Meadow Creek

9 reviews
9 days ago

An awesome, rugged and serene hike. My wife, Brittany Spaniel, Scarlett, and I managed to make it from trailhead to cabin door in just under two hours, but it was a grind in some sections.

Few notes to help out: 1) the dirt road from Panorama to the trailhead is difficult in spots and no place for a car (high clearance SUV recommended). Take it slow and avoid the dips as much as possible. 2) the first KM is littered with fallen trees and it can be easy to lose the trail scrambling over top. After this section, the trail is well flagged. 3) the trip down is no faster than the way up. Slippery rocks and fallen trees make footholds interesting. 4) expect to get a bit wet and muddy.

Once you’re at the top, you’re in for a treat. The views are worth it. A great way to spend a day (or night. Cabin is free for bookings).