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15 days ago

Awesome trail! We planed on hiking all 3 peaks today but we misjudged the weather and we ended up hiking in 35 Celsius and by the second peak we ran out of water so we needed to turn around. Bugs and mosquitoes are not so bad now compared with 2 weeks ago. Quite doable and don't linger around any body of water or they will get you. So please remember to have lots of water and sun screen since you will be in the open for quite a bit. Up to the first peak not so hard but heading up to the second, quite a bit of a scramble, use all your 4's in places. So much fun and absolutely amazing views.
I don't know how, but we ended up on the far side of the first Peak too, lots of snow there still.

16 days ago

A technical hike which requires a good level of experience to navigate especially during some of the rocky descents!

Views are fantastic at several points across the hike especially up top!

Would be a lot more challenging in the snowmelt periods of April-June

What a beautiful trail and the views are amazing. Definitely one of the best hikes we've been on. We will be doing this one again numerous times.
The last climb up to number 2 peak is a hard push after hiking into it. But well worth the push.
Highly recommend this hike.

on Mount Seymour Trail

24 days ago

Loved it.

24 days ago

Mount Seymour hike was a great but technical hike. Make sure you take comfortable shoes that don’t slip your feet will ache by the end of the hike. Take bug spray. They were everywhere. Great views through out the entire hike. The last peak is worth every drop of sweat.

Did all 3 main peaks + Mystery Peak today. Trail was fairly well marked, though I did accidentally stray from it a couple times - it was never hard to get back on track. There was a bit of snow in a few shaded spots, but it was never an issue - though if you did it in runners they might get wet.

Bugs weren't nearly as bad as I feared. There was basically one horsefly with me for the entire trip out and back, but he became more like a travelling companion than anything. There were no swarms or masses of bugs like others have experienced, though I used basic DEET bug repellant.

Regardless, the trail was in pretty good condition. The scrambles at the end for the Seymour summit were moderate, and I had to rest for a minute a few times, but it wasn't too terrible for a somewhat out-of-shape 35 year old. Was about 6 hours out and back, including all detours and stops. 8.7 miles according to my watch.

Very challenging rrail, half of it not well marked. Bring lots of water and food! Beautiful place!

on Mount Seymour Trail

1 month ago

A moderate hike but the amount of bugs and the fact that there is still snow on the trail made it more challenging. We turned around after the first peak due to the unbearable bugs. If you go, I recommend to wear a bug net and long sleeve top and pants.

1 month ago

According to comments from last month, this trail seemed to be great, family doable and fast enough to do it on the afternoon. I’m sure the view really worth it and a few weeks ago we would rate it 5 stars.
But unfortunately, it appeared that this was not the good period to do it since more and more bugs were flying around us and the snow was melting. The path was sometimes so slippy that it could be dangerous, and 400m before arriving to the first peak, people comming back told us the bugs and the slippy path were getting worse. There was so much flies attacking us and we had no snowshoes so we decided to give up before the awesome views... it’s too bad because the trail is so beautiful !
So if you plan to do it in july, better come well prepared for melting snow and maybe begin on the morning so the flies won’t be such a lot !

1 month ago

Did this trail on Wednesday. 5 hours up to grouse. Still lots of snow at the top, used our ice picks, probably could have used our crampons but managed without. Very well marked although still not officially open for the season. Wild flowers such as columbines and bleeding hearts starting to bloom. Bugs were wicked up the Boulder field. Beautiful hike well worth it!

I went mid week and it was quiet and peaceful. A good length if you’re wanting a nice day hike close to Vancouver. Easy to access via public transit. No great views, until the very end when you reach Quarry Rock in Deep Cove.

trail running
1 month ago

Incredible trail. One of the cities best! Lots of snow halfway up the valley. Probably 4km of Trail in snow. I would recommend crampons still even though we didn’t use them. Trail very well marked with orange reflective tape and yellow tree markers.

Did this June 4th 2018. Amazing hike and well worth every minute. The boulder chute is covered in snow and getting up grouse is a pain without crampons or snow shoes. Otherwise, the views are breathtaking.

Great day! The hike wasn’t particularly hard but a day well spent.

This trail is great when there is no snow! Quite easy yet fun. Maybe takes like 2 hours. There is a loop that takes you to Mystery Lake.
It is Mid May now and there is still quite a bit of snow- so it is hard to hike here. However if u drive down a bit, on the way back you will see a lot of little trails that are amazing- almost no snow there :) enjoy!
4 most recent photos of roots that I posted are from the trail further down

Very busy but super fun! There are a lot of stairs but alongside the stairs sun small paths full of tree roots and rocks that I like to use instead of steps :) Tip: THERES a beautiful village under the mountain, which is amazing for a lunch after a hike... YUM!

Went up today April 22 in crampons. Not busy at all, surprisingly for a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We had the peaks all to ourselves, saw a dozen people earlier in the trail and a couple people during the later parts of the trail. Gorgeous views, good workout but not super challenging, and very fun and safe slideable parts where I used a durable jacket as a sled.

3 months ago

Did this hike in June 3 years ago. Needed crampons at the top crossing over to grouse mnt
Awesome day hike

3 months ago

Decent trail with good views but too crowded plus teens blasting music.. probably not going to go back.

5 months ago

My go-to local running trail that can be done in varying loops to run from 4-8km with up to 250 elevation gain (though you run higher and further north); above and below Queens Blvd.

Path west of river is wide, packed gravel and consistent whereas east of the river is more interesting if you like varied terrain, and obstacles like roots, rocks, etc to keep it interesting.

Snowy, slushy, hail-riddled day hiking this trail. Totally got lost around Powerline Trail and a few other spots. Really a very nice trail, but best done when there isn't snow as some of the hike can be quite treacherous.

6 months ago

Very easy stroll! Most of the trail is off-leash for dogs which is great. Top part of the trail was closed off for a bridge repair - due to be reopened in summer 2018.

9 months ago


If you are going on a sunny day or on a weekend plan to get there early. The hike is a steady climb with some ups and downs. There are definitely some challenging spots but overall I think it’s doable by most people if they’re determined. Views from the top are worth every drop of sweat!

9 months ago

Great hike, 360 views. I took around 5 hrs at a gentle pace with lots of photo stops and a break for lunch. Mt Seymour summit probably a bit far for beginners. Bring poles if you have them. Enjoy!

Great trail and the view from the lookout is super. Only did to the lookout and back, and was still a moderate challenge with plenty of uphill and stairs.

One of a very beautiful Trai in north Vancouver, bc

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