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trail running
2 months ago

I did this loop this morning as a trail run, starting at Paul Lake Creek bridge crossing for some extra mileage. Finding the trailhead was no problem using the map/route shown. Finding my way up was also no problem because the route up is primarily some kind of dirt access road until you get to kilometer 4 or so. Then it's just a matter of making your way up the ski runs, any of them, until you get to the top of the chair lift. Stellar view from the top and at a couple of points on the way up. So strange to see the ski hill bare of snow and the ski chairs idle and gently blowing in the wind as I have spent many winters up there snowboarding with my kids.

For the descent I decided to stick to the same route as the path up. This is mostly because I think the path mapped to go down is mainly geared towards mountain bikers. Parts of it are very very steep with minimal visibility because of the trees and sharp turns, I didn't think that MTB's would be expecting a trail runner going down and that I could easily get myself or someone else injured by not being able to leap out of the way in time.

I would give it a 4 star for great workout going up and some stellar views, 3 star for the trail itself because so much of it is just a rutted narrow dirt road, well grooved by tires and spring run off.

Having said that, I will be using it again and again over the next couple of months as a good training route because it is so handy to Paul Lake area.

I was up there on a Friday and it was very lightly travelled. Though there were groups of MEC people at various points marking the route with tape for a MTB race this weekend.