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Did this hike last weekend and we were the first ones to hike all the way to the top in the new snow fall. Really soft and deep snow from second lake

Great trail to quite a nice view. 3-4 creek crossings to mind your footing over. Other than that quite wet and snow at the top for the last 1km or so. Managed without crampons or snowshoes though.

This trail is stunning! You’re constantly popping up on beautiful viewpoints of sooke and all the different ones are so amazing! The trail is well marked only in sections, there are a few places I really had to refer to this app to follow the trail as suddenly you won’t see a trail marker anywhere. Keep your eyes peeled for the faded little tapes in the trees and be aware of your direction in this hike =]

Relatively easy....if youre in decent shape. Lots of stairs and lots of people. Would do it again first thing in the morning. Viewpoint spectacular.Wish Kayla

4 days ago

that was fun! we did the loop past whyte lake and along baden powell trail towards the highway and hit the helipad.
from there it's all downhill!!

Very nice hike. Did it around June 27th 2018. I would do it again. Good weather, Good for beginners. If you looking for a special view this is it. If you go to the left on the beach you’ll find half of a cave, and along the wall there might be some rock stacks. Good outing.

5 days ago

Great trail. Good time.

5 days ago

It’s a fine hike, but be prepared for a lot of uphill. Mind you, I’m only in moderate shape, but by the end and 4.5 hours later, I’m beat. The look out shows an amazing view of the country side. Unfortunately, the lake is snowed over, so the end might not be as you’d expect... that is until the spring

My most favourite hike ever

7 days ago

I did this over the summer and oh boy. If you are doing this hike, know what you're getting in to. If you hike like a normal person, it's about 2 hours to alter flats, where I overnighted. I was then up bright and early (about 5:30) for and 11 hour there and back again. Like every other comment says YOU NEED WATER. There is basically none from the flats to the emergency shelter. speaking of the shelter, once you're there, you have another 45mins to an hour to the peak. A bit of a grind but definitely worth it. It was the most fun part of and coming down we slid down the snowpack. 10/10 would reccomend. That was the fastest I went that day. All in all, 2 hours to the flats, 6 hrs up, 5 hrs down and another 2 out. Take your time and have fun cause the view is stunning! oh Yeah, and that scary thing to the left is edge peak. don't worry about it.

8 days ago

Great quick hike!

We went on the 1st Sunday of the new year. We only hiked to Lindeman. It was a lot easier than I expected. It was trying to snow when we got there in the parking lot. By the time we reached Lindeman Lake it was starting to snow lots more!! The trees cover most of the trails so it made coming back down not so snowy on the pathway. Breathtaking scenery. We will be doing Greendrop in the bear future.

Beautiful views from every part of the path!

We did the trail just past summer, absolutely amazing! We wrote a comprehensive daily review of our trip, please see our blog for the full post - http://hktreks.com/index.php/2018/08/03/west-coast-trail-hike-fact-tips-itineraries-and-planning/

Beautiful, but avoid this trail on weekends and holidays due to heavy foot traffic!

mountain biking
11 days ago

Beautiful views, flat path, areas to stop and sit. Only thing I recommend is to layer in case of winds, the temp seem to be 5 degrees cooler then in town.

Hike/run took 1 hr 50 min.

Takakkaw Falls is a powerful and amazing waterfall to see in Yoho National Park. I visited in August 2017.

A winding and narrow paved road leads from the Trans Canada Highway cutting through the park to the waterfall which is located at the very end of the road. The drive was incredibly scenic as the road passed through beautiful lush forests with mountains all around and openings in the trees providing amazing views of the landscape. There was a series of intimidating-looking switchbacks up a steep mountainside along the road which were somewhat difficult to maneuver even with a small car (a 2-3 point turn is required), but a fun challenge. I even saw remnants of a recent avalanche along the road with huge piles of snow and broken trees.

It took roughly 30 minutes to arrive at the Takakkaw Falls parking lot along the Yoho Valley Road from where it stemmed off from Highway #1. The parking lot was small mostly full and I was lucky to find a spot in the afternoon. I could see and hear this powerful and spectacular waterfall and couldn’t wait to get closer!

From the parking lot, there was a short and well-trafficked paved path which crossed a bridge over a rushing river and wound through the trees with great views of the falls along the way before arriving at the base of Takakkaw Falls (it took about 10 minutes to get there). The waterfalls got louder and louder as I got closer and they were so powerful that I could feel the mist long before I even reached the base. The mountainous scenery surrounding the waterfall was so gorgeous and there were lots of places along the pathway to take photos of the views and the waterfall. The water plummeted at high speeds off the edge of a tall vertical cliff and into the river below. It was super windy, cold and wet standing at the base that I could only stand there for a few minutes before turning back as my camera was getting soaked. The sound of the falls was like thunder and it was incredible to experience and admire the waterfall while being SO CLOSE to and literally right in front of this breathtaking natural beauty! There were lots of large boulders off the main trail on a slope beside the falls that you could climb to get even closer, but I chose not to. The trail to the waterfall was quite crowded during my visit but not too overwhelmingly busy that it detracted from my experience, but if you arrived early in the morning you would probably be able to enjoy this place in peace.

Takakkaw Falls were a very impressive and stunning tall waterfall to see and there were plenty of great viewpoints of the falls for some amazing photos. This waterfall is definitely a must-experience when in Yoho! There are some picnic tables and washrooms near the parking lot of the falls as well. Make sure to wear a rain jacket because you will get wet at the base of the waterfall.

11 days ago

Steady altitude gain up forestry service road to short 0.7 trail through the forest to the lake. Lovely spot- looking forward to going back in the summer.

too many tourists.

too many tourists aviod. Do Baden Powell instead to mount Seymour Hwy instead

nice winter walk. not too busy.

Took the kids. Loved this trail! Very beautiful with the gorge and falls below.

THIS IS NOT A TRAIL. It's a Forest Service Road and other than the short part along White lake, not a particularly scenic one at that. If you are looking for trails in the White Lake Area, look at Balmoral/White Lake Trails. The Balmoral Trailhead is accessed off Balmoral Rd. The White Lake Trail is accessed off White Lake Rd (John Evinkoff Park).

Over 40 km of trails with lots of variety in trail difficulty. Great for trail running and hiking. Dog friendly as well. Was here on January 4th - trails are packed down and icy.

12 days ago

A nice easy walk

Before my review, I think I left my avalanche shovel by the first lookout of elk mountain (if not there, it's in the parking lot). If anyone has seen/moved/taken it, could you contact me at 7783189930. Thanks!

Did this hike in Dec 31. Hike up to Elk was very icy, and microspikes were useful if not necessary. Great views of the surrounding mountains and Baker as well.

14 days ago

We got engaged here last year so naturally we love it. Not a very difficult hike, we went during our New Year's break so there was no one there. Our dog had a great time too.

Easy to moderate hike: easy in terms of technical skills required but moderate in terms of fitness level. There are lots of steps which are very well maintained and the only way to get across three creeks and gorges. Beautiful, tall trees and a wonderful view at the end. In all, a very well maintained trail with lovely scenery along the way to a beautiful viewpoint.

We hiked the WCT for my 50th birthday from south to north and are just planning to do it again this year! We did it in 6 nights, it was hard but so rewarding, I don't think there is a more beautiful place to camp then on the beach every night with the sunsets that never end. I trained by doing a lot of stairs and walking everyday and had no problem doing the ladders or hills. My husband dislocated his shoulder on day two going through Owens point (we had a log that rolled when going through the boulders) but he was able to put it back in place himself, I just screamed! Anyhow do it - what are you waiting forI Just be prepared and don't overpack, thats the biggest complaint we heard from people. I have a bad back and my pack was 25 lbs and my husbands was 40 lbs we still left food at Chez Moniques as we took too much. Make sure you have good hiking boots and most of all enjoy the journey, yes you can do this in less time but then you have no time to enjoy the spectacular scenery along the way.

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