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1 day ago

Great trail! Beautiful views, A bit busy with other people for my liking but my dogs really enjoyed it.

5 days ago

The parts of the trail near the river or which offers view of the river and rapids are great. Good exercise; a-lot of up hill and rocks with places to rest and picnic. Some boring patches of straight out walking without view, roughly 40% of trail.

This was my first hike ever. I went by myself and it was a great experience. I did a little bit of the Spirit Sands trail, it was a great challenge. Luckily it was an overcast day because I don’t know if I would’ve survived if I did it full sun. After a bit of the sand trail I went to do the Devils Punchbowl... it was breathtaking. The fact that something like this exists in Manitoba blows my mind! I’m definitely doing it again and bringing everyone I know.

lovely hike, very enjoyable.

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16 days ago

Good trail. Wide gravel/rock trail. Minimal mud holes (unfortunately). some flooded spots due to beavers, but easily passible


We love this hike. We take our two year old in the backpack. The first part is more challenging. The rapids are half way and very beautiful. The second half is just basically a straight wide open walking path. Kind of boring.

It was a nice scenic walk. I wouldn’t consider it a hike. I would consider this easy compared to others I have done.

Great place for a short hike. It's very beautiful as well.

Went with my family here recently. The weather is cloudy and it was raining just slightly which was a blessing in disguise, can't imagine how hard this path is in +30 weather. I find that this trail isn't exactly "easy" since it's all sand. You have to climb sand dunes which is very hard on the legs after a while. The punch bowl was beautiful, can only imagine how blue the water is when it's nice out. I'll do the punch bowl portion of the walk again for sure.

I can for sure say this trail really tested me. I ended up splitting it into 2 because 1 water bottle was just not enough.

Day 1 was the spirit sands and that was exactly what you would expect - sand. It was amazing seeing sand dunes in Manitoba like that. Also gave myself a solid pat on the back for making it up.

Day 2 was devils punch bowl. The hike itself was great, but the destination was a let down. The water that is so supposedly so amazing to see looked like a swamp. Maybe the water is to low right now but it just wasn’t exciting. But the trail itself was great through the rolling hills. The destination is why I rated this trail a 4 instead of a 5.

For sure bring lots of water - especially through the sand dunes. 1 water bottle (24oz for me) will not cut it (at least for me it didn’t).

1 month ago

Tried the hike on May 31, 2018. Parked at the fork of the snowmobile traile/maintenance trail. Northbound was closed due to a closed road sign stating bridge was out. Westbound was closed due to fire risk sign.
Tried walking to river. Once I got there, bridge was out and no way to cross the river. Did not try to bush wack to a possible crossing so not sure if there are options. So until river goes down or bridge is replaced I would not recommend

Did the Spirit Sands trail on Sunday in +30 weather. Amazing trail. Maybe too hot to do it at 1pm but we had our dog too and as long as we kept hydrated and kept him wet too, we were good!

This was a great hike! My boyfriend and I accomplished this hike in about 3 hours with a couple of breaks here and there (30 min altogether). I would not call this an easy hike, the devils punch bowl is much much much easier than the spirit sands section. The sand dunes were MASSIVE! We will definitely do this again!

This is my baseline trail, it is the one that I compare all my other trails too. Great scenery, some area pathways allow for some interpretation in picking your route. Well marked trailhead information. Always enjoy this one.

Beautiful trail. Lots of birds, animal tracks (deer and canine), and lots of great views. It's very dry, so the rapids are more of a trickle, sadly, and there was evidence of small forest fires on the trail. I had a lot of fun. Some much-needed rain would bring out the vegetation (and mosquitos!)

Great scenery and well labelled!

Nice trail! Well marked. Trailhead was easy to find.

One of the best trails so far!

Excellent trail!

Excellent hiking trail in the summer and cross country ski trail in the winter! Will not disappoint!!

Love this trail. Have to cross river on foot...wear good shoes and take a walking stick. Make noise to let bears know you are in their neighbourhood.

very nice trails! went with the kids, difficult first half with the stroller but was still very fun! had a good work out!

We love this hike (myself and my husband and our daughter who rides in the backpack). I would consider this hike moderate, not easy. It’s one of our favourites.

3 months ago

Still a little icy and snowy but a beautiful trail. This is our first time on this trail and we loved it. The partially frozen falls are super cool! We did both All Season Loop and Summer Loop extension. Trail is in good shape for this time of year, just watch the ice.

Amazing Fishing

Great Fishing!

Loved every minute of this trail

Home to small-sized perch. Access is tricky in the summer as the trail is a natural path through the forest and there are no markers of any kind. Best visited in the winter months as there is a short trail adjacent to West Watjask Lake.

Ah the Museum Trail! An absolute favorite, the trail is grassy so it's great in spring when it's wet, cool and shady in the summer, protected from winter winds, and so stunning in the fall. I'm my dog and I have trekked on this trail hundreds of times. There is a cross country snow shoe trail, a groomed cross country ski trail, and the added bonus of wandering around the museum grounds looking at all the old buildings. A beautiful setting and easy to access. If you take your dog (s), there are garbage bins and doggie bags for picking up poop, so PLEASE use them!! Keep our trails clean!

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