of climbing, so wear good shoes and take it slow if your not used to that kind of activity!

Also fell off the trail twice, so I wouldn’t suggest going alone, but as long as your close to the water (not the loop side) you should be fine!

What a great hike! A friend and I did it and even though we couldn’t find the end of the loop (which I am noticing in comments we weren’t the only ones) we had a great day. This hike is challenging and really takes you away from the Manitoba flat land feel - and it’s not that far away from the city!

I wouldn’t recommend going alone unless you are good with navigation just because it is poorly marked and easy to fall off trail.


Okay, so a friend and decided to trek the Hunt Lake Trail loop based on recommendations from friends and this app. The main section of the trail up to the shelter is fantastic with great views and terrain. The loop, we learned, is no longer maintained.

We hiked the loop, but I would not recommend it to anyone who is not extremely confident in navigation. The trail is poorly marked making it very difficult to find your way through. Shoutout to the guy who came before us and marked more of the trail, I wish I’d read your comment beforehand. I can’t imagine what it was like before you marked it.

Overall I am very glad we did the old loop, it was fun in its own way and gave some nice scenery.

Was very difficult to find the beginning of the trail, still never ended up finding it. But did the high lake trail and found some part of it so went from there.

Got to the high point of the trail and the view was great!

Just had terrible signs. I kept drifting off of the path and into the mountain bike trails.

26 days ago

The trail itself is really great, the signs can be a bit misleading though. There is high lake eco cabin signs that’s seem to be the direction to the trail as well. Without the map on this app I would have been lost pretty fast. I find the signs aren’t that helpful.

Once on the trail though it was for sure beautiful and would for sure do it again.

27 days ago

What a rewarding hike! Can be very difficult even for fit bodied people. We almost had to carry one person from group back the last quarter. Maps say in the 12-13km range return. But all of our counters and phones say closer to 20km return. Unreal scenery in all directions. Definitely our most difficult in the province so far with a time of 5.5hrs back to the manitoba/ont welcome centre. Don’t skimp on the supplies. Water, Gatorade, snacks make a world of difference. Would do again in a heartbeat!

Great view, beautiful hike. Make sure to bring lots of water and good shoes, there is a lot of muddy spots to cross and water. This hike took us 5 hours in total but we did stop for a 20 min brake. I would definitely come back and do it again!

Just did this hike during spring (Late April) so there were still patches of snow on the ground. Temperature was about 18c which made perfect hiking temperature. You might have difficulty finding the trail head so just stop in at the Falcon Lake resort chalet or canteen and ask one of the friendly staff. The beginning of the hike is mostly on a back service road which eventually brings you to an easy to follow path that moves through the trees over top of the rocky Canadian Shield. This brings you to an overlook of falcon lake with a bench at the top. Great view for a packed lunch or snack. The second half of the hike is slightly longer, still through the trees until you get back to the service road you were once on. Overall an enjoyable hike, quite manageble for beginner hikers or children. A leisurely hour long hike with some slight elevation and a great view at the top.

It was difficult to actually find the trail. Ended up in the bush and eventually finding the path. Needs to be marked better. The trail itself is alright. Just a gravel path.

2 months ago

Awesome trail in any season! Very challenging but fun!

2 months ago

Love love love this trail. Making it to the end hut and back is a serious challenge. Took us about 6 hours to complete, which included a swim/lunch break at the end. If you want to do a shorter hike ~3 hours there is a great halfway point with a rock, swimming area and firespot. Pretty difficult terrain, wouldn't want to be walking it in the rain.

2 months ago

Did this trail 2 years ago and it was beautiful and somewhat difficult but got it done!

Wondering how to get here if someone can email me directions that would be great. Lacymcfly@hotmail.com

Beautiful scenery. Hiked this trail many times and enjoyed evry time.

9 months ago

My friend and I hiked the whole Hunt Lake Hiking Trail on August Long Weekend including the backloop that goes into Ontario. We completed it in 7 and a half hours. 5 hours on the non-maintained back loop and 2.5 hours on the main trail. It's easiest to hike the trail counter clockwise since all the signs are in that direction and the trail is heavily grown in past the shelter. The first kilometre from the main trail to the visitor centre turnoff wasn't too grown in. After the visitor centre turnoff the trail was really grown in. You could barely tell there was a trail. You would have to look at the ground and see if there was a packed trail to know that was the trail. There wasn't a beaten trail going over the first beaver dam crossing so we were pushing through chest high grass and foliage. After the first creek crossing over the new log bridge the trail got worse. There is not much of a trail due to the new plant growth because of the logging that happened years ago. We just looked for ribbons and headed towards them. The trail crossed another beaver dam and went back into old forest and that's where we lost the trail for awhile. There wasn't much ribbons and there wasn't much sign of a trail so we just bushwhacked for a bit and saw a ribbon and got back on the trail. Just before the second crossing there was more logging so there wasn't much of a trail again. We just walked towards the old logging road which was just tall grass now. We could find where the trail went back into the bush and across the creek so we just bushwhacked to the creek and walked along it till we found the rocks that we could hop across to the other side since there was no bridge. We found the trail again on the other side of the creek and made our way to back into Manitoba across the border. The worst part of the trail would have to be the section between the border and the shelter. The trail was almost non existent. Very little ribbons and thick bush. The back loop is possible just very tricky and not well marked. You need a GPS track of the trail. I marked the trail a lot but there is still sections that I didn't mark because I didn't know if where we were walking was the actual trail. I used a whole roll of ribbon. We probably walked over 100 downed trees, lost the trail 10 times and had to stop and look to see where the trail was many times. The best time to do the loop would be in the fall or spring when there is no leaves or tall grass. The fly's and mosquito's were horrible, they would be constantly flying around your head.

9 months ago

Did this one with no prior hiking experience and found it a little difficult but very rewarding. Made me really grateful to be healthy, mobile, and agile. Didn't bring enough water for the hike back - lesson learned. Also, some paths fork so got lost and made a little loop once and realized we need to be aware of general directions: sun and water to our left heading to the bay and sun and water to our right going back. Did the hike in 7 hours. Learned that enjoying the hike (sights, sounds, smells, and company) is more important that making good time. For future hikes, and there will be more, starting earlier is better to allow for nature enjoyment rather than beating records.
"To walk in nature is to get to know the Creator." -B

10 months ago

Really good hike, beautiful scenery, lots of spots to hop in the lake and cool down. Trail challenging, but well marked. Definitely will do it again.

11 months ago

Long challenging trail that doesn't give you the scenic reward. This demanding trail follows along Hunt lake than to West Hawk Lake. Terrain is tough with bogged out areas, overgrown paths and partial up and down climbs.

Would recommend if preparing for a longer hike or just love a good tough day trail.

Would not recommend for first time hikers or hikers who expect a view at the end.

Items: Lots of water, food/snacks, good pair of hiking boots and hiking poles.

11 months ago

Nice trail, more ups and downs than expected and lots of people.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Good hike. Good challenge. As previously stated. The hike is not a loop. It's an out and back. The trail itself, and the sights are pretty magical.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Great trail but tough to do if you are not used to it. It ends at the little hut. We spent at least 30 minutes looking for the trail because we went by the map with the red loop. It's all grown in past the Hut.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Great day hike with challenging vertical, lake views, and varied terrain for all day hikers. Good way to break in new gear if you are planning to do bigger treks like Mantario or Westcoast trail.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

It's my favoured trail in MB , ups and downs this trail will make you sweat. From the beautiful view from the lake so mysterious spots this trail will blow your mind!

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Good but pretty tiring if you aren't a regular hiker

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Saturday, April 02, 2016

We went today for a hiking and it was still slippery in some parts of the trail.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Awesome place to go with your dog(s) if they like the water. Tough terrain, don't take this trail lightly. Bring water and food, snacks at minimum. WEAR GOOD SHOES!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Beautiful trail with scattered rugged sections and nice scenery.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I did this trail with my mom who wasn't able to finish so I haven't seen it all. The parts I did see were incredibly beautiful and there are lots of interesting things to see. This has been my favourite trail so far.

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