Completed Saturday 13 October 2018.

Note: currently the track is closed between Lillooet Rd and Riverside drive due to bridge and staircase construction, apparently until November. There is no posted detour from the closure. To get around the closed section we walked down river to the road bridge by Canadian Superstore on Mt Seymour Parkway then took a 214 up to Hyannis Drive or you could walk 40mins up. This detour added around an hour for what should have been a 10 minute section of track. In total including the detour we took around 5 hours with a few breaks and lunch on trail.

Aside from the detour the trail is in good condition, at some intersections you need to stop and review the signage or look out for the next marker but fairly easy to follow. I'll echo what others have said in their reviews, we walked from Lynn Canyon to Deep Cove, the two main views are at either end with Lynn suspension bridge and Quarry rock. However even without the views during the walk it's a nice forest walk which was relatively quiet only passing a few others once we had left Lynn and rejoined the crowds at Quarry rock. Waking this way meant we could have a cold beer and a donut upon reaching deep cove.

We did this entirely via transit, very easy. Take a 210 from downtown Vancouver to Phibbs exchange, then a 227 to Lynn Canyon Park entrance at the Ecology centre. Coming back it's a 211 or 212 to Phibbs exchange from Deep Cove then the 210 back to Vancouver.