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Squamish, British Columbia Map
26 days ago

This thing kicked my ass. Legs feeling it a few days after still. Did it quickly. Just to second peak and back. But should not have done it quickly. Definitely a good challenge and beautiful views to see

Favourite hike to do every year

2 months ago

Great easy trail for anyone

2 months ago

One of my favourite hikes in Vancouver so far - although I've only been here 3 months.
Tough but not difficult. Steep steps to start and some moderate climbing (chain assisted) between 1st and 2nd peaks. We didn't go to 1st peak, but 2nd and third are definitely worth the effort and a little quieter than leading up to 1st.

Did the loop back from 3rd peak, but this was very strenuous on our knees after the climb and would probably have preferred to return the same way (even with the chain assisted decent)

Definitely recommend this walk, giving 3 - 4 hours not to be rushed.

Magnificent view... a bit steep with some chains closer to the top to help with the hike over the stones

3 months ago


Dont click directions on app as it led me to Mamquam Road (wrong road and is paved road) on google map. We had to turn around and go to Mamquam River Forest Service Road which is the right road and unpaved. It is just at bottom of the hill past the Chief but before the casino. We made wrong turn again on the Forest road left at 16 km as signage for 16 km was on the ground as we found out on way back. You need to keep right and go up hill to 16.3 km where you see the candy cane shaped vent at 16.3 km then turn left which leads to trail head, which is another 3.7 km away. I think 20 km total on forest road and it takes a while. Even if you make a left on 16 km we found out later it would of lead you to the trail head. We removed a fallen tree with the jeep. With time constraints we turned back maybe 45 mins away from the lake at the boulder fields. We went Oct 19 durning a very rainy day and many parts of the trail had water on it. It was fun crossing the creeks and streams. There is a log crossing we opted to go underneath and cross the stream instead. It started to snow slushy at the boulder fields making it very slippery we turned back as we did not want to be hiking back at dark as sunset was 6:15. Even though we didn't make it, it was a fun day outside. The trail is not that hard except the boulder fields a bit sketchy with slushy snow.

This hike is not the most exciting. It's boring for the most part but well worth it. We stayed over night in the cabin which was nice and cozy. The lake is beautiful.

4 months ago

We did this with a group of Beaver Scouts back in June. Kids starting at age 5 and up and adults. A good leg workout and challenging for a new hiker.

4 months ago

Nice hike in an enjoyable setting. Busy on an October Sunday. Nice view from the river.

Be aware that you have to go on a 18km logging road to get to the base of the hike. 4x4 vehicle recommended! Steady climb to the top with some flat sections for you to catch a break. The last 1.5km to the lake gets a bit steep but well worth it!

Very tough!!

4 months ago

I'd say I'm a moderate hiker and my partner is not a hiker at all, we did the first peak fairly easily, was a bit rough on the knees going down. Super busy in the summer on the weekends, but nonetheless worth it when you see the view.

Amazing view. You can see the 1st and 2nd peaks from the top. Very challenging for the average hiker.

4 months ago

Steep with lots of stairs and high rock steps, make sure you wear good shoes. I went to the first peak with my dog. She was able to go off leash but I tied her up before the summit. A ladder and chains were in place to assist up the boulder. She probably could have scaled the rock but it seemed safer to leave her below. Pretty busy trail on a Tuesday mid-morning. Great for a short, intense hike with beautiful views.

awesome trail.

5 months ago

After you get past the stairs, the rest is pretty easy. I'd say the stairs are probably 1/3rd of energy exertion on this hike. This trail is the least amount of work for the most amount of payoff :)

Did this one a couple months ago and loved the challenge. Was even better the second time as I knew what to expect. Took 3 hours motoring pretty fast. It is difficult - long, scrambling, inclines. But not impossible. It's nice how it repeatedly challenges you and then evens out for a bit. Eat a good breakfast and bring lots of water. I went through 3L. Worth the beer and view at the end!

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