1 day ago

Did this hike for the first time on the May long weekend. Information by previous hikers is accurate. The trail is quite narrow in places and got busy through the day so people have to stop and allow quicker hikers to pass. Lots of loose rocks and roots which made coming down a bit challenging in places and very hard on the knees/ankles. We had no problems following the trail but you can easily miss a marker if you’re not watching for them. The viewpoints are spectacular and make the climb up worth the effort. I have a fear of heights and I was ok for most of the hike with a few exceptions both on the way up and down again, overall not too bad though and easily managed. After the last viewpoint the trek down is long and quite steep in places. Once we reached the end of the trail our knees and feet were sore and we both had proper hiking boots. The walk back to the south parking lot added another few km to the trip but we took the north parking lot trail and it was quite pretty, it was closed off last year so I was glad to see it open. Overall it was a challenging hike with beautiful views. Maybe not the best hike for someone with knee/ankles issues.