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Such a gorgeous view! I am a beginner and was still able to manage. It was really tough and I took my time; took about 2 and a half hours. I recommend going early or on a week day.

1 day ago

Awesome hike we continued on after we got to Morte Lake. It was 9.3 km from parking lot around the lake return.

Nice and pretty easy trail to scenic lake (and more). Unfortunately the day we went, there was lots of smoke in the sky. Trailhead easy to find and well marked.

2 days ago

Great scenery, well maintained trail. The climb from Whitehorn campsite to Emperor Falls can be tiring with a heavy pack. For light pack carriers or day trippers it is considerably easier.
My 12 year old managed easily with a 27 lb pack.
The falls are worth the effort though they are magnificent!
After that all the trails to Marmot, Berg, Rearguard, or Robson are pretty flat so it is an easy hike from there on.
Great hike, beautiful country!

Amazing hike, do it every year, it is busy on weekends and I recommend visiting second peak as first peak is usually full

Easy hike to the chalet at the base of twin falls. Lots of switchback to the top of twin falls. We did a loop out along whaleback/ isolated peak route to the ACC hut. Lots of steep climbing to hit the ridge but some beautiful views.

amazing views. top end of moderate but not too long. great experience sitting in top of what is basically a massive bolder.

5 days ago

Amazing hike with several waterfalls and panoramic views. We crossed the falls and looped back down to Laughing Falls. My Strava app said it was 14.2 miles total. Very steep going up and down from Twin Falls but tons of switchbacks make it a little easier. Definitely was long and took all day but well worth it!

6 days ago

Holy smokes this hike is incredible! This was our first backcountry camping trip. I wouldn’t consider this a difficult hike however there is one section of 4km uphill which is tough when you’ve got a heavy bag on your back. Even though it was a little smokey Kinney Lake was breath taking, emperor falls was insane and Berg lake was unbelievable. We couldn’t hike Mumm Basin or toboggan falls due to a rock slide so went out to Snowbird Pass which actually left us speechless. A long old hike but the Icefield was like being on another planet. I’m so keen to go back next summer before wildfires hit.

Some people were hiking out to berg lake and back just a one day. With an early start and reasonably fast pace I feel that it is do able.

7 days ago

Absolutely loved this hike. Beautiful views. Great campsites. There are about 5km on your way up that are challenging to say the least but all worth it once you see the glacier and the lake!

Took my family to the second peak. More strenuous than I had explained to them. The chains, scrambling and awesome views at the peak made up for the up hill, multi-stair climb.

9 days ago

Amazing!!! I booked myself in for 6nights. Don’t need that many I left after 4 nights . Pack what you need !! I packed way to much but used it all. Traps and hoodies. I went July 27-August 1 beautiful weather. The black flys bite hard worse than the mosquitos. Trail all the way to robin pass. Amazing. Did snow bird pass amazing again !!
Fill up after white horn on your way to emperor falls there’s no water for 4km. Pack up early leave early to get a camping spot especially at emperor falls there’s only 7 pads. The trail isn’t overall hard. Hardest part was hiking up to emperor falls. Only cause my pack was too heavy. After emperor falls it’s smooth sailing. The views are to die for. Loved every turn and moment.

Top 3 trail in Rockies

Went on a Friday after work and saw some guys paraglide off the top at sunset. It was more challenging than I expected, but the views were absolutely worth it - even before the paragliders showed up.

The views are incredible, took us an hour to get to the 3rd peak.

Fantastic hike with amazing views, but be prepared for some seriously steep hiking. The first third of the hike up to First Peak is mostly wooden stairs, and they were the hardest part of the hike for me. Go as early as you can to avoid the crowds.

13 days ago

Love all of the bridges! Decided to tackle on backpacking back to the trailhead from Robson Pass - was great until the last 3km then my feet were killer! But I loved it!

15 days ago

Amazing but long and hard

Fantastic day hike. Views, challenging rugged trail, plenty of space to avoid the crowds

Great, you can do a 3 days trail from the trail head to cheakamus lake, going to garibaldi lake, panorama ridge, black tusk and taylor meadows. If you have the time and you can get off in a different trail head, its a must do!

22 days ago

Strenuous straight up but well worth the views at the top

23 days ago

This is an incredible hike, but also incredibly taxing. From the parking, lot, there are 5 peaks to ascend, which means you need to do 4 peaks on your way back. Pack LOTS of water, as we ended up actually trekking 22 km. The path up the Lion is quite difficult. Worth the views, but only doing this beast once.

25 days ago

great hike , we had a picnic at top a mile short of the lions gate
views we magnificent
try it you will like it

So much to discover if exploring surrounding trails on the alltrails map! Pretty sure we discovered all the via Ferrata- some to be had on all 3 peaks if you look, including both sides of peak 1. We did a funky figure 8, up peak 2, down peak 3 (recommend the opposite), back up peak 2, cross to peak 1 (up the via Ferrata), then back down and around to peak 1 (where we discovered the rest of the via Ferrata and 3rd/4th class descent to reach the remaining chains and ladders, which of course we had to descend to complete the circuit!) and then back up the via Ferrata to peak 1 and down via the usual Chief trail and then down to the start. Hike to peak 2 was a fabulous bouldery rock scramble. I was in approach shoes and completely comfortable on the terrain, but those in questionable hiking shoes or fearful of heights will want to leave time to backtrack if you explore these trails. Compared to sea to summit, this was much more of an adrenaline rush. In contrast, sea to summit seems more of a steep trail about to succumb to erosion in spots w some optional rope assists, and is overrated with a ridiculous number of posted warning signs.

We went to the second peak. It was my first time. Took us about 1 1/2 hours.
Breath taking views. Neat that you have such a variety of terrain to travel :)

Great quarter-half day hike!! Did this after a day of climbing. Super fun scramble. Definitely recommend hiking shoes for this one, as the terrain is solid 3rd class. Met some wing suit base jumpers on their way up as we were coming down, so we ran down the trail and got down in time to watch them in flight!

Beautiful mountain but it makes you see everything around it that's bigger and you feel like a sissy...

1 month ago

Super fun! Definitely try to at least make it to the 2nd peak if not 3rd. Rocks can be slippery so be careful. Chains & ladders are provided to help with the steepness of some parts.
There is one ladder where people have stuck their stickers on if you wanna bring a sticker along!

1 month ago

Did 3 peaks took me 2.5 hours was so beautiful

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