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The loop is not open since BC Hydro doesn't want to spend the money needed to upgrade the floating bridge across Harsine inlet. contact Hydro to protest

This hike is actually a loop around the entire lake. It was closed for a long time while they did seismic upgrades on Ruskin Dam-- it should be open now-- check first! I found the Reservoir Trail less scenic, and it is longer as well, so some may want to stick to the in and out of the Railway Trail :)
From the Website:

Follow the path of a historic railway

Railway Trail runs down the west side of Hayward Lake. The pathway of the trail once served as the railway connecting nearby Stave Lake Reservoir to the district of Mission. The flat and wide area makes for a fairly easy hike with a brief section of inclines and declines. Hikers and bikers can make their way down the 6-km trail all the way to the Ruskin Dam located at the south end of the lake before crossing over the dam to Reservoir Trail.

See the dam and waterfalls

On the opposite side of the lake, Reservoir Trail will take you on a 10-km walk through the forest. Follow the north end detour for views of Steelhead Falls and don't miss the canoe landing towards the south end to take a short break and enjoy views of the lake.

Beautiful views of the lake and not too strenuous. We spent 3.5 hours slowly out and back.

perfect with the dog and kids. all enjoyed. been back a few times.

1 month ago

Great trail, flat around the lake, the hike to the bottom of the falls and back was steep and had some rocks and roots to navigate.

2 months ago

Trail clear of snow for the season.

Good easy going trail. Small secluded sandy beaches give good respite. Trail is good for recreational runners as well as some small uphill parts which are great for short sprints. Beautiful views across the lake.

2 months ago

This is my favourite place to bring my kids and dog!

We saw two very small waterfalls,I guess we missed the big one?

We did just follow the trails though. Can anyone tell me how I missed it Lol.

The beginning of the trail has snow still but once you get past the picnic area at the lake the trail is all clear. Finding the falls was slightly difficult as the trail signs are all down right now but using the map on here I was able to find them, there is some fallen trees and debris on the trail to falls, be careful.

4 months ago

Lots of snow through the whole trail. Was relatively easy going up following some old track marks that was left before from fellow hikers. The snow was packed down for a good portion of the uphill logging road. Roughly 2.5 kms up the snow became quite deep requiring a bit more effort to continue on the trail. Would recommend crampons for slippery conditions. Lake was covered in snow but was a nice reward at the end. Walking back was fairly easy and took us under an hour. Would love to return in the summer to see it without all the snow.

nice and easy, but getting into the falls is not that nice the trail but still easy to get there.

nice walk and super clean trail. my pup loved it, special the little beach in the south.

Beautiful and easily assessable

Beautiful easy trail

Good variety in levels and scenery. Wear good shoes as the beginning is steep downhill (and you have to go back up it later). I wouldn’t bring a stroller. Only saw 2 other people on a holiday. I will definitely be doing this hike again.

11 months ago

We took an accidental left down a logging road at the 3km mark that turned into a nice view point over Hoover Lake with a mini home made campground at the end of it. Once we back tracked and took the left just AFTER the 3km we made our way through the forest. Very easy to follow with all of the markers. Went up to the view point and then continued along into the forest where we foundered orange/pink markers that led us to some ropes and chains that led down to a pretty view point over Stave Lake. Then made our way back in just over an hour. Good workout but nothing too strenuous! Simple and enjoyable!

Monday, July 03, 2017

fun park. not hiking just a leisurely stroll.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bought some new backpacking gear so I headed up to Hoover lake to fine tune my setup, Ive done this hike a few times now and Ive some to a few conclusions. For me the hike is a little high strain low reward, they have this hike labelled as easy but that must just be the short 0.7km from the trail head down to the lake. The first 3/4 is a steep loose gravel logging road which would even be a workout going up for conditioned people's. Going down to put it blatantly is hell, after hiking up and to the lake you now have to slip, slide and slowly make your way down the steep gravel logging road which is hard on the ankles and knees, I even almost slipped and fell wearing full boots. Besides the hill going to and from the trail head, the short "hike" to the lake is a breeze. Once you get to the lake you have two options, go straight to a path that skirts around a marsh on the lake edge towards a couple benches/fire pits or continue left on a trail that leads you around the edge of the lake about 3/4 of the way around before reconnecting to the logging road that you came in on (from there you can leave or continue to a view point to the left). Like I was saying high strain low reward, its a cute little lake but that's about it and the trail leading around it is pretty bland and not very technical, admittedly I found my self getting bored and ended up trying to bush wack my around the last 1/4 of the lake but ended up getting lost (after finding lots of garbage at someone's hidden bushcrafting camp) and cutting back up towards the logging road above to leave. This hike would definitely be a lot more fun with a companion to talk to or share a meal/fire with at the top but solo it's a bit of a bore. In general though it's a nice hike, trails are well marked, maintained and are straightforward for hikers of all shapes and size and on a side note I saw a lot of fresh bear poo on the logging roads and the wild raspberries are just coming into season so be vigilant and be prepared, but ultimately I was attacked by a very angry momma quail who thought I was after her chicks on the side of the logging road but she let me pass after we had exchanged a couple choice words!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

One of the best trail for me. Complete the lakeside as well as the going to the falls. It's worth it. Lake side is easy but heading to the falls is quite challenging. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Moderate to strenuous ... needs a little patience going in because trail gives a 400m elevation in heading to the lake but all going downward back. More calories burned though ....

Sunday, June 18, 2017

1st 3 km is on logging road. Just after the 3km marker turn left onto a well marked trail. Short hike to lake. There is a trail 1/2 way around lake, comes out on road. Go left for viewpoint or right to return to vehicle . Viewpoint was highlight for me.

Monday, June 12, 2017

I love the combination of uphill, downhill & plateau of this trail.

Excellent trail to explore. Some hills then walking flat along the lake. Easy and beautiful. The sign says you can go to the powerhouse, but recently the trail was closed just past the slide area and you had to turn back.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The lake trail is easy to walk/run and well maintained. If you're wanting to do the Rolley Falls loop its a bit more rugged of a trail including a log to climb over, and lots of mud (this time of year) rocks and roots, but its fine if you have proper footwear. We loved the falls loop as it had two different waterfalls, a small one and the big one, forest, and a bit a view as you make your way back on the far side of the loop.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Took the dogs here for the first time! Was a little nervous having them off leash for the first part of the trail as the drop off looks quite steep, but as you get towards the two beaches from the upper parking lot it's perfectly fine for dogs to roam free ( there was no one around). Water was great for them and paths were wide and easy to walk along. Wasn't sure what we were getting into and half of the path was closed for bc hydro work so just walked a few km and turned back to the car. Looks like a spot to check out again in the summer. There is a outhouse near the beach and also garbage can for park use. It was clean and well kept. Curious if it gets busy in the summer.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Easy trail. Took us 2,5 hours. Most walking on old road and only 700 m (1.4 km return) in the forest. Creeks with crystal clean water

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