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North Vancouver, British Columbia Map
12 days ago

Was here on Nov 28. It was a perfect day to go all the way up to Mount Seymour. Beautiful scenery, winterwonderland. Great duration of this hike - took us about 4 hours to get to first peak and back. Conditions were tough but it is achievable. Would do it again for sure!

23 days ago

Just a heads up regarding trail conditions based on hiking there Sunday November 18, 2018. The trail is icy in sections and dangerous unless wearing Yacktracks or similar spikes; poles also recommended but not necessary.

The trail was crowded including many people in running shoes and lacking any additional layers of clothing. In addition, although leash is required at all times on dogs, only 1 dog out of at least 100 on the trail was on a leash including aggressive dogs with ignorant owners.

Also take note that the trail is poorly marked and it's easy to get lost. Cell service is spotty and GPS apps don't show the trails properly likely because of the lack of proper blazes at key points.

Aside from the warnings, this is a challenging trail and is rewarding. Allow yourself enough time, pack food, water and extra layers, wear spikes, consider poles, watch out for dogs and enjoy!

We tried! But turned around as it was pretty icy. Made the safety call. Unfortunately another lad did not and did in her ankle and needed rescue.. So proper shoes and ice gear highly recommended now. We went to Dog instead, but it had some icy parts as well. Beautiful day, but be safe!

great hike, lots of rocks....with snow and ice everywhere, as we found today, poles were very handy. great views.

Did this Oct 13/18. Great hike, hard but well worth it.

no fee for parking. bring water, no good place to fill your bottle at parking lot. take ski run , not trail for first 2km

Completed Saturday 13 October 2018.

Note: currently the track is closed between Lillooet Rd and Riverside drive due to bridge and staircase construction, apparently until November. There is no posted detour from the closure. To get around the closed section we walked down river to the road bridge by Canadian Superstore on Mt Seymour Parkway then took a 214 up to Hyannis Drive or you could walk 40mins up. This detour added around an hour for what should have been a 10 minute section of track. In total including the detour we took around 5 hours with a few breaks and lunch on trail.

Aside from the detour the trail is in good condition, at some intersections you need to stop and review the signage or look out for the next marker but fairly easy to follow. I'll echo what others have said in their reviews, we walked from Lynn Canyon to Deep Cove, the two main views are at either end with Lynn suspension bridge and Quarry rock. However even without the views during the walk it's a nice forest walk which was relatively quiet only passing a few others once we had left Lynn and rejoined the crowds at Quarry rock. Waking this way meant we could have a cold beer and a donut upon reaching deep cove.

We did this entirely via transit, very easy. Take a 210 from downtown Vancouver to Phibbs exchange, then a 227 to Lynn Canyon Park entrance at the Ecology centre. Coming back it's a 211 or 212 to Phibbs exchange from Deep Cove then the 210 back to Vancouver.

on Hastings/Lynn Loop

1 month ago

A very pleasant fall hike. Not too crowded on a Sunday at noon.

Great terrain , nice quick hike!

2 months ago

Quick easy hike, nice scenery and good terrain!

Good trail in the middle of the neighborhood. Easy for all ages and abilities.

2 months ago

Rewarding hike. On a clear day, there are great views all along the way.

Fun, challenging path. Many people and dogs on the trail. View from Mt Seymour is beautiful and very windy. Wear layers and shoes with good treads.

We tried to hike this trail yesterday but had to turn back because of trail modifications and repairs. I would have thought this application would have included an advisory of these mods rather than leaving it up to the hiker to learn “en route” that two crucial parts of the trail were closed.

Beautiful views!!! In light of the sight restrictions due to all the fire smoke this summer, we had spectacular views today. The 360 view from the top of the first peak were great. We were a
Little surprised to see snow clinging to the tops of some of the more distant mountains but it sure enhanced the scene.

Great Hike

3 months ago

Fun trail and amazing view at the top. Not really any bugs in early August. Quite busy though, and also very exposed to the sun. I went on a hot day with my dog and I’m lucky I brought so much water.

3 months ago

Great views but too busy not worth doing summer weekends. Early morning during the week or in the fall. Dog friendly when not too busy. Great views.

4 months ago

Awesome trail! We planed on hiking all 3 peaks today but we misjudged the weather and we ended up hiking in 35 Celsius and by the second peak we ran out of water so we needed to turn around. Bugs and mosquitoes are not so bad now compared with 2 weeks ago. Quite doable and don't linger around any body of water or they will get you. So please remember to have lots of water and sun screen since you will be in the open for quite a bit. Up to the first peak not so hard but heading up to the second, quite a bit of a scramble, use all your 4's in places. So much fun and absolutely amazing views.
I don't know how, but we ended up on the far side of the first Peak too, lots of snow there still.

4 months ago

A technical hike which requires a good level of experience to navigate especially during some of the rocky descents!

Views are fantastic at several points across the hike especially up top!

Would be a lot more challenging in the snowmelt periods of April-June

What a beautiful trail and the views are amazing. Definitely one of the best hikes we've been on. We will be doing this one again numerous times.
The last climb up to number 2 peak is a hard push after hiking into it. But well worth the push.
Highly recommend this hike.

4 months ago

After following the well travelled trail to the Lynn Peak lookout, continue along the trail, ignoring the large "back to parking lot" arrow. The trail becomes significantly more overgrown, although well marked with coloured flagging tape.

The trail has several under/overs with deadfall and steep sections. In the saddle between Lynn Peak and South Needle, you will pass a junction for Hydraulic Creek Trail. Continue, following the arrow for "South Needle 45mins".

Ascending South Needle, there is a tremendous amount of elevation gain over a short distance. This section is mostly comprised of switchbacks, with a few class 3 scrambles up short rock sections.

Fantastic views from the exposed peak of South Needs of all the surrounding mountain ranges, and the city in the distance.

on Mount Seymour Trail

4 months ago

Loved it.

4 months ago

Mount Seymour hike was a great but technical hike. Make sure you take comfortable shoes that don’t slip your feet will ache by the end of the hike. Take bug spray. They were everywhere. Great views through out the entire hike. The last peak is worth every drop of sweat.

4 months ago

Did all 3 main peaks + Mystery Peak today. Trail was fairly well marked, though I did accidentally stray from it a couple times - it was never hard to get back on track. There was a bit of snow in a few shaded spots, but it was never an issue - though if you did it in runners they might get wet.

Bugs weren't nearly as bad as I feared. There was basically one horsefly with me for the entire trip out and back, but he became more like a travelling companion than anything. There were no swarms or masses of bugs like others have experienced, though I used basic DEET bug repellant.

Regardless, the trail was in pretty good condition. The scrambles at the end for the Seymour summit were moderate, and I had to rest for a minute a few times, but it wasn't too terrible for a somewhat out-of-shape 35 year old. Was about 6 hours out and back, including all detours and stops. 8.7 miles according to my watch.

Very challenging rrail, half of it not well marked. Bring lots of water and food! Beautiful place!

on Mount Seymour Trail

5 months ago

A moderate hike but the amount of bugs and the fact that there is still snow on the trail made it more challenging. We turned around after the first peak due to the unbearable bugs. If you go, I recommend to wear a bug net and long sleeve top and pants.

5 months ago

According to comments from last month, this trail seemed to be great, family doable and fast enough to do it on the afternoon. I’m sure the view really worth it and a few weeks ago we would rate it 5 stars.
But unfortunately, it appeared that this was not the good period to do it since more and more bugs were flying around us and the snow was melting. The path was sometimes so slippy that it could be dangerous, and 400m before arriving to the first peak, people comming back told us the bugs and the slippy path were getting worse. There was so much flies attacking us and we had no snowshoes so we decided to give up before the awesome views... it’s too bad because the trail is so beautiful !
So if you plan to do it in july, better come well prepared for melting snow and maybe begin on the morning so the flies won’t be such a lot !

Best trail for a quick walk in the woods! Quieter then many of north van trails! No views but still awesome!

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