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Beautiful. Definitely an "easy" walk though! Slight hill on occassion.

loved it. I am NOT a hiker by any stretch. and I am not in good shape. this trail is classified as easy but it kicked my ass. so if I can do it anyone can.

A decent walk. It’s completely flat so if you choose to rent a bike its very doable. However you do have to watch out for yourself as most people are really respectful on the bikes but some people use it as a race track.

Visiting the area everybody told me I had to do this trail. Walking the trail I chose to turn around just after the long tressle (6km). The views was relatively similar the entire way and without elevation gain it makes for a enjoyable but duller hike depending on what your looking for. While I’m glad I went, I wouldn’t do this walk again.

A few good photos ops of the tressles and tunnels along with the view.

14 days ago

Nice short trail, but it gets pretty steep in some sections. The waterfall is tiny, but a nice stop before heading up to the trestle.

beautiful but definitely moderate

15 days ago

It’s a great track but would be easier to do the loop with the tunnels at the end instead of the beginning. I would say the track is moderate rather than easy as there are some steep sections.

22 days ago

Interesting hike, very poor signage. You’ll need to park next to the southbound highway one, across from Goldstream Provincial Park parking. Then walk along the highway northbound, there is a the beginning of the trail.

Alternatively you can park at the Goldstream provincial park, go under the tunnel, then climb uphill. There is a waterfall if you walk straight after crossing the tunnel.

I won’t take very young children to the railway trestle, there are no railings on either side, and sections of the trail are quite steep.

24 days ago

A great hike, steep in sections but lots of fun at the top. The hike is extremely well marked. Check out Lonny Barr's description on coastalBC.com for some great instruction on where to start and how to get up. With those you are sure to make it to the top!

Short loop but well maintained and beautiful views.

The trail was marked as damaged from overuse.

The view of the waterfall was incredible. It is wide and tall. The bridge was stable and allowed views of both sides.

I’ve done this hike many times. It’s not long, and the falls are beautiful. We always head off the path at the top of the waterfalls and build an inuksuk.

Really nice walk with the tunnels and some small waterfalls below

A nice accessible walk with a few lovely views.

Great trail with a waterfall and railway trestle bridge. Poor signage-helps to take a pic of the nap at the start. To get to the waterfall follow the stream bed. Wear running/hiking shoes.

Nice trail, very easy. The swim in the lower falls was brisk but refreshing and the view of the upper falls was beautiful.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I would recommend taking a bicycle on this trail as it is quite long. Really good long distance running trail too! Pretty much anyone can ride a bicycle as well as the vertical grade is nonexistent (I.e., it’s flat). There were a lot of small children out the day we went, some even with the training wheels on. One of the best trails I’ve ever done. Really unique and quite beautiful. We took a tonne of photos. Rented bikes at the start for 40$ each and completed it in about 2.5 hours.

We went mid-day on a Saturday, so it was pretty busy. If you ride a bike it’s best/safest to let other bicyclists pass from the opposing direction first. You don’t want to be that d*ck creating unnecessary trouble for others. I would recommend trying to do this early or mid-week to avoid the crowd.

Don’t miss checking out Niagra falls before heading up to the trail. It really is beautiful. Crossing the bridge is quite a rush! - Further on there is a second trestle bridge and beyond that a tunnel. It all made for a great afternoon.

A great walk for the whole family with awesome views.

I'm not sure why this trail is considered as moderate, this is a walk I do everyday from my home to downtown. It's fairly easy, the view is beautiful and you get to see a lot of birds and even marine life is you're lucky. This walk makes me feel grateful to live in such a beautiful place

Great views, very long and flat.

Great trail, beautiful views. Hike it at least once every summer.

Pretty walk along waterfront. View of inner harbour. Great for visiting relatives, but not challenging in any way.

Really nice scenery

The beginning was pretty steep and strenuous and had some challenging sections for the little ones (my 4.5 year old slipped a few times on ascent and descent) but my 7 year old never missed a beat. Walking through the tunnels was a great way to cool off at the end on a hot (28C) day and there is a little area you can dip in the river between the last tunnel and the walk back to the parking lot.

Good walk for all ages.

Easy accessibility is able for all

This was a great walk for all ages. Short and sweet with beautiful views of the river and canyon walls to add to the tunnels.

Nice and easy walk with a worthwhile view.

The whole loop of the upper and lower falls in total was a relatively short hike, and not too steep with barely a switchback! the forest is beautiful and the falls are breathtaking.

Beautiful hike! The loop has some steeper sections at the beginning but down hill at the end. The final walk is all flat through the tunnels with the amazing river rushing below.

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