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Very busy but super fun! There are a lot of stairs but alongside the stairs sun small paths full of tree roots and rocks that I like to use instead of steps :) Tip: THERES a beautiful village under the mountain, which is amazing for a lunch after a hike... YUM!

Went up today April 22 in crampons. Not busy at all, surprisingly for a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We had the peaks all to ourselves, saw a dozen people earlier in the trail and a couple people during the later parts of the trail. Gorgeous views, good workout but not super challenging, and very fun and safe slideable parts where I used a durable jacket as a sled.

30 days ago

Did this hike in June 3 years ago. Needed crampons at the top crossing over to grouse mnt
Awesome day hike

1 month ago

Decent trail with good views but too crowded plus teens blasting music.. probably not going to go back.

2 months ago

My go-to local running trail that can be done in varying loops to run from 4-8km with up to 250 elevation gain (though you run higher and further north); above and below Queens Blvd.

Path west of river is wide, packed gravel and consistent whereas east of the river is more interesting if you like varied terrain, and obstacles like roots, rocks, etc to keep it interesting.

Snowy, slushy, hail-riddled day hiking this trail. Totally got lost around Powerline Trail and a few other spots. Really a very nice trail, but best done when there isn't snow as some of the hike can be quite treacherous.

3 months ago

Very easy stroll! Most of the trail is off-leash for dogs which is great. Top part of the trail was closed off for a bridge repair - due to be reopened in summer 2018.

6 months ago


If you are going on a sunny day or on a weekend plan to get there early. The hike is a steady climb with some ups and downs. There are definitely some challenging spots but overall I think it’s doable by most people if they’re determined. Views from the top are worth every drop of sweat!

6 months ago

Great hike, 360 views. I took around 5 hrs at a gentle pace with lots of photo stops and a break for lunch. Mt Seymour summit probably a bit far for beginners. Bring poles if you have them. Enjoy!

Great trail and the view from the lookout is super. Only did to the lookout and back, and was still a moderate challenge with plenty of uphill and stairs.

One of a very beautiful Trai in north Vancouver, bc

7 months ago

Great trail and we did all three peaks. The views on the first two were awesome but it was too cloudy by the time we got to the third. Took the dog and he was fine with it and saw a black bear on the the at down.

8 months ago

I am not a super experienced hiker but I do get out on smaller hikes frequently... I definitely struggled up this one... Much more difficult than anticipated. Beginning couple km is uneven and steep, with loose rock as well..the top km is the most difficult, large steps up on uneven rocks and its a tough scramble to climb it. The views and scenery along the way are beautiful and the peak is breath taking. Made it all worth it.

9 months ago

Excellent! Views were amazing!

9 months ago

Bring a mosquitoes repellent with ya. It's not that bad that anymore but still if you have hate mosquitoes

Trail wasn't busy either. I was just by myself up there at peak 3, I enjoyed view but not mosquitoes wen they were at me all of the time.

Last part bit challenging. Trail is well marked so you can't get lost just saying

9 months ago

Nice trail. Quite challenging in the last 1 km. Still a lot of snow. Mosquito, mosquito and more mosquito. Because the smoke we can't see a nice view.

packed with flies and covered with snow in July! this was a very challenging hike as the snow was super slippery! i made it to the 1rst peak but my hiking partner left met here whilst he did the 2nd and 3rd. he said that the route from the 2nd to 3rd peak was dangerous in the snow and he went another way- this was also dangerous climbing up a rock face.. going down was a nightmare, as i fell on my butt every few steps. i was very sunburnt by the end from the reflection of snow! pack sunscreen, friends!

Fun intermediate hiking. Good for beginners but have the app as it's relatively easy to get lost and end up on other trails

10 months ago

I couldn't make it to the peak as it was very slippery.
The views from the first and second peak are amazing. There's no reason to risk going to the peak as there's still a lot of snow.
Crampons can be very useful.
Also, as mentioned before, a lot of bugs all around. It can be very annoying.

Just did it yesterday. hiking from Quarry Rocky to Grouse mountain. It was great hike.

10 months ago

Did this hike yesterday, July 3rd 2017. The trail is actually still closed and I will say for good reason. I figured it was a spring thing they forgot to
take down, but there is indeed still a lot of snow on the route, starting with when you get to the boulder field.
The trail markers can get hard to find due to the snow. Having to climb steep hills in snow with visible holes in which make you think it could give at any moment if you step in the wrong spot is a tad bit scary. When you finally make it to the top of the saddle before heading on to grouse, (it's a serious workout with the snow slowing you down) you have then go down - in snow of course. My hands were partially numb the rest of the day from cold exposure and burns from when I tried to stop myself from sliding when I would slip, but also from climbing up these snow banks using my hands to help gain traction.

I have a few bumps and bruises I wear with pride from a great workout, hike, and adventure, but just be prepared for this one with a good level of fitness and a tough mental attitude.

I would not recommend this trip solo.

10 months ago

The views on this trail were absolutely amazing! Really fun hike! It was quite challenging, especially near the top.... we couldn't do the last 10ft to the peak because it was too steep and the snow made it too slippery, but the view was great after about the first 30 minutes all the way to where we ended. There was a lot of snow the whole way up and so many flies! Despite all this, I would highly recommend!

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Unexpected full covered snow on the whole trail! We able to manage it with spikes and piles though. Stunning view start right after an hour hike up! 360 degree view up at the 1st peak ! It makes everything worth it! It took both of my hubby 4hours return with lunch break at the top. Definitely will go back again in the summer!

We started at near Blueridge Park and went to Deep Cove

Nice trail - although quite confusing with all the intersecting trails - ended up on Bridle somehow. There are orange tags of a different sort in this area as well so you kinda have to pay attention.

The trees are so dense in some areas, that they actually acts as a sort of umbrella when it rains but it also gets pretty cold in the trees so bring some layers and a raincoat for spring trekking.

If you're hiking in this area keep an ear out for mountain bikers. They were all quite nice but can be a little startling sometimes.

Best thing about hiking this trail is the Honey's doughnuts at the end. Burn those calories hiking to eat them in four bites of deliciousness. So goood

Great leisurely hike. Weather condition were good. Not too muddy.

A nice walk in the trees with unfortunately many downed trees and damage from recent storms. Nice but crowded views from Quarry Rock.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

VERY easy stroll (at least every part of it I've done). As a kid we did this walk the time as a "short cut" to Capilano mall. We take the stroller now with our own kids

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