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Easy and quick trail, not far from Whistler. Very unique compared to the usual mountains of BC

This is a great place for a nice walk along the river, through the varied forests and out to the lake shore. We went on a rare cooler day in August and it had a surpising, almost coastal, characteristic. This is also the best set of trails to see the salmon runs from as well which is what the Adams river is famous for.

Fun to do. Worthy of the trek.

A beautiful trail! Bear sightings, so make sure you have your spray and bell ;)

This trail was like being in another world. From small log bridges, lush waterfalls, climbing caves, and fields of wildflowers!

Be aware of a wasp nest at the beginning of the first waterfall. We passed many others who also got stung!!

We started on the Hartley road and used a off roading suspended Jeep to travel to the second parking lot. There were other trucks that went to the second parking lot as well.

Awesome area and trails! Watch for bikers. Pet the doggos.

Great for kids and dogs. My 7 year old did it, and enjoyed the hike. Great views!

love it here, I take Apex trail up and the bike trail by the road on the back side down. 21mins30sec up today!! Can be busy and not a lot of shade going up fyi. Trail is well maintained, in town, and has great views.

Really cool spot to hangout.

3 days ago

Awesome hike for views and trail is beautiful. The only downside is that it's busy. The Forest was lovely and we did this pretty quick with our three year old but he's pretty adventurous! check us out @loewenlife for quarry rock and others! Parking is difficult, try to go early.

A nice accessible walk with a few lovely views.

Amazing hike minus the amount of mosquitos and flies. Be sure to pack plenty of bug spray.

Love it...have done it in winter & summer!

Rode this to otterhead trail. About a dozen fallen trees between the trailhead and otterhead trail turn off. Do not try otterhead trail up to tocher ridge. Too many fallen trees on otterhead trail to count and trail gets quite overgrown as you go. Gave up on the bike and hiked the rest of the way to tocher ridge only to find it completely overgrown and covered in deadfall, gave up after bush whacking less than a km.

Fun enough

Realy easy hike,
The lake was warm enough for me to swim, and I hate cold water! :)
Dogs are allowed only on one beach, which is nice whether you like dogs or not.
Doing the full loop is nice as you can also make a stop at Green lake which is nice too.
Good to relax, family friendly.
A lot of smoke the last 3 days.

Nice Hike, but not breathtaking, may be because of the smoke blocking the view these days...
Lots of bugs.
The beginning is in the shade which is nice, with a beautiful waterfall at the start, it is worth the little detour.
The campsite is located at the following lake as the rainbow lake is Whistler's reservoir.
The hike is steep indeed but not super hard. I had lots of weight on my back and it was manageable.
An advice, wait for the smoke to go away, otherwise it's not worth the effort.

Nice trail, very easy. The swim in the lower falls was brisk but refreshing and the view of the upper falls was beautiful.

We started from a non public trailhead, which was great. We didn’t see any other people the entire hike. Parts were very wooded yet others were on a fire road with overhead power lines. That’s why we only gave it a 3 star rating.

Fresh blackberries along the trail and nice smooth surface for running or walking. It's an easy walk around the lake surrounded by beautiful forest. I loved it, would be a great place to picnic or take the kids too. Lots of parking too, and I went this past Sunday.

6 days ago

A nice way to end the old growth trail before stopping At the lodge for a beer.

mountain biking
7 days ago

I would recommend taking a bicycle on this trail as it is quite long. Really good long distance running trail too! Pretty much anyone can ride a bicycle as well as the vertical grade is nonexistent (I.e., it’s flat). There were a lot of small children out the day we went, some even with the training wheels on. One of the best trails I’ve ever done. Really unique and quite beautiful. We took a tonne of photos. Rented bikes at the start for 40$ each and completed it in about 2.5 hours.

We went mid-day on a Saturday, so it was pretty busy. If you ride a bike it’s best/safest to let other bicyclists pass from the opposing direction first. You don’t want to be that d*ck creating unnecessary trouble for others. I would recommend trying to do this early or mid-week to avoid the crowd.

ran the last 10km very easy

Nice little hike to the lake and spent the night. Rough trails around the lake and up to the falls but passable. No bear signs, and saw alot of little frogs

8 days ago

The trailhead is located in the parking lot behind Olives market. The trail itself is poorly marked and we passed several people that were confused about which way to go. The shortest and most direct route is walking down an active railroad line, which is not that wide and you have to be really on the alert for incoming trains. There are several paths that wind through the trees in between the river and the railway line. There are some picturesque views of the glacier fed river on the way to the train wreck. The train wreck itself is several twisted and deformed boxcars hidden in the trees. Over the years the boxcars have become covered with graffiti. The quality of the graffiti artwork is nothing special. I would not repeat this hike again.

easy 9km run. couple hills in houston

fantastic trail. lots of loop options

Great small scale trail. Best to get lost in and try to find your way out.

Excellent hike! One of my favourites to date.

great family hike but no view... hard to show the kids how far they climbed when we couldnt see anything. regardless we had a great time. baby in the pack and our 3, 5 and 7yr olds hiked in and out like little champs!

we will do it again if the look pit gets trimmed back a bit

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