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Easy and quick trail, not far from Whistler. Very unique compared to the usual mountains of BC

Although the trailhead was hard to find ( we had to ask local people as the app was off) this hike is great. We did it clockwise getting up the steepest part of the trail (Ridge trail and Crater Rim trail) and going down on the more gradual part (Farside trail). The Fareside trail follows the river, it’s beautiful.

4 days ago

amazing views

5 days ago

Awesome trail! Well marked and super fun. We went up from the top of alpine way instead. Took us two and a half hours to get up (9km). Pretty easy sailing until the end which was really hard to get over the rocks. About an hour and a half to get to our car.

Nice walk on the forest with amazing swim at Loggers Lake but definitely not an easy trail on the crater rim part. I would say it is a moderate walk.

Realy easy hike,
The lake was warm enough for me to swim, and I hate cold water! :)
Dogs are allowed only on one beach, which is nice whether you like dogs or not.
Doing the full loop is nice as you can also make a stop at Green lake which is nice too.
Good to relax, family friendly.
A lot of smoke the last 3 days.

6 days ago

Great trail! The lake view is worth the hike. The trail is well marked, just follow the orange markers.

You climb the first two kilometers then it is mainly flat for about three kilometers. After that the climbing start, except for the short distance through the meadow, all the way to the lake. The climb through the boulder field to the lake is not bad.

Bring bug and bear repellent. There are a lot of bugs and, although we did not see a bear, another group did.

7 days ago

One of the most beautiful destinations I've ever hiked to! Highly recommend - it wasn't TOO difficult with just a day pack. Bring lots of water, warm layers for the top and bug spray! Hiked this in late July in 32° weather.

This is the most rewarding hike I’ve done in BC yet! Truly stunning! It took me about three hours up and about the same down, however I was solo so probably a bit quicker than average. I wore my vibrams five fingers very comfortably until I was at the lake where there’s a lot of loose sharp rock, but nothing unmanageable. I had lots of bug spray and an Off clip on repellant so I wasn’t bothered by bugs at all until I got to the top and met the lazy deer flies, that being said they didn’t bother me too much. I would also recommend bringing a sweater because the glacier creates this nice cool breeze at the top. It is also uphill this whole time so be prepared for that, but it will totally be worth it!

beautiful hike!! felt a little ruined by the end but well worth it

12 days ago

Beautiful hike and views! The lake is amazing, not an easy hike but very worth it!

Went today and enjoyed this simple hike with lots of beautiful spots for pictures. My 14 year old hiked with me and we enjoyed lunch on the mountain afterwards.

12 days ago

Amazing hike. We went beyond Wedgemount Lake and hiked up to the glacier itself. It is worth the extra 1.5kms, as there is a glacier pond and less attacking deer flies at the glacier. Amazing views.
For sure be ready for a full 1200m assent (a bit more to get to glacier), often on soft footings (sandy or loose gravel) and at other times stepping up and over rock face. Nevertheless, this was one of the spectacular hikes I have done.

13 days ago

Tough hike with an overnight pack! Pretty relentless in the current heat but worth it in the end for an epic camping spot, view of the lake and dip! It took us 4hr 15mins up with a quick stop for lunch. It would be faster with a day pack. It’s mostly all a climb apart from a short flat section in the middle, the last 30min climb over the boulders is tough when your energy is low after the rest of the hike but it’s great if you really want to challenge yourself. I drank 2.5 litres of fluids going up so take plenty of water, we refilled in the lake and boiled water for cooking and used aqua tabs for drinking water for the way down. It took us 3hrs 37min down with hardly any stopping. The down is hard on your legs & ankles, wear proper hiking boots! Too many people on the trail with unsuitable shoes, lots of people turning back when they realise how hard it is. Lots of bugs throughout, the first 2 thirds were black flies which didn’t seem to bite, the final third and at the top were all mosquitos and we got bitten loads even with bug spray. We saw lots of Pika and the waterfall is epic so do look out for that to the right from a clearing about 2 thirds up. Stop at Dusty’s BBQ in Creekside for nachos to refuel for the journey home.

Great views, pretty easy walk and a lot of side scenic trails. In the summer, bring a bathing suit & swim out to any of the floating platforms.

Hiked the High Note trail yesterday. Pretty busy at the start but it thinned out. Fantastic displays of wild flowers on the Cheakamus Lake side. Took 2 1/2 hours from the top of Whistler Mountain.

Really nice family friendly way to see forest, river, suspension bridge and the graffiti covered railcars. Check out the old mountain bike jumps off the railcar - insane!

Very unique walk through the old trains. Worth a trip.

Albeit a busy day on the mountain the trails seemed unaffected and enjoying.

Pretty easy walk for whole family right in Whistler

15 days ago

Really great hike, Views are amazing!!!!!!!

It’s considered to be one of the hardest hikes. It’s challenging, don’t get me wrong, but I felt some other reviews built up that part a bit... so if your on the edge and worried it’s to hard, just do it. (Did a day hike)

Bring a light sweater, when the sun isn’t shining can get a little chilli at the top only.

Only negative, there are some big dear flies at the top, and some smaller horse flies in the way up/down. Bring bug spray

Fun hike ending at a gorgeous lake. And there were marmots up there too!

We did it as a day hike, which is doable but pretty tough.

The trail was absolutely plagued by mosquitoes and big black flies, and they both swarm you whenever you take a break. We were not prepared for this, which took all of the fun out of the descent.

All in all an amazing day hike that was made slightly worse by our lack of preparedness .

23 days ago

Had a great time on MSAA's hiking tour here!

25 days ago


28 days ago

Tough hike with an overnight pack. First 20 min you are totally exposed to the sun, then its 2 hours of straight up hill in the trees with a 15 min flat spot. Enjoy it cause shortly after is 30 min of scrambling up steep loose rock. But it's worth every step once you see the view. Waterfall on the trail is massive but there is only one small opening through the trees where you can see the majority of it so don't blink and miss it like my friend did. Took us just under 4 hours with an overnight pack and hiking at the worst part of the day. Could probably get to the hut in 2.5 hrs for a day hike. Hut is very basic. Sleeps 5 upstairs and another 5 downstairs on the tables and floor. No sinks or kitchen utensils. Lots of mosquitoes and flies!!

Agree, the Crater Rim portion of the trail is at least moderate - a short, yet steep climb with some tricky sections. Beautiful views and a jump in the lake is a must

29 days ago

Steep trails most of the way up but worth the views at the top! Used the AllTrails app as a couple of the trail intersections were a little confusing. Also came across a grizzly at the top in the meadow just below the lake. Lots of waterfalls and beautiful views!

29 days ago

Started at about 1:30pm, made it to the lake by 4pm (about 2.5 hours) in 30° C heat. There were lots of mosquitos at the top (bring spray) but black flies on the trail were manageable. No snow whatsoever. Hiked up to the glacier and saw some marmots... well worth the extra 20 mins to get there☺️

Great trail run and still quite a bit of snow but not on the trail. Outstanding views at the top!

1 month ago

Trailhead well marked. 10 mi creek trail to skywalk north to reach Iceberg Lake. Mosquitoes in July. Lots of standing water in woods. Uphill climb almost the whole way and rocky terrain the last half mile or so. Lake makes it worth it. Good for dogs and bridges make traversing soft spots easy.

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