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Just made it to the top with my kids. Great workout and great view of Nanaimo.

nature trips
22 days ago

Was a really hard hike for me, as I haven't hiked anywhere, in a while. My legs were sore for 2 days but I would do it again, the weather was perfect, a little bit cloudy with a cool breeze. So lucky! Beautiful view with some great company :)

24 days ago

I really enjoyed this hike, lots to see. Only two things keeping it from being 5 stars is the constant noise from the nearby rifle range and that portions of the trial you are going up the Downhill bikers trails. Make sure you bring water, you will need it. Dogs will have an issue as there are sections that require you to scale a rock wall (8 feet or so) with a rope.

Great trail by the sea. Many options to shorten or make it longer, so absolutely great with small kids.
Fairy doors add extra magic for the kids:-)

I love the fairy forest you can find here! Plus the views!

However some people keep stealing the fairy doors some kids are making :(

1 month ago

Supper great hike! Even though it was very steep at some points well worth it for the view at the top.

on Morrell Nature Sanctuary

1 month ago

Great place to walk, even have a smaller loop that kids can run around in.

It took my girlfriend and I about 4 hours round trip. This includes the time we stopped at the top for photos. They way up is physically tiring, but not exactly difficult. The way down seemingly takes forever, but was much easier in terms of exhaustion.

The view is great, the exercise was great and I’d do it again.

Side note - it may be difficult for older dogs.

1 month ago

Lovely little spot to walk. There is no way this should be labelled as "moderate". Moderate hikes are a bit of a challenge for me. This place is one of the easier trails.

too short maybe good hike for young hikers

Good workout. Great view.

1 month ago

Was great. Nice and steep! Made it to the big rock lookout and down in 3.25 hrs! Took the straight to the top trail.

Worth it!!

1 month ago

It is very challenging remember the top. When you reach the view it is not the top...keep going. When you reach the flag your done!

to short but beautiful

nature trips
2 months ago

It’s was very difficult, especially on the way down as it was very slippery. Well worth it though. Be ready for a huge cardio session :)

2 months ago

Are any of the mountain bike trails around Westwood on this app?

trails are well marked. went up the difficult trail. legs were like jello when we were done


Westwood laje trail

2 months ago

nice walk with the dog, great at sunset

A challenge at times but worth the climb!

Nice hike. Really enjoyed the walk and the kettle house doors were a nice touch.

They have expanded the trail; now enters into a larger trail section. Look for the signs when walking it!

4 months ago

Nice walk along the ocean. Awesome on sunny days, you can see all the mountains across the water.

This is a great hike with lots of varied terrain. The first time we did this hike we found the south entrance in Extension. Easy hike up to the ridge and spectacular views south and west. Awesome for catching the setting sun! The second time, we entered the trail from the Harewood Mines Rd end. Unfortunately we read the direction sign from one side and went to the left instead of the right, resulting in a less than interesting walk along the power line.... more like a scramble over jagged rocks. Once we realized this was not where we wanted to be, we cut up toward the SW, into the trees. Much better!
The third time.... we got it right and headed right up to the Abyss near the top of the ridge. We met a couple who said the last time they had hike there, the slope was still all forested. Now it’s a pretty sad wasteland with a ton of debris from the logging and a few spindly arbutus. It gets way better up top though, so keep going! Take a look at the big fissure, called the Abyss, (keep small dogs on a leash and watch your littles carefully - it’s just wide enough for one to slip down into) and then carry on up to the ridge. Keep going until you get a great view over the city! Then go some more til you get to the big tower. Take photos here! You might even be able to see Mt Baker in the US! Keep going and enjoy the last couple km, especially where you can see down into the Extension valley. Really pretty. The first couple times were nice and quiet, but the last time we went on a Sunday afternoon, there was a lot of rifle fire coming from the shooting range, and many people on dirt bikes and ATVs, so it kinda sounded like a war going on..... not super peaceful. A fun hike, with lots of terrain, not too hard, and pretty views. You will just have to ignore the logged areas, and try to go when the shooting range isn’t open!

Nice trail for exercise, a fair bit of surrounding noise (hwy, blasting and dirt bikes), and a lot of clear cutting :(

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