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on Heart Lake Loop

1 day ago

gorgeous on a sunny day!

2 days ago

Nice fall hike. Great trail and amazing mushroom species, but the lake itself isn’t that great.

Great hike but only saw 3 of the 10 views

Did this hike last weekend and we were the first ones to hike all the way to the top in the new snow fall. Really soft and deep snow from second lake

3 days ago

that was fun! we did the loop past whyte lake and along baden powell trail towards the highway and hit the helipad.
from there it's all downhill!!

Path is very well maintained and perfect for any level of difficulty! Dog absolutely loved the dog beach.

4 days ago

It’s a fine hike, but be prepared for a lot of uphill. Mind you, I’m only in moderate shape, but by the end and 4.5 hours later, I’m beat. The look out shows an amazing view of the country side. Unfortunately, the lake is snowed over, so the end might not be as you’d expect... that is until the spring

Great short hike, all levels all skills for trail running, light hikes, training, nature hikes, photography. See the incredible moss and lichen growth at their best in the rainy months. Any time but the summer the trial is lightly used by the locals.

nothing particularly special, quite busy at all times of the year

6 days ago

Great hike

Stayed overnight at the end of the trail before turning around and coming back back in May. Watched the sunset over the mountains, it was a fantastic view, would definitely recommend it to anyone including beginner hikers. Trail is well kept and there is flowing water sources all along so it made it easier not having to carry multiple litres on my back.

7 days ago

Great quick hike!

We went on the 1st Sunday of the new year. We only hiked to Lindeman. It was a lot easier than I expected. It was trying to snow when we got there in the parking lot. By the time we reached Lindeman Lake it was starting to snow lots more!! The trees cover most of the trails so it made coming back down not so snowy on the pathway. Breathtaking scenery. We will be doing Greendrop in the bear future.

8 days ago

Note to all, the area north of the park has been extensively logged in preparation for a new development. The trail turns into a rough clear cut as soon as you leave the park boundary.

The loop around the lake is as beautiful as always.

8 days ago

Worth the drive if you are visiting other places in the area.

8 days ago

Has anybody hiked up any of the mountains surrounding Widgeon Lake?

Peyto Lake is worth the drive -- make sure you walk the trail to get away from the crowds at the viewpoint!

Beautiful views from every part of the path!

Beautiful views at the top!

not that good actually

looks like this trail is permanently closed. no access from either end.

Hike/run took 1 hr 50 min.

Emerald Lake is a spectacular and serene turquoise glacial lake in Yoho National Park surrounded by mountains. It is so picturesque. I visited in August 2017.

The drive from the Trans Canada Highway along the narrow but newly paved road to Emerald Lake was absolutely gorgeous as it cut through the dense forest. From Field, it took around 15 minutes to arrive at the parking lot and I was one of the first people to arrive there at 8 am. The lake was visible from the parking lot and a wooden bridge crossed a portion of it leading to the Emerald Lake Lodge and a restaurant called Cilantro on an island.

Emerald Lake was so breathtaking and the colour of the water was an incredible and vibrant turquoise colour. The lake was surrounded by snow-peaked mountains on all sides and it was quite an inspiring landscape.

Upon arriving to the lake, I did the easy 5.2 km walk around the entire shoreline of the lake going in clockwise direction. The hike started off along a paved trail through the beautiful forest with many openings through the trees along the way to provide stunning views of the lake and mountains. The beginning of the trail passed through an avalanche path along the slope of the mountain which was filled with lush grasses and colourful flowers but no trees and was interesting to see.

The trail continued along the lakeshore with wooden benches positioned perfectly along the way providing lovely views of the peaceful lake through the openings in the trees. I was the only person walking this trail at 8 in the morning and the atmosphere was so serene and pleasant with only the calming sound of a loon on the lake. The pathway turned from pavement to gravel and reached the far end of the lake where there was an open area with incredible views of the mountains and lake from a different perspective. It then looped back around on the opposite side.

The second half of the hike passed through much different terrain than the first half of a largely pine tree forest, which made it really interesting. The vegetation was lush and almost tropical as mosses and other unique jungle-type plants thrived on this shaded portion of the walk, due to this side of the lake being protected by the shadow of the towering mountains much of the time and seeing lots of rain. I enjoyed reading the interpretive signs along the entire path from start to finish which explained more about the history and vegetation around the lake. There were fewer openings with views of the lake along this half of the trail and it mostly passed through the dense forest along a narrower and slightly less maintained path. As I got closer to the end of the hike though, there were some stunning views in openings through the trees. The early morning reflections of the pine trees and snow-capped mountains on the pristine and glass-like waters of Emerald Lake were absolutely amazing and so pretty.

Close to the end of the trail just before it met back up with the Emerald Lake Lodge, it passed through a gorgeous meadow area along the lake with colourful flowers and then returned to the beginning of the loop. Walking this trail and being in the presence of such awe-inspiring natural beauty was such a great experience. The trail provides plenty of spectacular views of the turquoise-coloured lake and mountains from all angles and is completely flat the entire way making it great for accessible for almost everyone. Even if you don’t do the hike, you can still find beautiful views of the lake from the road that crosses over to the lodge and restaurant. There are so many wonderful photo opportunities at Emerald Lake and it’s a gorgeous place to relax and explore for a half-day. It took me just over 2 hours to complete the 5.2 km walk at a relaxed pace and making many stops along the way to take photos.

Emerald Lake is much less crowded and quieter than other glacial lakes in the Rockies like Lake Louise and Moraine Lake and is just as beautiful, making it a fantastic place to visit if you’re looking for a more peaceful atmosphere with less of a touristy feel. If you are in the Yoho National Park area, I highly recommend making a trip to this lake. It’s also definitely worth arriving here early in the morning to experience the tranquility of the lake and area.

Peyto Lake is a stunning, pristine and vibrantly coloured lake along the Icefields Parkway drive, that is well worth stopping for. It is located about 40 minutes north of Lake Louise. I visited here in July 2017.

This is a popular place to stop for those driving this scenic stretch of highway, so I recommend arriving earlier in the morning to beat the crowds if possible.

From the parking lot on the west side of the highway, a short paved trail led to the wooden viewing deck which provided amazing views looking out to the lake. It was an uphill climb to the lookout, which was pretty steep in some areas as it gained considerable elevation and took around 10-15 minutes to get there.

Peyto Lake is absolutely spectacular. The colour of the water was an incredible vibrant blue that didn't even look real. It was surrounded by mountains and pine forests. I enjoyed admiring the views and taking photos from this classic lookout spot.

I recommend stopping here on your drive (you only need 40 minutes or so). Truly a beautiful place to see.

Very nice easy hike

10 days ago

Steady altitude gain up forestry service road to short 0.7 trail through the forest to the lake. Lovely spot- looking forward to going back in the summer.

Brought the dog for a hike along the lake ... steep switchback on south end so people with knee pain might not enjoy that small portion - very scenic old growth forest, ferns, creeks, etc - broad, gravel path for much of it ...thinking its easier if you park at the other end ? Doggo loved it and I picked up cheap gas 5 min away

good hike not too busy. easier than stats suggest. forest hike no grand views but good.

nice winter walk. not too busy.

Love this trail. One of my favorite winter hikes. Suitable for almost any fitness level.

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