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The glacier/ice bridge/cave is super neat and one of a kind, you can literally see it dissinegrating and melting in front of your eyes, so it feels absolutely stunning to be in its presence. Near the trailhead there is a sign saying a large chunk fell on April 2nd 2018 and it is dangerous to go inside, when you see huge chunks and rocks falling down in 10 minutes of being there you can see this is true, my fiance still went inside just for a minute. Be aware that (coming from an experienced hiker) this is a treacherous trail if you dont want to get wet, there are MANY cold river crossings if not frozen over, or dense bushwacking. No snow on the trail in July, but lots of bear poop, though we saw no wildlife.

J'ai adoré la diversité des sentiers et la tranquillité! Vue à 360°! Ça vaut vraiment le 6$ par personne!! Le chalet Desjardins est très beau et propre!! il y a aussi des Yourtes à louer! ❤
je vous le recommende fortement!

Busy therefore not ideal for me. Pretty views but not very interesting to hike. All flat. All hill. All rocks. Then repeat in reverse order.

Had a great time there I arrived at about 5am to catch the sunrise and There was alot of pros to this...no traffic on roads....empty parking lot....I was only person on the trail..great for photos!!

Drive slow on your way in! Very bumpy! Great trail though.

The trail was not easy to follow. We used the app maps.me and could find it really quick. Beautiful view when you arrive near the glacier. The first part to the waterfall is easy, the second part to the glacier is a good moderate one.

We arrived at 7:30 to a parking lot with ~25 other cars. Very few people at the falls when we got there. The trail to ink pots was pretty easy too. All in all, took us ~2.5 hours start to finish. On the way back from ink pots the line for upper falls was ridiculously long and people were parking on the road outside the park. Definitely need to start early. If you start early bring a jacket. It was 4°C (39° F) when we began in mid July.

6 days ago

Didn’t have time to do the entire length but went approx 1/2 way. Absolutely delightful.
Not always well marked, but you can find your way.
A lot of climbing involved so make sure to wear good footwear.

Nice and easy hike on a paved path. If you find that it is a rainy day but still want to go hiking then this is a good choice since it is not in the wide open. Most of the hike is along suspended catwalks that lead through the forest and canyon.
The lower falls has a small natural cave that you can duck through to view the falls (you will get slightly wet with mist).
The upper falls are quite nice too but make sure you turn off the paved path on your right just before the upper falls. You will descend to the water where you can see a massive dugout, a large top heavy rock, and a waterfall that you can walk behind. Well worth it.
The crowds will be less busy in the mornings of course so make this your first “quick and easy” hike of the day.

Excellent trail, recommend the overnight, 2 or 3 day to capture all this trails beauty. It’s definitely a strenuous trail. Pack lots of water, food, snacks, camping gear, bear spray and other defense mechanisms for any protection you feel you may need. Recommend this trail 5 star!

6 days ago

This trail is great because of how simple and beautiful it is. The area is also historically significant and it was nice to see and read about some of it.

Although the views are amazing - the hike is a bit treacherous for people who are used to hikes with clear trails and firm footholds. I was happy to make it to the cave but I was surrounded by good folks who were willing to help me place my steps :)

7 days ago

We hiked up the trail until it ended by the hoodoos and then we just followed the creek up. Eventually we got to a rocky part of the mountain and we could see the cave from the bottom; there are two ribbons on trees a little hard to notice, marking the beginning of the trail. It was very difficult scrambling up because there were a lot of loose rocks. The cave was dark and muddy; you should bring a very good flashlight. There are two dead trees propped up with rungs to climb to the next part of the cave, and at the top there are a couple ropes to hoist yourself up but it was too dark and difficult to get up so we didn’t see what was past that opening. It definitely was worth it.

Great trail with amazing views. I highly recommend bringing 3L of water per person AND a filter of some source for stream water. We ran out but were lucky a friend had a filter. The forest hike is lovely with dense foliage. The switchbacks are when I felt the trail began to get truly tough, but keep going and it will be worth it. The tunnel is on a left slant and you will have to duck as it is short, so be aware of that if you are unable to squat down to walk awkwardly. The cable walk is not terrible but be sure footed. I strongly advise to wear ankle supporting boots as the shale on the switchbacks down can be hard on the body.

7 days ago

boat rides, lush forests, water falls, cliffs, tunnels, lakes! This hike has everything you could ever ask for. It is a challenging hike but well worth it! The cliff sections were not as scary as I originally thought they would be but I would not recommend this hike for small kids or dogs. The tunnel is alot more narrow than I imagined and would not recommend for people over 300 pounds or if you have trouble bending your knees. Bring bear spray as there have been recent sitings and we saw fresh bear scat. We usually bring about 2 litres of water on day hikes but this hike required much more due to the intensity and how hot it was that day. i would recommend 4 litres (minimum 3) and or bring a water filter/purification system there are many streams along the way to fill up. DO NOT drink the water from the lake unless you have a purification system. Drinking still water is never a good idea without a filtration system. We saw a guy drink right from the lake and when we scooped up a bottle full there were worms in the water. HIKE SMART!

It’s a great hike for beginners, bring water and a hoodie or light coat. AND GO EARLY!!!

7 days ago

Fun trail, kind of tricky to find as nothing is marked but once you do it's fairly straightforward. Didn't find the cave but I think you just need to keep walking up the creek once you get to the hoodoos.

This was a fantastic hike. There are 4-5 km of very challenging uphill backpacking and the rest is manageable. The 23 km if you get to Berg in one day is a challenge- make sure you take care of your feet and wear good hiking boots that fit. Most of the trails were closed up at Berg Lake due to a rock slide but we were able to do the Snowbird pass. It was simply incredible. If you make it to Berg Lake, Snowbird Pass is a must do (though it’s very challenging in its own right). Campgrounds are in good shape and the trail is well marked. Must do on any backpackers list. Bravo!

A beautiful and rugged coastal trail. Some slight scrambling involved. Wonderful old fishing community and scenic cliffs and beaches.

8 days ago

It’s amazing!

It only gets better once you're up at Berg Lake. The exploration opportunities are out of this world.

This trail was quite good! It started out with a a really easy flat walk but when you get to the path the intensity amplifies. It has quite beautiful views but I found the path hard to stay on and got lost once we hit the rock/scramble area. Everything looked like a path so we unfortunately went the wrong way but did finally make it to the cave. Other than getting lost the hike was amazing and the ice caves definitely make it worth it! It is smart to bring a strong flashlight and a jacket as the cave is cold enough to see your breath. In the opening of the cave you can climb up one of the sides for a gorgeous and slightly scary view. Biking to begin is a good idea as the beginning stretch is quite basic and is quite flat. All in all the trail is quite good just make sure you go the right way and have fun!

9 days ago

I'm sorry I know that this is suppose to be a review but I sadly had my hiking partner cancel on me last minute and was wondering if anyone is interested in hiking this July 13th/18? I have been wanting to hike it since my first island trip last year!!

This a MUST DO for any hiking fan! The views are incredible and just enough of a challenge to get in a good workout. A beautiful forest at the start to a canyon, mountain tunnel, waterfalls and a gorgeous lake at the top. Not only is the hike itself amazing but the ferry ride and tour of Waterton is equally rewarding. If you’re considering this hike DO IT!

a great hike. definitely suggest a bike for the first portion IF you want to do it quick. other wise the walk is fine.
this is definitely not for little kids.
there is a bit of a rock scramble at the top to get into the ice cave.
ice cave was cool to see.
make sure I have proper foot wear..
honestly it was hard to have a dog on a leash the whole time.
they need to find their path way up and down a rock scramble. so keep this in mind..

over all it was beautiful

9 days ago

Was a great trail. We ended up walking the creek bed most the way. Made for a fun and interesting hike Manovering boulders and the creek itself. The dog enjoyed having the creek to play in as well. The hoodoos are amazing! Much larger than pictures make them seem. The caves were very cool! Kinda hard to find unless your paying attention. A ways past the hoodoos up a steep, loose rock incline to the right. We didn’t bring a head lamp (silly) so make sure to bring one so you can explore a bit better than we did!

We also started the trail early (8am) and didn’t meet another person until more than half way back to the car. It was fairly busy around 11am. So the earlier the better!

on Hoodoo Creek

9 days ago

Very scenic hike. The cave at the end was definitely worth it!

Delightful from start to finish.

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