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Here's our review of brunswick Mountain . -http://hktreks.com/index.php/2018/10/17/brunswick-mountain/

September 29 2018. Temperature difference of 10°C between parking and summit. Climbed West Lion - challenging and exposed; there would be real danger to make a summit attempt in wet weather. The hike up the base of the West Lion is straightforward, yet labourous, we even saw someone at the HSCT juction in sandals. Roundtrip distance was closer to 18km, not the suggested 12.4km route. If you summit the West Lion, it's arguably a better 360° view than Golden Ears. 10/10 day, took 8 hours total.

Tough and beautiful hike with a variety of views. However, this hike is not 12 kilometres roundtrip. It's closer to 18 from the parking lot.

25 days ago

Super steep hike! I recommend poles for the way down to save your knees (and keep you from tumbling down the mountain!).
Around a third to half of the way in there is a beautiful view point that's perfect for a lunch break.
The trail sikes you out a few times as there are a lot of great viewpoints where you think you have reached the end but you need to keep going up the ridge to summit Harvey! Highly recommend checking your gps to make sure you get all the way up. Quite a bit of scrambling/climbing needed.
Also, bring layers as the weather changes rapidly and can get quite cold.
Trail had awesome views of Howe Sound and the Lions if it's not too cloudy.

Took about 8 hours round trip - with stops
Absolutely amazing climb if you’re not afraid of heights

Is a steady go for the whole time, the last portion is a decent scramble. Took 6 hours round trip with a few stops. This did not include much time at the top as was clouded over.

1 month ago

This is a great hike but not easy some good elevation gain. Summer/fall snow until July. start early!

This is a classic. not easy though. not too dog friendly. best as an over-nigher or as an extension to the HSCT. i must do you BCer's

A very sustained incline! amazing for those who want to push themselves in the capacity of a day hike. Such a rewarding view from the peak. Made from trailhead to peak in exactly 2 hours 30 minutes with few breaks. Brunswick lake is worth cutting down to while you're in the area, cold water but not so much that you can't stay in and swim for a while.

It’s a bit of a scramble at the end to reach the peak but the incredible view is worth getting your hands dirty

2 months ago

End of June 2018.
Incredible! The elevation was great, the trail well marked (once we figured out to follow the road all the way) and the views were outstanding!
There was still some snow but very manageable even without poles.

Tough but awesome hike. Bring lots of water.

Hard hike but the view is worth it, just watch your steps when walking on dry dirt, could be very slippery. still little patches of snow when we hiked 2 days ago.

Very demanding at some points as it goes very vertical, but the panorama from the top was great and it has still some snow remains in July!

2 months ago

Very steep trail, including a scrambled for the last ~100m elevation, but well worth the view. Bring plenty of water.

trail running
2 months ago

July 25th. A buddy and I went and took us 3.5 hours up and 2.25 hours down. Amazing scenery once you hit the top peak. Bring lots of water. Bugs were a pest such as mosquitos, flies and horseflies ( I think ) it was all worth it!

Brunswick Mountain might be the most amazing peak in the Howe Sound. Its a consistant verticle haul with a good runable trail, perfect for training those mountain legs. Once you break past the tree line every step is immensly rewarded. From the top you can litterally see every monumental peak in the area from the Black Tusk to Mt Baker and everyone in between. Definitely a must do if you live anywhere close to the area. This will be another annual peak for me no doubt.

2 months ago

Hard but so worth it. Make sure you go all the way to the top for a sweet 360 view! took me ~5 hours from the car to the top and back to the car but it was my first hike of the year so I was pretty out of shape. Boots are a must, the loose gravel can be slippery. I brought 2L of water and drank all of it.

Black flies were brutal, still some snow up there but doable in runners - bring an extra pair of socks! Bring more water than you think you’ll need, it was a hot summer day when we did it. Waterfalls were gorgeous, view was amazing.

3 months ago

July 7-8, 2018: This was a difficult hike but well worth the gorgeous view at the top. The sunrises and sunsets from here are stunning. The incline is steep for 85% of the hike and requires some scrambling once you begin ascending the summit from the forest. With 40lbs+ backpacks, we hiked up in 4.5 hours and a gruelling 4hours down. There are very limited camping spots at the top, we were the only ones there overnight so we were able to choose the least rocky and flattest spot... maybe 5 tents max. Be very careful when climbing to the highest points, they call it a "no fall zone" for good reason!

Epic 360 view!

3 months ago

I just want to ask how was the trail from those who hiked couple of days ago. Planning to go on Sunday and hesitating if our group should go. Any suggestions? Hoping for a reply and will be very appreciated. Thank you!

Good view and great spot to have lunch at the top.
IG: transmutable

Still lots of snow around the last 1k, did June 23rd.

7 months ago

Great for a 1 hr loop, to get the heart pumping. We prefer doing this loop anti-clockwise, so you return down on the logging trail, easier on the knees.

Did it in September. Very steep and hard with our big backpacks for camping under the top. There are good camping spots up there, but no source of water so do not fotget to carry enough. View breathtaking. Definitely worths our effort.

11 months ago

A great hike but definitely challenging at the top. The climb to the peak is steep on loose material and once at the top be careful, its narrow with and you don't want to fall. The view is worth the trek

Great hike but be aware there is a good amount of snow for the last 1km or so. October 24th.

Amazing, super difficult and long but sooooo worth it.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

pretty sweet hike

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