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Whiteshell, Manitoba Map

Its easy to find once on the high lake trail. An enjoyable trail with a very nice view especially in the fall when the leaves are turning.

We did this trail yesterday. Its an easy walk on what is largely a gravel road that runs from the falcon trail resort to high lake. An enjoyable walk that does have you in full sun for most of the hike.

LOVE this trail! So scenic and nice and challenging!

15 days ago

A bit aggressive pick for this ol’ flatlanders first hike, but proud of doing 9 kms.!

People aren’t joking when they say it’s hard to find. It took us awhile to actually find the right trail after having to ask two people for directions. The directions from this app are incorrect!! Directions: follow the dirt road down past the place where it tells you to turn in (this area is a guest only area and not the trail), you will see the resort office building, park somewhere close to it. Across the road there is a trail called “High Lake Trail”, you walk in and there are three ways to go: two are a bike path I believe. Just stick to the right path. Follow the “High Lake Eco Cabin” trail until you find the sign for “Top of the World”. There is one sign and then another which is the entrance to the trail itself.

Once we got to the trail it was beautiful and the view point was amazing. The view point was definitely worth the confusion at the beginning. Hope my directions help!

18 days ago

We are novice hikers, but we really enjoyed this trail. We were underprepared (not nearly enough water, bad shoes that made the hike back painful), and had underestimated the distance somewhat, so learn from our mistakes! The trail was enjoyable with lots of fun rock climb sections and neat changes of scenery; I’m grateful we are able to do those. Total: about five hours hike time in (to the shelter) and out, with a nice 30 minute break in the middle.

No longer lightly used, many people on the weekends

19 days ago

Amazing trail loved it, great views !!

20 days ago

Great, challenging hike with beautiful views! Expect alternating terrain, lots of roots and broken rock. Go for a swim at the end!

This is a real gem. My favourite hike in Manitoba. Don’t let the fact that it’s in a prairie province fool you. Took us 4.5 hours with minimal breaks. Perfect for an active dog. Bring water!

We enjoyed this hike, especially the lovely view of the lake from the lookout. Having skied these trails in the winter, it was nice to see what they looked like in summer.

27 days ago

Hunt Lake is my favourite trail in Manitoba. If you're looking for more of a challenge this is the perfect hike! It took us 5 hours to complete (allow 6 hours). Lots of steep inclines & declines & some rock climbing. The end is a little shack where you can write/carve your name! Also has some back country campsites. Be cautious of bears in the area (though I have never encountered one on this trail). Enjoy!

on Hunt Lake Trail

1 month ago

beautiful trail, went late April there was still snow in the majority of the trail which made things slippery. Suggested good footwear with good grip if going at this time of year.

Great trail with challenging up's and downs, the view was beautiful and a great lunch spot at the end. On the way back to hunt lake found the trail wasn't well marked. Did it at a leisurely pace in about 6 hours with stops and with bringing my dog.

I really enjoyed this trail! Perfect length & difficulty level with a nice lookout in the middle of the trail. We did have to refer to this app for the gps trail map to ensure that we were going the right way, if we didn't have the gps, we definitely would've gotten lost! It would help a lot of the signage was better on this trail

1 month ago

Great day for a hike. Took my son (12) and finished the trail in around 5 hours (2:06 in, and more leisurely out). Trail was challenging, but in great shape and very well marked.

1 month ago

beautiful hike to do as it's recently been marked making it easier to navigate. a few nice rest spots along the way that have some nice swimming spots. definitely not a hike for beginners or even novice hikers, it took my family and I close to 8 hours to do the whole thing including about a 30 min lunch break. very scenic and no bears/bear droppings sighted on this day. definitely bring at least 2 bottles of water per person as we ran out about halfway back. would not recommend doing this hike if it's supposed to rain or has recently rained, it rained on our way back and it made the smooth slate like rocks very slippery. all in all I would do this hike again if I get to a more fit physical state, this hike is NOT an easy one!

1 month ago

Overall wonderfully challenging hike and tons of beauty scenery. Son (12) loved it and so did my six year old. It seemed way too challenging but we figured we’d turn back when it did but made it 2km before weather turned.

It was a wonderful day and I loved it but not recommend for little ones my family of three with a dog did it in 5 hours. The trail has lots of rocks roots and slippery trail close to the edge of high rocks super dangerous but have to say I liked it.

Hiked this trail as a warm up for the Mantario trail. Rocky terrain with some elevation change. Starting at 5:30am we beat the rush. By 7am we were at the trails end by west hawk. We stopped for a 45min lunch then turned around. We were back at the vehicle by 9:30am only passing one group who was just starting.
There were plenty of trail markings, and it was easy to navigate. The trail was quite challenging and our pace was aggressive. This is an excellent warm up trail for the Mantario.

Took 2 kids on this trail and it was perfect for my 5 & 7 year old. The lookout is amazing and the trail is fun and technical enough to keep kids interested. Perfect length too for a morning or evening jaunt.

on Hunt Lake Trail

2 months ago

Amazing views definitely not a trail for beginners. Took 4 hrs going in to Little Indian Bay and 3 hrs coming back out. Bring lots of water and snacks. Bear bells would also be advised, lots of evidence that they're in the area as they left droppings some smelt fresh! Steep climbs up and remember you have to get out so you'll need to do them again on your way back! Loved it and felt like we conquered one of Manitoba's more/most difficult trails. Happy Hiking

Very nice trail once we found it. Need better signage. Lots of signs for bikers. No one on the trail so it was quiet. Found Wild raspberries & bog irises.

on Hunt Lake Trail

2 months ago

You can park right up into the entrance of the trail. You will need a provincial park pass to park here (or anywhere else in the Whiteshell) while you are here!

Scenic, challenging and worth the effort. If you’re looking for a place to test your trail running skills and stamina, this is the right choice. Muddy holes, rocky ridges to climb up and over, and enough roots and boulders that it’s a constant challenge not to roll an ankle.

Great trail with beautiful view of West Hawk lake. The trail is hard. Pleasant views make it worth.

This was a great way to spend my Saturday! Definitely not an easy hike - but well worth the gorgeous views! Just keep in mind that there is LOTS of climbing, so wear good shoes and take it slow if your not used to that kind of activity!

Also fell off the trail twice, so I wouldn’t suggest going alone, but as long as your close to the water (not the loop side) you should be fine!

What a great hike! A friend and I did it and even though we couldn’t find the end of the loop (which I am noticing in comments we weren’t the only ones) we had a great day. This hike is challenging and really takes you away from the Manitoba flat land feel - and it’s not that far away from the city!

I wouldn’t recommend going alone unless you are good with navigation just because it is poorly marked and easy to fall off trail.


Okay, so a friend and decided to trek the Hunt Lake Trail loop based on recommendations from friends and this app. The main section of the trail up to the shelter is fantastic with great views and terrain. The loop, we learned, is no longer maintained.

We hiked the loop, but I would not recommend it to anyone who is not extremely confident in navigation. The trail is poorly marked making it very difficult to find your way through. Shoutout to the guy who came before us and marked more of the trail, I wish I’d read your comment beforehand. I can’t imagine what it was like before you marked it.

Overall I am very glad we did the old loop, it was fun in its own way and gave some nice scenery.

Was very difficult to find the beginning of the trail, still never ended up finding it. But did the high lake trail and found some part of it so went from there.

Got to the high point of the trail and the view was great!

Just had terrible signs. I kept drifting off of the path and into the mountain bike trails.

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