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Sunday December 23rd 2018 - 8:12pm
I am currently seeking brave-hearted courageous individuals who are up for snowshoeing the mantario trail

I'm going to start training January 1st doing smaller trails in and out of the city doing a few overnights to dial in my gear

must have a vehicle to park at the other Trailhead and all the gear knowledge and cajones to survive on the trail

this is not for the faint of heart serious inquiries only if this is something you are interested in send me an email and we can discuss more in person


This is a beautiful area and the falls are worth seeing, but the trail is quite difficult. Much of the trail is within trees so the only view is the bush. There is a campsite near the falls, and a high cliff with a good view of the river near the halfway point. The map says it’s a 22 km loop but my GPS recorded 30 km! Give yourself plenty of time! Be prepared for bears - lots of bear scat on the trail and we encountered a mother & cub.

trail running
2 months ago

Wondering about trail conditions in the winter? Is it heavily used by foot traffic, snowmobile or dogsled?

4 months ago

Always wanted to go here - finally did today. Drove most of the way in and hiked the final 3 kms. to the lookout point. We had a fire and a picnic while enjoying the spectacular view. It's worth the trip. (We did see a bear on the trail.)
I'd go here again and park further away.

4 months ago

First multi day backpacking trip for my husband and I. Couldn’t have asked for better weather, trail was mostly dry and no ticks. Completed in 3 full days. Camped at north Marion the first night and Mantario the second. No bear sightings for us but heard from a few others on the trail they spotted a few.

South trail was definitely more challenging (end we began) with lots of ups and downs, trail after Richie lake heading to north trailhead was a breeze in comparison. Would highly recommend, and will do it again!

5 months ago

The trail can be very challenging depending on how aggressive you timeline is. Your feet will be wet most of the trail. Losing the trail will likely happen at some point. The marking is good but some sections are tricky. The terrain is tough and can be very slippery after rain. Bear boxes and privys at all campsites.

Here is my experience:

Hiked the Mantario in mid September 2017

Day one: Started at the south trail head. With an early start and fresh legs we flew through the few beginning kilometres. We reached Marion lake this had been planned to be the end of the first day, But it was only 11:30am... Here is where the Three of us agreed on the new plan of completing the trail in 2 days. We set our sights on spending our first night Moosehead Lake. Our pace from Marion to Peggy had slowed significantly from earlier in the morning. Suffering by the time we got to Peggy we had a 45 minute break. From Peggy to Olive was gruelling. We all were extremely fatigued, and hurting. The days end was in sight. After the short jaunt Moosehead Lake we set up camp just in time to be hammered by a heavy storm. We ate in our tents, ran out in the rain to put our food in the bear box and fell asleep soon after.

Day two: waking up later than we had hoped, we ate packed up and headed on out. The trail to Mantario Lake was tough. The camp site was beautiful definitely would have made an excellent day to spend our second night if we had stuck to the 3 night plan. We filled up our water and pressed forward. Completely exhausted we agreed to skip the hike into Ritchie lake for water, the 800m round trip was not that appealing. This cost us as we ran out of water before reaching Big Whiteshell. Desperate we filled a bottle from a rainwater stream formed from the rain the night before. Best tasting water of the trip. Weakened but not defeated we dragged ourselves to Hemingway lake. As we reached the first shores of big whiteshell darkness began to fall. We came across a couple of campers at one of the sites. They informed us we still had 2 hours until the trail end. The last 2 hours were rough, body’s shutting down we hobbled the last stretch of the trail in complete darkness. This seemed to be the only portion of the trail with little to no markings, but we may have just missed them. A little while after loosing the trail a mere 400m from the end, we finally crossed the finish line. It may have been 10:45pm but it was still Day 2.

Day three: This was a recovery day. We were very very sore

6 months ago

This ain’t your average walk in the park backcountry expedition. If you’re thinking pristine and well maintained trail with adequate markers (both distance and direction), this trail ain’t for you. Want to put your head down and just walk? Think again. This trail will eat you up, literally, and spit you out the other end. Would not recommend for first time backpackers, experienced only if you’re hoping to do the whole trail in a matter of days.

The Mantario trail is the epitomy of Manitoba. It’s got thick brush, misquotos and horseflies, rock slabs, and beautiful backcountry lakes. If you complete the entire trail, the distance is much more than 60kms, over three days I clocked about 80kms of hiking (excluding walking around at campsites). The terrain can be rugged and the bugs relentless, bring your bug nets and spray. Expect your feet to get soaked, given the really muddy and boggy portions which are the worst between Marion Lake and Ritchey Lake. The trail can be very difficult to follow at times, given that you’ll be bush wacking for over 50% of the time while taking bush to the face, and following the numerous detours to get around the fallen trees/brush.

Bring your bear spray as encounters are not unusual. You can definitely conquer this trail in 3 days, but make sure you are prepared to pay the physical consequences after putting your body through some of the most difficult terrain Manitoba/Ontario has to offer.

off road driving
6 months ago

Good trail. Wide gravel/rock trail. Minimal mud holes (unfortunately). some flooded spots due to beavers, but easily passible


Anyone going July 7/8ish weekend? Just for a car key swap yo get back to entry...?

trail running
7 months ago

ran the first 3km from the south trail head. was very we and muddy at low spots. If that is a concern would avoid until trail dries up. not that after the forest fire the first .5km is tough to navigate but after that is once again normal. few fallen trees blocking the path but not bad

8 months ago

Hallenging hike but well
Worth the effort.

Amazing Fishing

Great Fishing!

One of the Best Views in Manitoba!

horseback riding
10 months ago

Great trail for horseback riding!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

This trail is a bit of a hidden gem in Manitoba, and a must do for any serious hiker into multi-day trips. Very interesting topography and scenery that changes throughout. We did this trail in 4 days from North to South and would do it again!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Did this trail many years ago, definitely a challenge. But isn't that why we do it.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Great trail! Had an amazing time there Sept long weekend!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

By far the best trail in Manitoba. Spectacular views, beautiful lakes, well maintained sites. Trail can sometimes be difficult to follow. Watch closely for Cairns, tape, signs. Impossible to keep feet dry. The northern section, Hemenway to North trailhead (Big Whiteshell) is absolutely atrocious. I highly recommend finishing on this section.

on Mantario Trail

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

One of my favourites

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Was an awesome hike! Completed it in 3 days and might challenge myself and attempt it in 2 next year!

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Great challenging trail. I wouldn't recommend doing it in less than 3 days. 4 is ideal for actually enjoying the scenery, trail, swimming, wildlife, etc

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