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27 days ago

A hike full of views and diversity. In 2018 a slide cut short the 4x4 access road so the trail is a bit longer. The two slide areas are a bit of a mess, however, it has been roughly cleared to allow access. To start steps have been cut out of a log to allow easier access. Following a modest incline of the old road the trail switch backs to cross the slide area again. The trail picks its way across this area. The trail continues on the old road to the original small parking area where an old sign posts marks the start of the actual Emma Lake trail. The trail follows a continuing line, possibly at one time a road, past some impressive waterfalls before turning sharp left and then steadily and steeply up through tall trees. Some aids have been put in, carved steps in logs and a rope. Climb steeply to a lovely lake surrounded by cliffs. Views to the Eldred Valley. Once at the lake the trail continues past it and up through the forest for a short time and then slowly the trees thin and open sub alpine. Trail is less pronounced following cairns. The ridge in front is almost the high point of the trail. Once on the ridge you will see Emma Lake far below you. **Note on Alltrails map it is shown as a white blob and not a lake. Hope this can be fixed** Turn right (it appears easier on the left) and continue up for a short distance before following markers down to the Emma Lake cabin.

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