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Super easy walk in the mountains, very nice, great for beginners.

Moderate hike if you are not that experienced! Return was 3-4hr, nice hike but the views are not that incredible. I wouldn't do this one again. Not worth it in my opinion!

Awesome canyon! Don't forget to get a picture with the red adirondack chairs! Short and easy!

Loved this hike! Started at the bottom (lake Louise) with sunshine and when we got to the tea house it was snowing! Got there just in time! Check dates and hours when the tea house is open!!! Great hike! Good workout and great views!

9 hours ago

Bought some new backpacking gear so I headed up to Hoover lake to fine tune my setup, Ive done this hike a few times now and Ive some to a few conclusions. For me the hike is a little high strain low reward, they have this hike labelled as easy but that must just be the short 0.7km from the trail head down to the lake. The first 3/4 is a steep loose gravel logging road which would even be a workout going up for conditioned people's. Going down to put it blatantly is hell, after hiking up and to the lake you now have to slip, slide and slowly make your way down the steep gravel logging road which is hard on the ankles and knees, I even almost slipped and fell wearing full boots. Besides the hill going to and from the trail head, the short "hike" to the lake is a breeze. Once you get to the lake you have two options, go straight to a path that skirts around a marsh on the lake edge towards a couple benches/fire pits or continue left on a trail that leads you around the edge of the lake about 3/4 of the way around before reconnecting to the logging road that you came in on (from there you can leave or continue to a view point to the left). Like I was saying high strain low reward, its a cute little lake but that's about it and the trail leading around it is pretty bland and not very technical, admittedly I found my self getting bored and ended up trying to bush wack my around the last 1/4 of the lake but ended up getting lost (after finding lots of garbage at someone's hidden bushcrafting camp) and cutting back up towards the logging road above to leave. This hike would definitely be a lot more fun with a companion to talk to or share a meal/fire with at the top but solo it's a bit of a bore. In general though it's a nice hike, trails are well marked, maintained and are straightforward for hikers of all shapes and size and on a side note I saw a lot of fresh bear poo on the logging roads and the wild raspberries are just coming into season so be vigilant and be prepared, but ultimately I was attacked by a very angry momma quail who thought I was after her chicks on the side of the logging road but she let me pass after we had exchanged a couple choice words!

Very much enjoyed this one! Started off the hike seeing a wolf! There are some falls and canyons and as always a beautiful forest walk! Finished the hike during sun down and saw a beautiful sunset.

9 hours ago

Fun hike looking for all the troll dolls! We couldn't find them all! Easy trail with nice falls at the end! A nice stroll in the woods :)

Easy hike, first attempt was in the spring when there was still ice which was dangerous and had to turn around because we did not have ice cleats. 2nd attempt we did in the summer and it was nice. We brought a first time hiker on this one!

Very easy view spot, gorgeous colours and information stands explaining the history of the rocks. Lots of people hang out here, tough to get a picture without someone in it! Otherwise great spot!

Loved this hike! Didn't know there was a back country camping spot with an outhouse at the top! Beautiful views, good workout! Waterton is always a treat! About 4hr return moderate hike.

10 hours ago

Short and sweet! Great view of waterton village! Little chipmunks to great you at the top, very windy too. Only moderate because of the steep incline. Take breaks cause the view is worth it!

Very nice hike, LOTS of people, very popular spot! Been on this hike twice, about 1-2 return.

Just a classic! Perfect for any level hiker. Keep left at the fork for the more "difficult" path but it's nothing, just more scenic! Gorgeous once you reach the ponds, water colour is stunning. Usually a busy trail as it's very popular. I've done the hike twice now. 1-2hr return depending on how long you admire the ponds!

10 hours ago

Be prepared for bear wildlife, we ran into near the parking spot on the return. Lots of nice birds and flowers along the way. Poles helped a lot on the descent, still lots of snow at the top that impeded our ability to finish. Overall it was a fun but challenging hike! Enjoy guys!

Definitely a moderate-hard trail! It is unmarked so there are many ways up to the top. Beautiful views, well worth the effort! Hike was about 3-4 hour return.

Great fast hike - takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete round trip. It is steep the whole way, and very windy at the top but the views are worth it.