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Othello, British Columbia Map
6 days ago

Trail quality is probably best I have ever seen. Stunning work in a gorgeous environment!

26 days ago

More of a walk than a hike but a very beautiful spot! Good for a half hour walk in the middle of a long road trip.

how they do that

Spent a night hiking along the HBC trail from Peers Creek trailhead to Jacobson lake. I was lucky enough to find a time when there was very little smoke over the trail. I had the trail completely to myself the entire time.

Both the Peers creak and the Jacobson lake trailhead are easily 2wd accessible, though you will have to careful driving up Tulameen FSR to Jacobson lake as there is active logging going on in the area.

Starting at Peers creek trialhead you'll follow an old bushy road from the trailhead up to Manson's historical camp 6km in. Once you've reached the camp you'll leave the old road and begin a steep ascent up to Manson's ridge. There are no water sources on the trail bigger than a muddy trickling stream until you hit Colville camp, so make sure you pack enough water. I only packed 2 litres and I ended up having to strain muddy water out of a bandana halfway up Manson's ridge, not fun. Once you've passed through Manson's ridge at 1300m it's mostly downhill until you reach Sowaqua creek trailhead 11 kilometers later.

I had initially planned at camping at Sowaqua Creek, however when I reached the camp there I decided to continue on another 4km to Deer camp as the camp at Sowaqua wasn't too impressive and the water source there was pretty crumby. From Sowaqua to Deer camp you'll climb roughly 800m, which is pretty exhausting if you've already been hiking the entire day and have a heavy overnight pack on your back. I was glad to see Deer camp which was much nicer than Sowaqua being located up in a nice alpine meadow with a small creek running through it.

The next day was a much easier day, the hike from Deer camp to Conglomorate flats camp is beautiful and only has an elevation gain of 200 metres before it's all downhill. I detoured 2k to Grant's pond and was disappointed to see it was quite marshy and muddy, not good for swimming. It wasn't until I arrived back home and looked at the pond on Google earth that I realized there was a smaller (and presumably nicer) pond hidden behind the opposite side of the pond. If you're looking for a nice pond to sit by and maybe even swim in on this hike I wouldn't recommend the detour to Grant's pond, Palmer's pond is very nice itself and it's just right off the trail you'll take from Deer camp to Conglomerate flats.

After Grant's pond I hiked down to Jacobson lake and hitched a ride out. All in all this hike clocked in at 32k and was very pleasant. However if I were to do it again I'd start from the Sowaqua creek trailhead and maybe continue on the trail for longer after Jacobson lake as the hike from Peers Creek to Sowaqua doesn't really have to much to see besides forest.

Really nice walk with the tunnels and some small waterfalls below

A great walk for the whole family with awesome views.

Good walk for all ages.

This was a great walk for all ages. Short and sweet with beautiful views of the river and canyon walls to add to the tunnels.

3 months ago

Hiked yesterday (July 20/2018)
Started at 8:30am. No one else on the trail.
The trail is incredibly well marked at the Manning Park parking lot. It is a continuous uphill with quite a few switch backs (3 sections) the wild flowers are out and blooming covering the upper portion of the mountain with dainty colours. Stopped about ¾ up for lunch with a view. Took us 5 hours up and 3 hours down. Rough on the knees going down. The scramble at the top is not for the faint of heart. Follow the red up and then the inukshuks. You cannot see the summit from the lake. We only saw 3 people all day ... on our way back.. they were going to camp for the weekend.

Happy hiking

I just completed the entire trail from the east trailhead at Tulemèen to the west end at Hope Bc. It's entire length is 74 km. This map only has the first half. I don't know anyone who does it as an out and back. You require a drop at one end and a pickup at the other. This trail has some great climbs, great scenery and countless mosquitos. Photo ops with wildlife of all kinds from black, brown grizzly bears to deer, moose and a variety of birds

4 months ago

Hiked on July 11th. This is a fantastic LONG day hike or short two day hike. There are beautiful camping spots in the sub-alpine area in the basin about 1 km from the summit, or about 400m below in elevation, if you choose to make it a two day hike.

The trail is well-marked and very well maintained, with only a few trees fallen across the trail that are easily clambered over. The hike took two of us 4:15 on the way up and 3:45 on the way down, but especially on the way down we were really moving. I haven't done a lot of hiking in BC so this one was definitely a challenge but very doable for people who are physically fit and looking for a good challenge.

A few people are saying that the forest section is boring but personally I found it to be gorgeous, with lots of variation in forest types, and beautiful wildflowers even into the beginning of July. The view from the summit is well-worth spending some time if the weather allows. There is a summit log at the top of the north summit (which some argue is the true summit by about 3 meters) but the book is full so if you go up and can bring a small booklet with you to start a new log it would be greatly appreciated! Note that there is a few small class 3 scrambling moves to get to the north summit, but nothing too intense.

TL;DR a beautiful summit with gorgeous views, this intense but well-maintained trail/summit is well worth the effort, although be prepared to be sore the day afterwards, no matter how fit you are!

The walk was enjoyable and lots of friendly people. we do this walk yearly. highly recommended for a day getaway

4 months ago

Loved this hike! Very well marked trail- until the final part going to the summit. (Even then there are red rocks and cairns to follow).

We camped at the little lake. No snow to cross. A few fallen trees here and there but nothing major.

Was a beautiful day (Thursday), but there was a lightning & thunderstorm at night. Kinda scary.

Saw lots of deer by the lake & heard marmots nearby :)

Hiked on June 24 with my brother and 14 pound AHT. Started at 8:00. Had the trail and Peak to ourselves, only saw one other guy the whole time.

The only reason I’m not giving it 5 starts is that the first bit through the forest is pretty boring. After that it opens up and become quite beautiful. Very well marked all the way to top.

Trail is in great condition, a few fallen trees but we could easily climb over, walk around (not like Sigurd Peak ugh). Amazing views from peak! Once you get close to peak, there’s a bit of snow but no problem with hiking boots. No spikes needed. Watch closely for red paint on rocks to guide you up once you get to top. The scree is fine going up but be careful going down so as to not fall.

Barely any bugs, just a few mosquitoes. Back at car at 5 but we went slow as my brother developed a few big blisters after a few hours and also spent an hour on the peak. All in all a great hike which I didn’t find very difficult at all, just going down the scree wasn’t my favorite.

5 months ago

was going to hike the whole trail but once you get 3/4 way up the switch backs to manson ridge you hit snow and the trail gets harder to follow, once up top you will be walking over 6 feet of snow. i was going to turn back but was to late and i just crossed paths with a grizzly, woke up to heavy snow so i waited for first light and got out of there. be prepared to encounter bears and if you are hiking to the lookout be prepared to deal with changing conditions of weather and trail.

5-6 hours to mason ridge with a bag packed for 3-4 days

5 months ago

Beautiful hike through the forest to start before you break out with spectacular 360 views. This is very close to the highest peak in the area so you can literally take in hundreds of peaks. Only hit snow at about 2,000 meters which is amazing for a season with higher than usual snowpack.

Went the other day, the gates are locked until the 18th

A ‘lil jump of a fence and you’re in.
Gorgeous walk among the tunnels.
There are some small hikes around as well for the more adventurous. But bring proper footwear as it is very dry already making it kind of slippery.

Awesome trail. The police chase scene on the cliff in the movie "First Blood" was filmed here. The helicopter flew right through the canyon and Rambo gives the famous line, "I didn't do anything."

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Great stroll for the family. Lots of sights to look at some great tunnels and bridges to cross. Tunnels are long enough that it's gets really dark inside, but no need for a headlamp as the trail is well kept.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Super easy walk, great views and caves. Bring a headlamp for the caves if you go at dawn or dusk. Great bouldering problems around the area too

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Did this walk a couple of months ago with friends and loved it.
Below is a video I made of it!
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Thursday, July 13, 2017

A great little walk. Definetly walk out to the caves and see the river, after that the rest of the trail isn't as magnificent.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Family friendly walk.
Beautiful path.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Generally crowded- but worth it. Its an easy peazy walk with a big pay off.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

beautiful chill walk

1 month ago

1 month ago

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