4 hours ago

Did this as an overnight hike the same day I completed an overnight at Elfin Lakes. Was exhausted from the Elfin Lakes hike, but managed to get to Garibaldi in 3.5 hours. First 6km is neverending switchbacks and there isn't much to see. At the junction, you'll have to take the Taylor Meadows route to get to Garibaldi since the bridge is out. Snow starts about 1km after the junction and is patchy throughout and muddy in some areas. Wore boots/wool socks. The last 500m of the trail you'll need to walk along rocks/snow on the lakeshore, so be careful and mind your footing. Campground is full of snow and there were only a couple tent pads uncovered probably from people digging them out themselves. Ended up camping along the rocks/lakeshore since there were some flat spots--way better view than in the tree-surrounded campground anyway! Another group of two did the same as me. No ranger was on site so we got lucky. Beautiful lakeshore view and caught the sunset. Too tired to wake for sunrise but I imagine it was stunning. A quiet and peaceful overnight hike and worth the tiring switchbacks going up.