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Glenboro-South Cypress, Manitoba Map

Go on a cool day and bring lots of water. The trail heats up pretty quickly as the day progresses.

Fun hike, sandy areas make the hike slightly challenging, grassy trails are nice and wide. The dunes and the punch bowl make for great scenery.

love this trail! neat that Manitoba has it's own little desert. the Spirit Sands part can be difficult, lots of steep hills with loose dry sand. The Punch Bowl is beautiful as well. worth doing the entire thing! it's nice that there are lots of paths to take, you can do it in sections. we did the whole 13kms in one hike, took us about 4 hours. highly recommend it!

It was very beautiful. Would not consider this trail an easy trail as there was a lot of uphill climbing on loose dry sand. Had a great time otherwise.

About 3 hours with many breaks to hydrate my dog and ourselves under the hot sun. We took a quick dip in the bowl which was absolutely freezing, dog loved it though. The view was beautiful at the top overlooking the bowl. Walking in the sand added a touch more of a challenge which we embraced! I recommend bringing 2 water bottles. Enjoy!!! Ps did this last weekend!

This was my first hike ever. I went by myself and it was a great experience. I did a little bit of the Spirit Sands trail, it was a great challenge. Luckily it was an overcast day because I don’t know if I would’ve survived if I did it full sun. After a bit of the sand trail I went to do the Devils Punchbowl... it was breathtaking. The fact that something like this exists in Manitoba blows my mind! I’m definitely doing it again and bringing everyone I know.

Went with my family here recently. The weather is cloudy and it was raining just slightly which was a blessing in disguise, can't imagine how hard this path is in +30 weather. I find that this trail isn't exactly "easy" since it's all sand. You have to climb sand dunes which is very hard on the legs after a while. The punch bowl was beautiful, can only imagine how blue the water is when it's nice out. I'll do the punch bowl portion of the walk again for sure.

I can for sure say this trail really tested me. I ended up splitting it into 2 because 1 water bottle was just not enough.

Day 1 was the spirit sands and that was exactly what you would expect - sand. It was amazing seeing sand dunes in Manitoba like that. Also gave myself a solid pat on the back for making it up.

Day 2 was devils punch bowl. The hike itself was great, but the destination was a let down. The water that is so supposedly so amazing to see looked like a swamp. Maybe the water is to low right now but it just wasn’t exciting. But the trail itself was great through the rolling hills. The destination is why I rated this trail a 4 instead of a 5.

For sure bring lots of water - especially through the sand dunes. 1 water bottle (24oz for me) will not cut it (at least for me it didn’t).

Did the Spirit Sands trail on Sunday in +30 weather. Amazing trail. Maybe too hot to do it at 1pm but we had our dog too and as long as we kept hydrated and kept him wet too, we were good!

This was a great hike! My boyfriend and I accomplished this hike in about 3 hours with a couple of breaks here and there (30 min altogether). I would not call this an easy hike, the devils punch bowl is much much much easier than the spirit sands section. The sand dunes were MASSIVE! We will definitely do this again!

Loved every minute of this trail

Did this trail multiple times, once at night. If you want to do some stargazing this the place to go.

Really cool hike. Bring lots of water.

I wouldn't rate it as easy due to numerous steep sand dunes and the length of it. I've done several easier hikes in the whiteshell that were rated moderate. Definitely worth seeing and an enjoyable day. Bring lots of water.

Beautiful setting, moderate amount of hills to keep it interesting. Glad I hiked spirit sands first, it was more challenging than the punch bowl.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Very nice hike. Did it in 3.5 hrs with a 15 minute lunch break in there. Definitely would do the Spirits first and then the Devil's Punch Bowl because the Spirits has a fair amount of steep incline in sand, to the point where I would not want to imagine doing it after already hiking 11km. Make sure you have a parking pass for the grounds, they're $5 for a day.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

beautiful trail!!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Beautiful and very unique part of the province! Did the entire hike to the Dunes and the Punchbowl in about 3 hours. This included the 1.6 km Oasis spur trail, which I thought was really cool but it's kind of hilly and the entire trail is sand, which makes it a bit more difficult. Very little shade and it's like walking through a desert, so if it's hot outside, bring lots of water!

Gorgeous - very unique ecosystem- fab walk

Monday, October 17, 2016

took my family there for a picnic and went to the devils punch bowl. very fun trail sand is a challenge but all good

Saturday, June 04, 2016

From the sand dunes reminiscent of the Sahara to the wet oasis of Devil's Punch Bowl - this hike offers a diversity rarely seen in one round trip. Starting in the sandy area, one has the chance to spot rare vegetation and animals, such as hognose snakes or pincushion cactus. The trail is easy to follow and well maintained - stay on the trail, though, since apparently, the army used to test mines in this region way back, and going off-trail is not recommended. You get to the river bank of the Assiniboine and hike some forested and desert-like landscapes. The highlights are Devil's Punch Bowl (a greenish oasis - bring bug spray!) and the Spirit Sands dunes, always shifting in the wind. There is water available on the trail to replenish your water bottles. I wouldn't attempt this hike in spring, since the Assiniboine often floods then, and the access roads will be cut off. I hiked it in early summer, so I have no experience for winter hiking here.

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