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Seriously recommend this hike. Well signposted, good trail .... and those views oh my! Not 1 but 3 or 4 breathtaking viewpoints along the way, and stunning Arbutus trees everywhere. Love this hike. Good size parking lot at trailhead. Good family hike.

Great even in early spring

another amazing day!!!!

Nice 9km walk. Just beautiful!

19 hours ago

I think Alltrails must review the description recorded for Quarry Rock. Is it a good trail? Absolutely. Love it. I hike it very often. Should it still be classified as easy? No! People new to Quarry Rock think they will just walk in the forest, like you would walk in Stanley Park. That is not the case. I think it should be classified as intermediate. The first segment of the trail is quite steep. Other segments are also cardio challenging, which is good if you are looking for that type of exercise (like me), but beginners, parents of young children, and seniors should be advised that it has several stairs throughout the trail. It is also muddy and slippery by parts, so definitely bring some good running shoes. I personally prefer hiking boots for that trail. People new to the trail should also know that it is now extremely popular and it does get crowded quickly. The narrow passages make it tough for one to take a break without slowing down the entire line. Be ready to keep up with the pace! Overall though, the scenery is great and the view at the end is very rewarding. I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 just because it is now crazy popular and access is becoming a problem.

This is such a nice, short hike. There are a few places of slight elevation, but I saw people of all ages and a variety of abilities doing it. I have done this hike twice. Once several years ago with my Vancouverite ex-fiance when I was still living in Iowa. The second time was on my own after I moved to the area to go to school. The second time was better.

Map is now incorrect as it looks like a section of trail has been washed out and now closed off near the Headly St corner/playground ... just walk through the playground and pick up the trail on the other side instead of going down behind the tennis courts and trying to get into that bit.

intense if you run the hill and try to beat your time otherwise a very easy but scenic hike

2 days ago

Really peaceful and easy walking trail.

It's great to see a hidden gem inside a city. Didn't see any signs leading into the trail.

2 days ago

Great trail to take out the pup. Definitely muddy but fun none the less. Relatively easy.

3 days ago

Pretty nice hike but not the most scenic I have ever been on. Great waterfall and suspension bridge.

3 days ago

Nice waterfall but crowded.

3 days ago

Very pretty scenery through woods ending at mountains and a glacier. Had lunch at end and took in the views.

Sweet forest walk with a couple small heart pumping sections and a beach. Nuff said.

Great for stroller walks as well

Very beautiful! Nice short loop.

Good place to know

6 days ago

Easy hike. But can get mucky in the fall/winter especially when crossing the little streams.

6 days ago

What a beautiful trail. Well marked path with lots of people using the trail. Not long but the top is amazing would definitely go again in the summer

A bit confusing to start - need to follow highway north to cross the water. After that its a great trail.

Amazing view and the hike was difficult but I loved it!

6 days ago

We started at bottom of Nicole’s - so the tough part was at beginning rather than end. Where the trail starts on the map there isn’t any parking so better plan ahead

7 days ago

This hike is just alright. The viewpoint is not that nice, and I find the trail in general to not be very attractive.

It is close to where I live however, and it does make for a good workout because of how steep it is.

Wonderful escape from the city and it's so close! I ran the blue trail today and found it well marked and so beautiful! Will do again.

on Cypress Falls Hike

8 days ago

Really nice short hike and great for dog walking.
When you start from the parking lot the trail it is very easy and clear. You will come to a point where you can continue slightly left along the trail (West side of the river which is the route shown on this site) or cross a wooden bridge. If you stay on the path and do not cross the bridge it will be easy to follow orange markers. The trail remains wide and quite easy, it likely will take an hour or so to complete out and back style.

This is where people get confused:
If you cross the bridge and take the East side of the river there are markers for a short distance to a fork and then the trail gets much more difficult and is not well marked. If you go right at this fork you will meet up with a rocky path that resembles a creek. This will head up to a fence with a gate and connect to the service road in only a couple of minutes. If you head left at the fork you will parallel the river on a slippery (most of the year) and narrow trail. This is the trail some commenters refer to as being sketchy and on the edge of a cliff. It is more difficult than the West of the river trail, and I would watch little ones on this trail. This is also the route that leads you to the old car wreck. Shortly after the car wreck you reach the service road and a large, wooden bridge. You can do the trail as a loop, connecting the West and East trails with the service road.

This is a very pretty and green trail; however it needs better signage and a trail map, as I think most people assume they should cross the wooden bridge near the start of the trail leading to confusion!

Its really hard to remember your in BC when walking through this rainforest. It takes you to a place that you envision being so far away! Easy walk and kids absolutely love it (moss on everything is a huge deal apparently :) Can't wait to go back

mountain biking
10 days ago

I was able to bike the majority of it, last bit got a little too bushy and muddy (early March). Would definitely walk it again, bicycling would probably be much better in the summer.

11 days ago

This is a short, fairly flat trail but there are a couple rough patches and quite a few roots. Very pretty along the river!

was amazing an awesome views

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