Too busy and completely paved. would only do as a tourist, personally. nice views of the water though, and you pass by a few decent beaches.

Great trail for a short run. Clear signage, well maintained. Beautiful!

Beautiful walk along the beach on any day.

Lovely bike ride with plenty of rental shops nearby. Still a bit icy in parts buts lots of people relaxing on the beaches

Despite some postings here, recommending to stay away from China Town, I would like to encourage people to go here. if you would like to learn about the history and some of the significant buildings in this part of town, check out the walking tours, organized by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation. Check out the small family business in this part of town.

Nice walk. Close to downtown but quiet and very peaceful.

Easy walk; no elevation. Great ocean and mountain views. Can be very busy on weekends.

Great! I biked the sea wall. It was a perfect morning to be out. Beautiful scenery. Easy bike and walking trail.

Easy walk with no elevation, offering great views.

Easy (short) walk in the park in the middle of the city.

Easy walk - rather than a hike. Suitable for all age groups. Beaver Lake, is a wetland feature unique to Stanley Park. Beaver creek, and encircling the lake, offers views of wildlife and native and introduced vegetation.

25 days ago

Nice easy walk with great views. When weather is nice it gets very busy.

Perfect for a nice evening walk.

We did this the other day on roller blades- there was some icy spots (small areas) but it was amazing! Highly recommend.

1 month ago

Great simple trail.

1 month ago

Completed the loop in the evening after dark - No closures. Very few people. Was wonderful.

1 month ago

North Vancouver

2 months ago

The Seawall loop cannot be completed as of Jan16, 2020. There are two closed gates; one near Prospect Point and another at Siwash Rock. We got around the Prospect Point gate but failed at Siwash. Finished the loop by backtracking and using Merilee's Trail. So 15 km instead of 9.3 km

road biking
2 months ago

One of the best parts of Vancouver. Was there a year and half ago. Some parts are narrow, and so you are required to walk your bicycle. There was a lady that didn't listen, and fell into the sea. The current was really rough, and so she managed to get some nasty gashes before her and her bike were rescued. A few areas to stop and swim along the way. Biking is a brilliant way to see the park, very scenic.

Great trail around Stanley park and to take your dog for a walk

A very nice trail. You get to see the water and go through mixed forest but with some open areas. For the most part it’s pretty easy but with some stairs and hills. Great trail for a nice morning walk.

paved throughout perimeter which makes biking & walking enjoyable. Many places to stop & sit & should take a little over an hour to complete. Definitely do this if you’re in the Vancouver area but expect many people!

Belle randonnée à vélo!

well maintained, beautiful trees

5 months ago

this is a DOG PARK. it’s OFFLEASH!!! not meant for running. unless you like dogs, don’t come to this DOG park.

Great views, easy walk. At times very busy and it can even be packed with locals, tourists and bikers.

Its a very easy hike with lots of people and tourists. I recommend biking to do this trail

gorgeous flat trail. awesome for walking and biking. the views are stunning!

6 months ago

it's beautiful. super easy flat walk.

Not much of a trail. Very busy, like a highway.

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