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3 days ago

Great hike with beautiful views!!
Been twice and would probably go again.

Cathedral Grove trailhead and then it's up, up, up. Tough, steep climb. Worth the view!

Too many dogs running around. There is no sign indicating it's an off leash, but only 2 dogs were on leash. Signage is needed.
The numerous dogs running around out of control made it unpleasant.
The trail has lots of roots so keep your eyes open.
If you are looking for a peaceful hike, this is not it.
The suspension bridge is fun.

Seriously icey on 5th December. Crampons a must. Great view from the top.

5 days ago

4X4 with a decent clearance to the trailhead. From thereon, a good hike to the peak and if the weather is clear and sunny, you'll be rewarded with a good view otherwise, a good hike!

Today December 7, we started from parking lot at 9 am. We reached Lindeman in 45 minuted. The trail was moderately sloped and well maintained. But from Lindeman to Greendrop Trail was pretty challenging, not because it was steep, but because almost two third of the trail you have to walk is on uneven rocks. You have balance on rocks and find your way between red dots and you cant go fast. But it was worth going there. We reached Greendrop at 12:40, ate lunch and took 20 minuets break. It was so cold that my water bottle got frozen in few minutes. We returned to our car at 4:10 pm and it was already getting dark. It was Friday, we didn’t see any other hiker between Lindeman and Greendrop. Total two way distance is 12 km.

Did this in June of 2017. Poured rain every day. Made it to Bear Beach the first night. Then Chin the next. Then we aborted and took the path back to the highway. Apparently we had the hardest part in the bag! We want to go back and finish it!

9 days ago

Started this hike around 3:30pm Saturday December 1st. Hike two hours in and 45 Minutes more in the dark, before I found a flat spot to set up camp. From base to camp (half way) it was a steep pitch incline, however tolerable. I continued hiking around 9:30 am to the summit, at this point it was getting really steep and the path was getting narrow, I decided to ditch my pack an hour in and hike the rest with just my camera and water bottle. I made it to the summit by 11:10. Took a few photos and videos. Then proceeded my way down. Made it back to my car at 2:00pm. On the way down I found it more difficult, really steep so kept wanting to slip, no foot tracking as it did snow over the night. I did this hike alone. It was a good hike but requires lots of energy and endurance.

gorgeous hiking throughout, with some forest trail into wild open alpine! hiked up in May through of snow with ice axe and crampons. recommendations from comments below are great with advice to follow around tennant lake. trust a local guide, or even if you're savvy, take a guide book and carry notes for this one

love this trail. so many wildflowers to identify in the late summer. i recommend taking your time and hiking the trail solo to gift yourself time to take in the wildlife and lake views. trail to circlet is fairly well marked; beyond circlet lake, bring a map and know how to route find! carins can't be trusted

13 days ago

Was here on Nov 28. It was a perfect day to go all the way up to Mount Seymour. Beautiful scenery, winterwonderland. Great duration of this hike - took us about 4 hours to get to first peak and back. Conditions were tough but it is achievable. Would do it again for sure!

15 days ago

Wet and muddy, waterproof shoes or boots are a must.

Beautiful, great stroll but it’s wet and muddy.even with rubber boots it was difficult in spots. I’d like to come back when it’s dry. Worth the spot to stretch the legs .

great trail through forest and exposed rocky terrain. some route finding in last km of hike towards landslide. watch that you don't follow cairns that could lead you to stray!

A challenging adventurous hike for kids and families, easy but not boring for the more seasoned hiker. It’s definitely a far cry in technical difficulty from your local park trails, substantially harder.

22 days ago

Such a gorgeous little trail! Great in all seasons and my kids love it. In the winter, the meadow is a prime snowman - building zone. Quick and easy for young and old alike, and gives you that wonderful hushed forest sensation. Love!

Bonus for often being able to meet people’s fun little dogs!

24 days ago

Hiked Sept. 1: Stunning views for much of the hike! Long, but not too steep incline. Really rocky near the summit and appears intimidating, but is not so bad. It was tempting to turn back at the ridge near the summit, but it’s worth it to just go all the way!
(Didn’t do the loop as quoted in the hike faqs here > did the Lightning Lake ~22K route).

Beautiful and scenic, the dog and I loved every minute of this hike.

24 days ago

Just a heads up regarding trail conditions based on hiking there Sunday November 18, 2018. The trail is icy in sections and dangerous unless wearing Yacktracks or similar spikes; poles also recommended but not necessary.

The trail was crowded including many people in running shoes and lacking any additional layers of clothing. In addition, although leash is required at all times on dogs, only 1 dog out of at least 100 on the trail was on a leash including aggressive dogs with ignorant owners.

Also take note that the trail is poorly marked and it's easy to get lost. Cell service is spotty and GPS apps don't show the trails properly likely because of the lack of proper blazes at key points.

Aside from the warnings, this is a challenging trail and is rewarding. Allow yourself enough time, pack food, water and extra layers, wear spikes, consider poles, watch out for dogs and enjoy!

Nice easy trail... great for dogs

one of my favorites

26 days ago

Hiked to First Lake. Trail was dangerously slippery on the approach to the lake due to icey rocks and mud. We had 3 kids with us, so we spent some time at first lake and the headed back to the car. great weather though!

Pretty nice, very touristy.

Didn’t leave ourselves enough time to do full hike (started too late in the day) The Start has a pretty steep goat trail up, but great view of the lake leading to a pretty, loamy trail thru woodlands. Enjoyed and will try again when we can do entire hike.

Grey kid friendly trail.

just about manageable now without snow shoes as trail was broken. eighteen inches of snow throughout. Icy conditions so microspikes essential

Good first hike of the year.

Pretty walk in the middle of the city. Great for date nights - lots of people watching, dining and drinking options, art, etc. Love coming in the morning to watch the sunrise.

1 month ago

Wow... probably one of the most beautiful hike that I have ever done in my life... without my friend’s truck I would never be able to get there. Want to buy a 4x4 just so I can come back to here one day.

Very short and well maintained. Mostly gravel trail from the sea to sky gondola parking lot.
Great for families with young kids.
Well worth the time!

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