Photos of Revelstoke Birding Trails

3 months ago

I loved this hike, hands down my new FAVOURITE trail! The trail was full of beautiful scenery. When I went last week (sept 2018) if it had been a warmer day Miller Lake would have been the perfect place for a picnic! I will definitely be doing this hike again.

Following the trail you teach a division/sign for the 3 lakes about 5km in. Miller Lake is .4 km from the sign, Eva Lake 0.8 and Jade lake another 3 km. Eva Lake is a nice stroll and definitely worth the short trip. Jade lake is a bit tougher with a steep climb. If your already tired this is a rough climb uphill and may not be worth it depending on your fitness level, remember, you have to walk back to your vehicle! If your up to it, it gives you a higher view of Miller Lake and when you reach the peak area you have a view of Jade Lake where you can then turn around or choose to go down to the lake (I turned around as the weather was turning)

All in all took me approximately 7 hours (all 3 lakes - 21km), with a few short stops to enjoy the view and parking in the lower area.