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If I could give this a million stars I would. This hike is by far the most amazing thing I've done in my life. I did it a few years ago, and it's just astonishingly gorgeous. Literally takes your breath away. Be prepared to sweat and stink. Sooo worth it though.

Will definitely do this again some day.

Bring a good group of friends and the proper hiking gear for an amazing hike. Theres nothing quite like sleeping in the forest or on one of these beaches. The views alone are well worth it.

Great hike/experience! A friend and I hiked this from August 10 to 13th, 2018. Definitely a hike you can take your time in doing and spend time relaxing on the beach and taking in breathtaking views. We however only had 4 days off to do it.

Starting at noon on the 10th we hiked to Cullite, got in late (~8:30 am)
Next day we started late (~12:30 pm) and hiked to Cribs arriving at ~9 pm after spending time hanging out at Chez Monique's and on the beach before the campsite.
Next day we left at ~10:30 am and got into Tscowis after spending all day going slow and swimming/eating dinner at Tsusiat Falls
Final day we hiked from Tscowis (starting at ~7:00 am) to the trailhead by ~12:30 pm

This is definitely a difficult hike, but doable in 3 days (2 full days, 2 half days) if you have time restrictions. I don't know why this hike is tagged buggy. It's only buggy at one or two spots on the hike but otherwise I didn't get any bites.

The only drawbacks to doing this hike is the cost -- the permit fees are high and you have to pay a park fee, parking, and for two ferry crossings. It's about $270 CDN for just the hike/permits/parking/ferries on the trail.

You should book early (Jan 8th) if you want to pick your dates. That said, I booked 2 weeks before heading out on the trail as cancellations happen and if your party size is small you can find some openings.

Stunning. Challenging and technical with lots of verticals. We left our car at China Beach and took the west coast shuttle to Port Renfrew. We camped at Little Kuitsche Creek, Chin Beach and Bear Beach. They were all lgreat places to camp... Lots of space, pretty level. The forest hiking was lovely and the beaches were stunning.
Definitely use gaitors...there's a lot of mud and boggy parts. We went in early July. The trail is very wild. There was a hornet's nest in a mud bog just south of Sombrio so be careful.

We completed Nitnaht narrows North to Bamfield which is considered the easiest half of this challenging trail. Beautiful views and challenging ladders. Great campsites with plentiful fresh water.

Did it june 28-july 3. Absolutely amazing trail and experience. south to north is the way to go for sure. absolute essentials to never forget for this trail would be hiking poles, well worn in WATERPROOF boots, and gaiters.

easy, pretty, nice little informational placards, nice beaches. good for families with small kids

It’s a 75km temple.

This was my 2nd time backpacking, and the only time prior was an overnight trip with a 25lb pack. First time with a pack that weighed 50lbs. So, viewpoint from a complete novice. This was a spectacular, gruelling experience, completed in exactly 5 days/nights. It has sparked what I hope will be a life long love affair of the outdoors and backpacking.

Absolutely plan to do the WCT again as soon as possible. Will be better prepared physically (knees were killing me by the last day, had to take a bunch of Advil to make it across the finish line), and will do it in 6-7 nights instead of 5 simply to spend more time enjoying the surroundings. It’s supposed to be a vacation! Also, will pack a lighter bag, 40-45lb would be ideal.

3 months ago

I'm sorry I know that this is suppose to be a review but I sadly had my hiking partner cancel on me last minute and was wondering if anyone is interested in hiking this July 13th/18? I have been wanting to hike it since my first island trip last year!!

amazing! already planning on making it an annual trip. 4 days from china beach to botanical. use the west coast shuttle bus which made it that much easier! reccomend to everyone I know to do this hike.

note that markers from 15km-20km were not visible for us. beggining of June! hopefully been fixed as they were doing a lot of maintenance

happy hiking!

best multinight ocean side trail on the island. not for the inexperienced

4 months ago

beautiful backpacking trail along the ocean. spots are wet and muddy even at the height of summer. wooden walkways slippery when wet

Just completed the west coast trail a few days ago. 4 nights! Definitely nice to get the hard part over first. Gordon river to Walbarn was the harder section. Mud! Lots of mud but remarkable experience

Awesome trail! Some grueling moments but definitely worth it. We hiked South to North and would recommend it. The south section is quite a bit more rugged. Spent one whole day at the falls and it was excellent. Hiked the trail in 5 nights 6 days (including our day off at the falls).

5 months ago

WOW. what a beautiful change of scenery from the typical west coast mountains. Had to do this trail last minute as our original plan went sideways after a forest fire caught. No regrets though! Spent 5 days in total on the trail, 4 nights. ALOT of up and down up and down across all the creeks. Very minimal trail maintenance done on this path, therefore walked through several bogs, stepped over broken stairs/ladders and opted for scrambling rather than using old rope handholds. End of July and weather was perfect. Ensure you have waterproof boots as there is mud everywhere. Not as much beach walking as expected, more inland dirt trails.

Just did it in 5 days. The weather was good, once it is rainy it will be muddy in some spots. Being the first thru it was not a issue till I met up with the people from Bamfield. Challenging especially on a solo trip. Definitely recommend it! Definitely do it from south to north as south is hard the first day budget 1.5 hrs per km. I had to stay at Campers Cove as the other campground was shut down. Day 1 was 9 hrs. Highly recommend doing the beach as you can get a lot covered in a day. The longest day I had was 28 km in 12 hrs. That was mostly beach. Look at your tide tables they give you. Bring socks for each day you are hiking! Bring cash if you want to have snacks along the way.

What a great trail

So beautiful! Did this trail in 6 nights, 7 days. Appropriate time for an average hiker. We did the trail end of September. It got a bit chilly at night but with layers it was fine.
Also did the trail starting from Port Refrenew. Highly recommend this, the trail is hardest to easiest. Might as well get the hard part over with!

Once in a lifetime experience! Mainly because it takes so much planning and logistics to get out on this trail! But also because of the amazing isolation of the wilderness you're immersed in. Saw sea lions, seals, whales, and a bear. Hiking on the beach is magical. Tip: bring your own bear cans, as the bear lockers set up at each campsite get crammed with everyone's leftover food and were a little bit of a mess, I was glad I didn't have to store my food in a heap with everyone else's. When I was there, a small cardboard sign on the trail directed us out to the beach, where a native was cooking fresh caught fish and baked potatoes on a fire. Paid her $20 cash and she cooked us a meal right there. Lots of hidden gems like this to be had- so keep your eyes open!

W.C.T. Is a rewarding and challenging trek that you'll never forget. Live your life around your tide-tables and you won't be forced to stay inland. Walk the beach, catch some whales playing in the distance and enjoy the sometimes desolate but always humbling beauty of western Canada's most famous backpacking gem. Oh, I almost forgot, TAKE MORE TIME than you think. Some folks only get to do this once in a lifetime. Tack on an extra day or two to your plan if you can spare the time. You'll enjoy the whole trip infinitely more when there's no rush and all the time in the world for pictures and trail-side stops. Remember to look up and around. Due to this trail's degree of difficulty, one can get into the habit of always looking at where you'll step next, missing out on everything that's cool. Hike with caution but try to break the habit of always staring at your feet early-on in the hike, get on out there, and make some life changing memories.

Can't say enough about this trail. While it is arguably not perfectly maintained, that adds to the excitement and challenge. The physical challenge of this trail is insane, ranging from pulling your boots out of knee-deep mud, to climbing a set of 5 ladders in a row -- all in the same km of hiking! The views have to be some of the most amazing coastal views in the the world. DO IT! It changed me as a person -- I did this trail and now I can do anything!

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Glorious! Worth every drop of sweat! Just beautiful!! Camping on the beach is the best.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Took one week to finish this trail, excellent views and backpacking experience, recommended to all backpackers

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Nice hiking trail - I followed the trail running recommendation which I do not agree with... hiking yes, running no

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I hiked this trail in four days from Botanical Beach to China Beach by myself. It far exceeded my expectations! This was my first multi-day backpacking adventure. The trail was challenging at parts but the views and old growth forests were well worth it. The campsites were very nice with toilet paper and hand soap in the outhouses. There was a lot of traffic on the trail at this time of year which was great for me because I made a lot of friends. I highly recommend this trail!

+ 3 more stars! What a beautiful trail. You can't beat the weather in July. We found a good set of hiking poles alleviates many traction/mud/incline/fatigue issues. Absolutely loved the trail; would recommend the 7 or 8 day version with a rest day at Tsusiat Falls. North to South would be easier because of pack weight loss but South to North offers an easy last couple of days on tired feet. Bring lots of cash (for Chez and Nitinat - you will regret it if you don't!) Happy trekking!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Amazing! We lucked out as far as weather goes. Definitely challenging at times but worth it in the end!

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

We went in late July, 2016. We had no rain and great tides. This is the best hike I have ever done. It can be challenging at times, but is totally worth it. Absolutely beautiful.

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