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Starts off easy, paved road. then changes to mixture of dirt and rocks. steady uphill, steep in a lot of places. took many many breaks. trail is well outlined. the summit was relief and sense of accomplishment!! very windy at the summit! lots of berries and chipmunks! coming down from the summit was a bit challenging. go EARLY morning when it's cool out. it took us 3 hours to get to the top, I don't have greatest fitness level and my blood sugar gave me numerous issues but chugged along. coming down took 1 hour and 15 mins.
only downside was the smoke from the fires made it hard to see far away but was a very good climb!
go to the hotsprings after!

As other reviewers noted, this hike has a bit of everything. We opted for the summit first, and we ended up taking a fairly direct route up, by going up one of the earlier scree slopes (rather than following the valley to the back scree slopes that go right up to the peak. It was steep and challenging, and we'd recommend this path rather than following the trail around to the back. The rocks were just a bit larger and firmer going up this way which we felt was probably better than scrambling up through scree. Bring poles and expect a challenge.

The ridge is breath taking and the views are limitless. You really feel like you're on top of the world.

We also saw momma grizzly, although from a long distance and she was playing around trying to catch one of the gophers. Marmots are everywhere, and virtually unafraid of us. They seemed quite curious and "led" us up through the rocks.

Hot springs on the way down was the "cherry on top" for this hike. Such an incredible experience after a challenging hike and summit.

It took us about 1 hour and 30 min to get to the top in a nice steady pace. View from the top was spectacular.

I recommend to start early it gets pretty crowded as the day goes by and it gets pretty hot too.

Windy at the top so bring a wind stopper.
Hiking poles and hiking boots are recommended.

I am head over heels for this mountain. Such a fun scramble with incredible views and short ridge walks. It has a bit of everything, grassy valleys, forested trail, hot (warm) springs, and great elevation. We saw a grizzly so bring bear spray! It was far from us so we weren't too worried but be aware. Moving time was approximately 8 hours taking lots of photos, breaks, and time to take everything in. I highly recommend this hike to anyone who loves scrambles and scree skiing!

A great hike. Lots of amazing views that will take your breath away. The facilities at the start/end are excellent. Highly recommended.

Excellent views from the top, but most of the hike is unremarkable.

Such a wonderful trail with a wonderful view once you reach the top. A couple nice spots along the way with views and spots to sit and relax for a bit. Recommend hiking poles, especially for the way down. Will absolutely do again when I come back to visit.

Great trail !

Amazing hike! Has it all! We went the alt route which was long and straight up but lots of fun! Then had some fun ridge walking, and an amazing rock to take photos off of. The peak was awesome and going down the main trail allows some really fast and fun scree skiing. We ended up making it to the hot springs as well. Took about 8 hours all together taking lots of photos.

PS to the four girls who backpacked the night before and we saw on the way down! We did find the hot springs !!

10 days ago

Went on my birthday - solo - because I'm the coolest person on Earth. Good thing this is one of the best hikes on Earth. So we have that in common...

Great Hike! The boyfriend and I started at 9 in the morning and we were back down by 12 after having lunch at the summit and taking in the views!

I really enjoyed this trail. The views are incredible. There aren't many flat parts but there are plenty of benches and rest areas along the way. Definitely make sure you go all the way to the top once you get above the tree line. The Miette Hot Springs after were a perfect way to unwind

Good hike, beautiful views on the mountains :) try bald hills as well if you can

17 days ago

This hike is an experience! Started at 3pm, was done by 6pm done at a very fast pace. Was unfortunately a rainy/cloudy day (we were hoping it would clear up), nevertheless still a must do hike. Definitely make sure you have warm clothes! The top was windy and temps definitely dropped quickly above the tree line. Very steep hike, hiking poles very helpful, basically all switchbacks. Don't stop at the first lookout above the treeline! It's worth it to keep going until you're actually at the top! The views were still cool, but I know would have been even better if it wasn't a rainy/cloudy day. Thank goodness for the hot springs at the end!

Reached the summit, we went to the false summit first. The scramble was tough but it was a lot less scrambling then if we went up the scree to the true summit. Views are absolutely spectacular and worth the sweat. Hit the hot springs on the way down. They're not very big so try to go when it's not busy. Saw Grizzly mom and three cubs on the way down, they were quite the distance away, easily 300m to the east of the grassy hill before you turn to climb Mist.

Climbed to hot springs only as day was very hot and another 3 hours to the summit. Found fossils all over. Hot springs moderately warm. Beautiful scenery. Plan to do overnight next summer to take advantage of full summit

It was amazing enjoyed the hot springs when I was down there this month

Great views

this is part of the juniper trail. the entrance is not well marked. starts behind parking lot, up closed road on left.


Amazing trail, boyfriend and I made it to the summit in 1hr 47mins with some breaks. It’s a pretty steady uphill, so take lots of breaks and bring lots of water! (Also sunscreen and bug spray and definitely needed, and try to go in the morning so it’s cooler and less crowded) Going down is easier than going up of course. Also, make sure to go to the very summit, don’t just stop at the plateau! It’s very steep and difficult at the top, but the views are 100% worth it! Will be doing this hike again for sure!

24 days ago

Started our hike around 3am to catch the sunrise. Scramble to the top of Mist was much harder than we anticipated, but the views were absolutely worth it in the end.

we had a very wet hike up, but nice misty view from the top. The hot springs at the bottom were a perfect after hike activity

First trail hike in the mountains for my wife and I. Completed in just under 4 hours including lunch break and short rest breaks.

25 days ago

I couldn't give this trail 5 stars but I plan on it eventually! We had to head back down due to weather and a late start.
Was hoping to just make it to the hot springs but were told by people on their way down that they were packed and since they only hold 1-3 people each there would be a long wait.
My advice is to get to the trail head early to beat the crowds and hopefully the weather.
The trail head was a bit hard to find until we noticed someone placed one of those white road poles with the black tip against a tree next to the trail.
I'll add some photos for reference.
Looking forward to going back and hopefully summiting as well as soaking in the springs

Fun trail ! The way up was kinda boring through the woods but from the white rock to the top, the view is astonishing and the trail is steep. Would 100% recommend.

26 days ago

Great view from the top! It is a fairly busy trail with lots of families. We had our dog on leash and passed quite a few other pups. Would recommend hiking poles for the hike back down if you have sensitive knees— it made a big difference for me.

Faboulous views from the top which makes up for the crowds on a long and fairly uninteresting ascent. Certainly worth the trip and can be done in a morning with ease. Nice soak in the Miette Hot Springs after the hike too.

Amazing indeed! Lucky to have the hot springs to all for ourselves and soak after the hike!

My husband, my 47lb dog, and myself did this hike on Canada Day 2018. Thankfully the rain that had threatened the day before let up, and it was a clear at the top. This trail is listed as moderate, but if you're fitness level is like mine it's a good cardio workout! A challenge for those with moderate fitness, but the kind you will feel good about because you CAN do it. From the trail head it's a pretty steep walk along a creek, then you hit switchbacks. At every turn there's a great opportunity to view the surrounding mountains and catch your breath. Then you'll hit a plateau with interesting rock features and a gorgeous view. But keep going up! The rest of the hike is above the tree line, but it's not for too long. From the top you can see many ranges, the Miette Hot Springs parking lot and hungry chipmunks. If you're questioning this hike, just do it. I loved it and my dog loved it (she was pooped after it though). You'll feel accomplished and in awe of Jasper's beauty after this hike. (it IS a busy one though, so just be aware you won't have solitude at the top)

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