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A lovely place to hike in the woods. Out of the wind and sun. Lots of twists and turns so it feels very private even with other hikers nearby.

Lime Kiln 7.8km well shaded without too much diversity. A quiet route (regularly used for horses). Will prob skip hiking this one again for lack of interesting scenery. Trail running/biking could be more fun! Enjoy!

4 days ago

A very pretty trail! Took me about 45min with a couple stops with my dog. Well shaded and beautiful trees. Nothing challenging here, and there is a look out tower (did not see much). Enjoy!

4 days ago

very nice hike, we started at the top and made our way down, still a bit of hiking up hill so you arent always going downhill. some pretty steep climbs and steep steps downhill so good footwear is definitely recommended; we saw a few fresh bear droppings but no bears. great views!

5 days ago

Ages 6 to 70, great views and terrain for all of us x

Great trail with challenging up's and downs, the view was beautiful and a great lunch spot at the end. On the way back to hunt lake found the trail wasn't well marked. Did it at a leisurely pace in about 6 hours with stops and with bringing my dog.

nice hike with moderate elevations along the river.

Hazelnut 9km. Yes, you must walk north on the gravel pathway to the other side of the field to start this hike (and Tamarack). Wide paths, well marked, well shaded. Unfortunately I followed signs to the look out (will not do that next time) and ended up turning back early. Enjoyed how quiet it was at this end of Birds Hill Park.

9 days ago

Very simple trail. It felt like a 20min walk. Wide area to walk, would be a fun short one with a bike. I was hoping I could get to the water with my dog but doesn’t seem like a good dog swim area (in my opinion). Easy peasy.

9 days ago

Mix of shade and sun, lots of poison ivy tight into trail but a fun one. I enjoyed this one because of the amount of diversity of landscapes/trees. It says 1h30 but I did it in about 40min with my dog. I would hike/trail run this one again.

Lots of poison ivy on the trail and very overgrown grass onto the trail.

The Gorge is a gorgeous hike! Took 2 of us 2:40hr top to bottom then bottom to top in a rain storm which was invigorating :) I forgot how many stairs there were... lots, I won’t forget now. Awesome workout, gorgeous views. This still remains one of my favorites in RMNP. Hope to trail run next time! Ps this was 3 wks ago.

About 3 hours with many breaks to hydrate my dog and ourselves under the hot sun. We took a quick dip in the bowl which was absolutely freezing, dog loved it though. The view was beautiful at the top overlooking the bowl. Walking in the sand added a touch more of a challenge which we embraced! I recommend bringing 2 water bottles. Enjoy!!! Ps did this last weekend!

mountain biking
9 days ago

Trail was damp due to yesterday’s rain but in great condition. A misty morning but perfect for a ride, and we saw 2 deer.

I really enjoyed this trail! Perfect length & difficulty level with a nice lookout in the middle of the trail. We did have to refer to this app for the gps trail map to ensure that we were going the right way, if we didn't have the gps, we definitely would've gotten lost! It would help a lot of the signage was better on this trail

It’s a nice easy going trail with a great view of Clear Lake!!

I did this trail walking was not very exciting if you were looking for a trail to bike or the jog in and out I would recommend this trail.

13 days ago

Great day for a hike. Took my son (12) and finished the trail in around 5 hours (2:06 in, and more leisurely out). Trail was challenging, but in great shape and very well marked.

Took this trail from the bridge sign in the Nutimik lake campground area to Sturgeon Falls. Fairly easy trail - we had 7 kids with us including one in a backpack carrier and everyone managed the hike no problem. Lots of nice lookout points especially the bridge and the rocks by the falls.

easy hike. 25 minute walk in shoes one way. fine for children and dogs. not too sure why this is moderate. have your bear spray regardless.

14 days ago

Beautiful forest trail. Signage can be a little confusing at certain points

15 days ago

beautiful trail. a few moderate elevations to hike. a bench around half way to sit and have a snack.

I love Legion Park. Heyes ChildCare Centre is having a bike-a-thon fundraiser at the park now, perfect trails for beginner bikers with plenty of space for celebration after the kids are done their 5km ride. Thank you Swan River for maintaining beautiful parks!

16 days ago

One part of the trail is all mud and covered in long grass making it hard to get through. Otherwise it was a nice trail with good views in one section. Watch out for snakes, we almost stepped on one.

would rate this trail closer to moderate rather than easy just because of the short but intense inclination in parts of the trail. I did this hike when it was raining all day for the entire hike. some of the views this hike offers are amazing as well as the information markers along the way. we had a bit of difficulty spotting some of the trail markers but it might just be because of the weather that day. love this hike!

this site is completely self guided and has no markers but is generally easy to navigate if you remember where you came from. a very spiritual, almost chilling feeling coming from this place; it's very quiet and relaxing. bringing a gift/offering would be recommended for everyone to leave :) I regretted not bringing one myself!

17 days ago

beautiful hike to do as it's recently been marked making it easier to navigate. a few nice rest spots along the way that have some nice swimming spots. definitely not a hike for beginners or even novice hikers, it took my family and I close to 8 hours to do the whole thing including about a 30 min lunch break. very scenic and no bears/bear droppings sighted on this day. definitely bring at least 2 bottles of water per person as we ran out about halfway back. would not recommend doing this hike if it's supposed to rain or has recently rained, it rained on our way back and it made the smooth slate like rocks very slippery. all in all I would do this hike again if I get to a more fit physical state, this hike is NOT an easy one!

17 days ago

Overall wonderfully challenging hike and tons of beauty scenery. Son (12) loved it and so did my six year old. It seemed way too challenging but we figured we’d turn back when it did but made it 2km before weather turned.

Fantastic trail!

Went July 28th and the weather was perfect. Ate raspberries and Saskatoon berries along the trail. Very well marked and a lot of (minor) ups and downs. Just remember to wear bug spray!

Not that I was looking for water falls, but if you are this is not the trail.

Will absolutely do this trail again.

17 days ago

Had a wonderful time biking with our family! The best was the surprise of the canoe at the lake! Thank you!

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