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Monday, June 26, 2017

Great day out. Big trail and a few nasty little verticals towards the last 1/4 of the way. Well groomed enough but wouldn't want to do this trek after a significant rain fall. Saw a few deer, horses were friendly enough...nice breeze.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mara Mountain Cliffs South is both a hike and a extreme mountain bike ride. The route to the summit is a constant climb and in a lot of places, very steep and only an experienced biker should attempt it. Hikers will get a workout, but there is a view from the cliffs that go 100km in any direction, on a clear day. Mara Mountain Cliffs South is all desert at low-levels, treating visitors to cactus, sage, sunbaked rock and on occasion, snake(s). As you climb, you enter into a Ponderosa forest, and while still dry, the vegetation shifts from cactus and sage to forest and 'grassland'. Mara Mountain is part of the Lac Du Bois protected grassland area, but down at river level it is baking desert.


From Kamloops, travel out Tranquille Rd towards the Airport. Just past the Airport entrance, measure 5.8km from the intersection of Tranquille and Ord Rd. Just across the tracks, the hike itself begins on the right. You may either take the trail to the right or the road to the left. For the purpose of the GPS track, I have taken the trail going up and the road back down.

If you are taking the trail, continue up until it meets the road then go right up the road. If you are taking the road, just continue on. After a fair hike/ride, you will come to a large dried up pond. The road to the left is posted and closed. To the right, the road continues up a steep hill. Follow this road to the summit. The road does stay very steep to the summit. When I crested the summit, I was greeted by a loud “CRASH” in the trees to the side of the trail. Well, the bear spray was out right away! But, I wanted to log the whole route so I continued and once I got around the trees a bit, I discovered about 8 Mountain Sheep (sheep not goats) and they were crashing into each other like they do. Just before the cliffs, the same thing happened and I saw a good dozen more sheep. They generally ignored me except for moving off the trail a bit. Very beautiful animals and more impressive than the goats we see everywhere. On the road going back, I happened on a rattlesnake about 16” and maybe 4 years old. All good things to watch for, but add to the experience.

My stats:
Total time: 3:42
Moving time: 3:13
Average pace: 4.1km/h
Total ascent: 679m (2228ft)

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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Saturday, April 08, 2017