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the trail isn't very well marked, and we came across several confused people.

quick synopsis;
park behind olives, there is 3h free parking in back. the trail starts there.
you cross a small stream and enter a clearing for some power lines. this was the first unclear part.. there are two graffitied stones at the path that goes to the left. that's the correct one.
follow that to the highway, where you cross under it, over a rock pile (not very hard to cross.. but if your balance isn't that good.. be careful)
after that you end up coming to the opening where the train tracks run.
you have two options.. cheat and follow the ACTIVE AND SOMETIMES NARROW train tracks.. or enjoy a shaded, winding trail next to the river.
we chose to follow the path, as we had a toddler and active tracks are not worth the risk.. plus it was 30deg. so the forest was cooler.
After you're on the track, you'll wonder where the trail is.. it is almost directly across the track at that point, after that the entrances continue to be kind of illusive and you'll wonder where the heck to go, but if you follow the blue marking tape.. it will lead you the right way.
we ended up back on the track a couple times, as the trail comes back to it. we were forced to take the track for the final little stretch, because the actual trail has eroded and (toddler again) we did not have a lot of faith in what was left of the trail, to prevent us from plummeting into the river.
at this point, if you cheated.. you'll be at the same place the trail followers were.. a couple minutes on the track and you'll see the trail marked by a painted stone.. which once said trains.. and currently says meth.. with an arrow pointing the way. follow that trail and you're there. don't forget to check out the suspension bridge. it connects to the "trash" trail at that point.

The trail was interesting enough to keep me happy, and not too challenging for my pregnant wife.. although it was rather hot and my toddler started getting whiny.. he still did quite well too.

I would take the trail again, instead of the track, if I were to do it again. there were two trains when we were there.. so, don't get caught in a narrow spot with nowhere to go. plus it is cooler, and more interesting in the forest.

9 days ago

Beautiful, quiet trail. Little traffic. Climb at start then levels off. A bit of a goat trail in sections but we found this fun

14 days ago

This hike has lots of uphill, but offers amazing views, especially along the musical bumps.

14 days ago

The Lost Lake Nature Trail is a nice stroll along a wooded path to a small lake in the middle of Whistler. It has a beach and nice views, and beautiful rhododendron lining the path. Nice walk or bike ride.

15 days ago

Beautiful views along the musical bumps trail and down the valleys. Lots of elevation gained and lost along the trail. Mediocre campsite, did not go near the cabin as it was busy and full of mice apparently. Completed at the end of August and the day we left it snowed that evening.

21 days ago

Mostly flat pleasant walk up to lake. From here trail goes on around the lake. Easy walk suitable for all ages.

one of the best hikes i've ever done.

There are at least 2 ways to get to the train wreck. We went the route of the reviews that said start behind olive market. However, you can also start on the other side of the highway by athlete village. Coming from that direction, the trail is super easy, flat and nicely graveled. Because this approach is very easy to traverse, there will be a lot of other people when you get to train wreck. Additionally, we noticed that people use a small side of the highway pull out right next to the crash site and simply cross the tracks to get to the wreckage.

We did the hike in a loop, starting behind olive market and coming out at athlete village. Then walking down the road to the highway and crossing back to Olive market.

The olive market route is more scenic because there are gorgeous viewpoints over the river. The actual train wreck and suspension bridge are pretty neat. Overall super easy hike, more like a walk in the woods, but definitely enjoyable.

nature trips
1 month ago

Wonderful trail. Coming from Australia where snow in most parts non-existent, it was gorgeous and exhilerating to walk in the snow, still very compacted in mid April. The fresh mountain air is amazing and to see the frozen lake and it starting to melt was a 1st! With the picturesque snow capped mountains as a backdrop it was breathtaking. Lots of dogs coming and going. Restroom at start and lots of little trails/bridges out to the lake. Small car park and not far from Whistler Village. Few little bridges with running water. Nice and peaceful being amongst nature! ❄️❄️

Fabulous hike with great views.

Fun short hike for the family during winter. Train cars and suspension bridge are nice payoffs.

4 months ago

Backpacked to Russet Lake from the Whistler Gondola on the way and hiked all the way back out on a loop and we stayed 2 nights at the camp - excellent hike in with beautiful views and good challenging terrain. Camped at Russet Lake campsite and day hiked to Overlord Glacier - good scrambling route and it can be done as a loop back to the campsite. Cold at night bring a good sleeping bag - this was early September and it was cold!

A bit hard to find, park at Olive's Market. The trail can be a bit hard to follow at times, look for the orange blazes, teal as well. Lots of great views, cute suspension bridge near the trains. Nice payoff for the effort.

The trail was really beautiful but I couldn’t complete the loop due to heavy snow and unsure of logger Lake was safe to walk on.

there's a rocky part under a bridge that was slightly tricky and had to cross a stream a couple times. the train went by shortly after we made it to the wreck. there's a part towards the end where we had to walk really close to the tracks for a couple minutes or so, so we finished just in time. we took the sea to sky trail back.

Such a awesome hike! The entrance/parking is hard to find if you are not familiar with the area! It’s behind the olive store. I would suggest doing the actual hike to the trains. There was a lot of very pretty waterfalls along the way. However I would take the train tracks back! It’s way faster and easier! Be careful however because it’s still a active railroad. I would make sure your dogs are on a lease for this hike, as there are a lot of cliff like edging along the trail .

7 months ago

Plenty of trails to make this a longer or shorter hike as you like.

This was a great trail with great views but if you do the 8km loop as pictured in the app - I would call it a moderate trail for sure, not easy. Definitely steep sections and it's a good workout overall.

8 months ago

A short but very beautiful hike. Very relaxing and amazing views and lakes. I enjoyed this hike a lot, it was good to clear my mind and enjoy the outdoors.

8 months ago

This trail has become very popular, especially since recent trail improvements modified terrain to make it more accessible. Expect crowds. For better experience walk past the outer group of train cars to the bike path where there are some sweet river overlooks.

easy walk to the lake from the village.

Good views but the loop was not straight forward

Best hike of my life.

This was a really great end of the day walk. The trains were beautiful and the river was roaring.

Varied landscapes, managable for out of shape hikers like me, if you take your time.

The path gets a bit hard to see at the highest point.

Cool place to explore.

Good hike!

mountain biking
9 months ago

I LOVE British Columbia and Whistler! Trails are great and every skill level! Such an awesome day!

Terrific hike. Phenomenal views. Lower end of moderate difficulty. Exhilarating

Easy but fun, with really great views.

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