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Very easy trail with beautiful scenary. Paths are wide open with some small inclines /declines.

We walked this trail in the beginning of December and loved it. We went through the bush following the trail markers on the way out and returned on the wide trail path. The falls weren't frozen up and were beautiful in the winter sun

This is a beautiful area and the falls are worth seeing, but the trail is quite difficult. Much of the trail is within trees so the only view is the bush. There is a campsite near the falls, and a high cliff with a good view of the river near the halfway point. The map says it’s a 22 km loop but my GPS recorded 30 km! Give yourself plenty of time! Be prepared for bears - lots of bear scat on the trail and we encountered a mother & cub.

on La Barrière Park Loop

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1 month ago

Nice trail for a winter walk. A few blue Jay's but not much else. Park has almost completed the new washrooms.

have taken the family and dogs many times. can be muddy and does get busy, but is always nice to go to for a quick getaway.

2 months ago

I did this hike for my first time at the end of October and it was absolutely beautiful! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t ventured to this area of the Whiteshell before, but this hike is definitely a new addition to my list of favourite hikes in Manitoba!

The first part of the hike to the Pine Point Rapids was flat and easy, along a wide path. There was a fork in the trail where you could continue on the wide path for 2.4 km to the rapids or take the self-guiding trail for 2.7 km, which follows along a narrower path along the river. I chose the 2.4 km trail but heard that the self-guiding and slightly longer path was beautiful as well, so I would definitely check this one out next time. The first set of rapids were pretty and there were lots of large flat rocks to get some good photos and views of them. There were firepits and picnic tables on the large rocks as well.

I then opted to do the additional 2.8 km loop which I would highly recommend. The hike led to two other small falls/rapids and it was very scenic with gorgeous views at various points along the way. This section was slightly more challenging than the first part of the hike, as the trail led over a rocky landscape and through the forest, with some ups and downs to maneuver. It was much less busy on this section and made for a peaceful atmosphere. In total, the hike was around 8 km if you include the loop at the end.

I absolutely loved this hike and will definitely be back to hike it in the summer! Would highly recommend this one in the Whiteshell.

3 months ago

Scenic trail full of changing landscapes. Perfect for a half day hiking trip from Winnipeg.

Short and scenic. The falls weren’t really falls, more a trickling stream, but the hike itself is nice.

Easy walk. This trail is actually a combination of two trails, the Red Wing trail and the Chickadee Trail. Trail maintenance could be better.

Great little hike with my 6 yr old.

3 months ago

Great trail for a fall day. Interesting terrain, ups and downs over rocks and roots, well marked. On the first fork 10 minutes in, go right for the pretty trail; stay left if you prefer more of a road. Took about 45 minutes to first sets of rapids, an hour to add on loop which has 2 more waterfalls. So pretty! All done in under 3 hours. Great day hike from Winnipeg.

The entire perimeter of the loop is 1km so it helps you to track your distance. Beautiful park, paved path. Just a great scenic place for a walk anytime of the day in any season!

The north side trail is nice, easy and a bit shorter in comparison to the other trail which offers more of a scenic route since it goes along the river. Make sure you bring bug spray for this one.. especially for the loop by the rapids.

A nice, easy hike to Sturgeon Falls. Lots of different mushrooms grow here in the late summer and you can sometimes see otters playing in the water.

For a longer hike, turn right after crossing the suspension bridge to go to Pine Point Rapids (8.7 km one way). Not much in terms of views as it's essentially a wide swath of access road through the forest, but you're likely to have it all to yourself. @jesiannoutdoors

Go on a cool day and bring lots of water. The trail heats up pretty quickly as the day progresses.

4 months ago

Easy trail that’s not too far from the city. I recommend combining this trail with others in the area for a decent day trip from Winnipeg.

Fun hike, sandy areas make the hike slightly challenging, grassy trails are nice and wide. The dunes and the punch bowl make for great scenery.

Love this trail. Well marked, well groomed and just the right distance for a quick hike. It’s scenic with a few resting benches, can loop into Copernicus trail if you wish.

4 months ago

This trail was exactly as advertised, easy but scenic as well.
I saw a black bear which was startling but the trail is shorter so it wasn't difficult to track backwards.
I would recommend this trail for beginners and experts alike.

good trail .. well marked
would do it again

4 months ago

Always wanted to go here - finally did today. Drove most of the way in and hiked the final 3 kms. to the lookout point. We had a fire and a picnic while enjoying the spectacular view. It's worth the trip. (We did see a bear on the trail.)
I'd go here again and park further away.

great picnic/swim spot after the walk. terrain is suitable for bikes too.

Easy trail. Take the self guiding option as the gravel walkway was really boring. Rewarding rapids at the end of the trail. I’m deducting a star because it was so busy! Tons of people on this trail so be prepared to encounter lots of people!

we rode bikes along the trail. our 4 yr old had to walk the steep bits but otherwise a nice riding trail

A great trail for testing out a multi-day backpacking trip. Multiple cabins are spread out throughout the trail, firewood is available, water pumps (boil for drinking) and you also have outhouses. The Newfoundland Loop is about 12kms so to hike to Jackfish Lake in one day is a 20km hike. You get to hike along a ridge line and there is surprising elevation for being in the Spruce Woods area. Definitely worth checking out.

short trail, very easy. on the map there is a split, it says falls to the left and a river to the right. we searched everywhere for the trail to the falls but could not find it, so we took the right trail, it just ends. still fun, a little disappointing we couldnt find the falls.

4 months ago

loved Pine Point Rapids! you can hike to the rapids, you have the option to do the entire loop, we did it. didnt take us too long to finish the entire trail. you get to see 2 other rapids/little falls along that trail that are very nice, loved the rock switchback. our dogs adored this trail!

love this trail! neat that Manitoba has it's own little desert. the Spirit Sands part can be difficult, lots of steep hills with loose dry sand. The Punch Bowl is beautiful as well. worth doing the entire thing! it's nice that there are lots of paths to take, you can do it in sections. we did the whole 13kms in one hike, took us about 4 hours. highly recommend it!

It was very beautiful. Would not consider this trail an easy trail as there was a lot of uphill climbing on loose dry sand. Had a great time otherwise.

4 months ago

very fun trail, beautiful views, not too hard like said! loved it!

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