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2 days ago

It was an amazing trail, very well-trafficked. The 6 first kilometers are hard but then it gets easy. The views are very worthy it. I went when the wildfires were happening and got cloudy skies and smoke and the views were not less.

Similar approach as many NW hikes- many switchbacks then alpine lake at the end. We did the loop through the lovely meadow and through Taylor Creek camp. Very glad we arrived in the afternoon - this was the worst crowd at a trail that I have seen since those inside Zion National Park.

ran the last 10km very easy

12 days ago

Did this last Sunday, absolutely amazing hike. If you want to avoid the crowds and get a parking spot, get there EARLY. We got to the trailhead 6:30 am on a Saturday and the parking lot was almost full. If you go later than 8 am you will have to park down the road.

The hike is not difficult - lots of switchbacks but the views at the top are worthy. Make sure you stop by the Barrier viewpoint (5 km in you will see a sign). We started to come down the trail at about 11:30 am and found maybe 500 people going up.

I would do it again.

Awesome went in early July. But there was still a lot of snow

It was a long hike!! I would do it again.

really nice trail. just deal with the switch backs and enjoy the incredible view

15 days ago

There is no point in just hiking to this lake. It’s kinda just blah. I didn’t even take a photo of it. Keep going to Garibaldi Lake and Taylor Meadows.

If you made it to Lesser Garibaldi on the way to Garibaldi Lake it’s worth it to keep going. The lake is pretty but the hike itself is fairly boring and a steady incline.

You’ll appreciate going on and then hitting Barrier Lookout, then Garibaldi Lake itself and Taylor Meadows.
Very well maintained trail with bathrooms.

Did this yesterday. Gorgeous day, overcast and bright but not too hot. Did the trail to Taylor Meadows then the lake and Barrier Lookout and back to parking lot.
23km approx 900m elevation. Took 6 hours with a 40 min rest at the lake.

Trail is very well maintained, lots of markers. Got busier after 10am. Lots of bathrooms

The first 6 km we’re pretty boring switchbacks. The Meadows were beautiful but just about finished blooming.

Great, you can do a 3 days trail from the trail head to cheakamus lake, going to garibaldi lake, panorama ridge, black tusk and taylor meadows. If you have the time and you can get off in a different trail head, its a must do!

Really nice hike, a bit packed but well prepared and the lake is just incredible, and the camp ground is really nice too

The most beautiful hike I have done so far. The ma provided here is not accurate today since the Taylor Bridge is closed for maintenance - you have to turn left and go through Taylor Meadows campground instead - it does not add much more distance or time needed though. If you are ok with adding extra 2.2km don`t turn right when at Taylor Meadows campground but go forward instead towards Black Tusk junction and turn right around 2 km later (there will be a sign to the Garibaldi Lake). Taylor Meadows trail is as beautiful as the lake itself. Take bug spray with you as well - you may need it although it`s not that bad. The trail is perfectly maintained with no dangerous sections. No snow at all. Highly recommended!!!

Gradual ascent with a soft, well trod, trail underfoot. Forested almost all of the way so it can get buggy but still nice to have the shade. Great views once you reach the lake, toilets, and shelters for lunch along the way. Interesting views of the Barrier as you ascend.

Super busy but worth the end result, as usual. Lots of fresh water after the switch backs. Toilets in the meadows and at the lake. Packed with campers. Snow free and Pano and Black Tusk look clear.

The views at Garibaldi Lake (and Panorama Ridge) are unbelievable. Recommend camping at Taylor Meadows or Garibaldi lake to take full advantage of this beautiful area.

1 month ago

Great hike with a spectacular view of the black tusk from the camp site. Continuing past the camp site you arrive in a beautiful alpine area with some “Martian” like terrain.

The first pitch after the river is quite steep and is a hard workout with a backpack full of camping gear. Afterward it levels out and makes for a peaceful hike through the forest. The helm creek campsite accessed via this trail is a great alternative to the other if Garibaldi campsites if they’re booked up.

Long hike, lake was packed with campers and hikers, took the loop up through the meadows by black tusk, flowers just starting to come out. I imagine in a week or two the colours will be lovely.
View to the Barrier was taped off as part of the bridge warning and kept many from going to see that view, however lots of toilet paper on that part as people now use the unused path as the john. Common people leave no trace and bury your leavings if you must go on the trail.

Absolutely gorgeous once you clear the uphill slog initially. Panoramic views of stunning B.C. mountains along the ridge. Lake was still partially frozen and plenty of snow near the last 2 km of the trail, but doable in hiking boots.

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1 month ago

1 month ago

What an incredible trail. From the Elfin Shelter, there are almost 360 degrees of mountain views. I spent one night up there on July 10.

The road to the trailhead isn’t bad, but a bit rocky at the end. I did fine in my Prius, taking it slowly when needed.

The snow starts just after the hiking trail rejoins the mountain biking route, about 4.5km from the Shelter. It’s patchy in spots and then starts to thicken as you get closer to the lakes. We used poles, micro spikes, and gaiters; without them, the going was slow due to slush.

The route is no longer marked with the orange rods. At times, we lost the trail altogether and relied on following footprints and the AllTrails app. I suggest anyone going in the next few weeks do the same. It’s easy to veer off course in the snow.

The tent platforms are entirely melted out and looked pretty inviting. With the good weather coming, this hike will just keep getting better and better. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

No sign of the ranger(s), in case that matters to anyone.

There is still snow on the half of the trail, but it was fun. Lakes are beautiful even they are still frozen.

Not technically difficult but it’s a long hike. A few muddy sections but it’s well worth the effort. For someone who rarely hikes it was an awesome day.

1 month ago

This was a gorgeous payoff. It’s definitely doable without a lot of skill but I warn, it’s pretty much killer switchbacks the whole way up...however..it means pretty much down hill the whole way back! Will definitely come back and camp up at the lake and head on to the ridge the next day!

1 month ago

The first 5k of the trail is pretty easy and pretty straight up hill. The second 5 is more challenging and covered in over a foot of snow I would suggest poles to any one who goes up. One of the better hikes and the cabin at the end is beautiful. Must do for any one in this area.

Park rangers are there so make sure you have your ticket.

Great hike and the lake was spectacular, even on a rainy day. Snow was pretty much gone on the trail but the bridge is still washed out so you have to take Taylor Meadows at the T. Which adds an extra bit to the trek. Will do it again for sure!

Went in January, quite difficult if you are solo or in a pair. We had 6 in our group to break trail, there was about hip height of snow. When you felt like giving up, just had to push forward. The cabin is definitely worth the pain!

Beautiful views and time well spent!

1 month ago

Did this hike as an overnight at the hut the same day as completing Joffre Lakes. Took about 3.5 hours to get there. No snow for the first 1-2km, then patchy leading up to Red Heather Hut. After Red Heather (5km mark) it's all snow from there. Winter route is still in effect, so follow the tall orange trail markers. Did this in boots/wool socks. Definitely doable without snowshoes, just be careful with your footing at times because you might be walking over creeks covered in snow. Some areas of the trail are narrow/have steep drop offs so mind your footing in these spots as well. You'll see a post saying '5km to Elfin, 17km to Mamquam', be warned that this is a bit misleading because you'll end up seeing another post saying '5km to Elfin and 16km to Mamquam' after trekking for some time. One of them is likely a post for the summer route. Feels long going towards the lakes, but you get a nice view of Mount Garibaldi, the Tantalus range from afar, and snow slopes. Lakes are still mostly frozen over with only a few feet of the edges melted. Stayed in the hut which was warm and cozy. There were two couples there with us. Sunset was beautiful along the Tantalus Range. Campground is fully covered in snow, but if you do choose to camp there you'll have an amazing view of the mountains and a sunrise worth waking up for. No ranger on site at the time. Hiked back to parking lot in 2.75 hours and felt much quicker than the way there.

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