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Upper Lynn, British Columbia Map

The grouse grind redefines swamp ass. It’s just you against yourself in this race against your own heart beat and heavy breathing....and sweat drenched attire. Enjoy!

Did it! A little longer than it took me 5 years ago. But I did it.

One of the best hikes!!!

9 days ago

Great and hard workout. Perfect view from the top!

Moderate trail mostly made challenging because there are a lot of roots and rocks so you have to watch your footing. Lovely waterfalls. Was nice to do on a hot day as the forest is nice and cool.

really nice forest with huge wonderfull trees and the waterfall at the end is amazing!

12 days ago

Went on a weekday and it wasn't very crowded. Really likes the woods and the view from the top. Went at a slow pace and didn't find it hard.

Great trail, just be sure to follow the orange squares/diamonds. There is one steep part where there is a rope to assist you in descending and ascending, but it is very short (about 5 meters). The falls are beautiful and it’s not as busy as other trails.

trail running
14 days ago

Perfect for workout at the end of the day ! Best is to cycle to go up there

14 days ago

Hardest 1.9 miles I've ever done.

Great workout!!! It was pretty hard for me!
But still fun!

19 days ago

Great workout! Did it yesterday.

Do it for the workout, not the views. This trail cannot be called 'hard' unless you try to get a good time. I'm not in great hiking condition at the moment and I did it in less than an hour.

A workout wonderful! A great reward, a great view!

This hike had a lot of great views of trees. It was pretty much straight up with a lot of steps. I wouldn’t do it if you don’t consistently exercise as you can just pay to go up the gondola. I would recommend going/leaving early (I went up at 9:00) and it was pretty empty but the trail filled quickly. The trail is very busy but it’s part of the adventure.

I did this hike in December with a friend. It was pitch dark for a few hours in the early morning. The scenery is stunning. Many streams to cross. Easy to get lost, I would not recommend doing it on your own unless you are very experienced. A headlamp really helped to spot the distant trail markers; their reflection saved us a few times! A very rewarding trek.

I survived the Grind! It is a workout so be sure to bring sports clothing rather than jeans. Bring lots of water and be prepared for a lot of sweat. At the last part I could hardly lift my feet anymore - however you will be so proud of yourself when you have made it! There are washrooms and eating options at the bottom and at the top. I bought a nice the Northface t-shirt at the top reading „2.830 chances to step it up“ as a souvenir ;-) The way down is only allowed by gondola (which you have to pay for) or you take the BCMC trail down. However when I did the hike there was a long queue for the gondola and some people ignored the one-way policy of the Grouse Grind trail and climbed it down (I would not recommend it though as it seemed rather dangerous to me.) Have fun.

1 month ago

needs to be harder

1 month ago

Visiting Canada for the first time and this did not disappoint as a challenge. No wonder everyone here looks ridiculously fit, if this is what they do for fun. Lots of stairs and crowds, but it's a really nice shady and woodsy area which is my ideal type of scenery. Hanging out at the top, enjoying the view, and checking out all the activities is super rewarding after the climb.

1 month ago

More of a workout than a hike but still super fun!

Did this in the rain and it was still so amazing! Challenging but worth it

I wouldn't call this one hard, it's a workout for the legs but I've seen tourists do it without proper footwear and wearing jeans. Overcrowded with tourists unless you get there at 6 am and they just increased the price for the gondola to $15 dollars so it costs $15 to come down.

1 month ago

Because it’s leg day.

1 month ago

Well that was insane... it was like a group CrossFit on steroids. Husband and I are in decent shape, but still had to stop several (like 10) times. It definitely felt like a rite of passage and we’re glad we checked that box. Harder than The Chief (but not harder than all 3 peaks of The Chief).

Love it and will do it again! Better then being in a gym on a stationary stair master. It is challenging, bring water and proper shoes.

This is really a workout/stairmaster hike. If you are not in decent shape or workout consistently you are going to be unhappy with this hike. It’s busy and used by locals for a quick workout in Mother Nature. If I want to workout and climb this is the hike. If I want to meander and slowly climb the mountain and enjoy all the beauty around me, this is not the hike.

1 month ago

Well...not my kind of a HIKE. It is truely a cardio workout and makes you reach the top. But definitely not beautiful and a very nice experience. To crowded and to busy even on a monday morning. Hiked down the BCMC after checking out the very touristy mountain top was way more relaxing and beautiful as it is kept pretty natural without having "build-in" steps.

Great trail which leads to enjoyable freshness of the waterfall. Started on Sunday June 24, 2018 at 10:30 am with friends from work and completed in 4 hours. The parking lot at the trailhead was full, so had to park downhill on a street which added 15-20 min to the hike. Got reasonably tired, but not exhausted. Great exercise!

This trail is not as strenuous as the Grouse Grind nor Stawamus Chief but it was more exhausting, especially on the hamstrings and feet. The payoff at the end is the gorgeous falls, which, when you get there, is the perfect place and time to eat a snack.

Beautiful cedar trees and gorgeous water falls took 4-5 hours round trip.

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