7 days ago

Sadly they dont have the north coast trail here. We hiked cape scott trail via north coast trail. We spent 6 night out there. The 10k of swamp to start the trip is brutul (even with the lil boardwalks provided) really makes you appreciate the rest of the hike for what is. 1st night we stay at nahwitti camp. Next day was started with cable car ride across the river then spent the rest of the day in and out the the bush on different types of beaches until we reached irony creek. Next morning hike down the beach to a lil forest walk to the next cable car. Much of the rest of this day is like the last until we reached ______ (cant remember its name. Last beach before entering cape scott). Next day was an easy hike to nels bight where we let loose for 2 nights just wandering around the cape (guise beach and experiment bight so beautiful and the lighthouse was cool. The wardens were scaring off a black bear. After nels bight , we trekked to san josef beach in good time to get to hike up mount st Patrick for some awsome views(highest peak in the park you can see the ocean to the north and everything you just hiked thru). After we hiked down, we meet some good company shared stories called it a night. Next was an extremely short n easy hike out to our shuttle. Try the north coast!!!