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1 day ago

Quite a number of stairs (nothing like the Grind ofc), but a nice easy hike w/ a pretty view. Would recommend for beginners.
There’s also a flat wood railing near the top set of stairs where people can write their names!
Make sure to grab the staple donut at Honey Doughnuts & Goodies after your hike as a reward (:

Amazing! Make sure to pack your swim stuff in the summertime and a hot day, and go find a swimming hole!

Beautiful fall

Another great day here. So many little trails to shoot out and explore. This trail is super easy and fantastic for a power-walk workout.

1 day ago

If you come back on the West Canyon trail it is much better to make this a loop instead of out and back. Great views.

Scenic beauty along sea wall

I did the hike on July 16, 2018! Statlu lake is an amazing place specially in a sunny day, which is how the day was in my hike!
First part until the second creek crossing the hike is easy and nice walk, which is around 2/3 of the entire way! After the second crossing the slope starts moderate and gets steep once you approach the lake! Hard part going in a smooth pace should take around 1 hrs! The third and last water crossing right at the big waterfall had almost no water, so didn’t need to take shoes off, but I guess earlier in summer it must have had lots of water running! After the third crossing the lake is just a matter of few minutes hiking and then just enjoy it!
Going all the way to the end of the lake is very worthwhile but the trail is bushy, lots of wild blueberries! Besides that bushy part, the trail is ok!
My GPS showed me more than the 9 km that appears on the description of the trail, I got 13.2 km round trip if you go past of the lake entrance!
Still totally feasible, I’m not an athlete and carried my 1 year old baby with me! Lol!

Great trail by the sea. Many options to shorten or make it longer, so absolutely great with small kids.
Fairy doors add extra magic for the kids:-)

2 days ago

While I personally probably wouldn’t rate this hike as ‘easy’, it sure was beautiful. The trail was steep, but very well maintained, and the view at the top makes the climb worth it.

Good exercise and I’ll do it again, but it feels wrong to hike up such a plain ugly hill when there are beautiful mountains and forests nearby. Convenient, quick and dirty though, sometimes that’s what you’re looking for.

This is not a safe trail and poorly marked makes it very dangerous and easy to be lost

Easy trail to falls

trail running
2 days ago

Jog with my dog here a lot. They really need to put in more garbage bins, not just upgrade the old ones.

Easy hike. Hike itself isn’t very exciting but the waterfall is beautiful and refreshing on a hot day. Give yourself an hour and then some time to enjoy the beauty.

Good hike. Pretty easy. We took a detour which made it longer and a tad harder. The view is good from the top.

loved the hike, not a fan of all the stairs lol

Good shape trail. Not very well marked, but good experience

Great view from the top

2 days ago

Great hike! Warned that after the 6 k mark the trail is not maintained. After, there are 2 ways to the glacier, I recommend using the one on the right, as you can scramble up to an amazing waterfall. watch out for loose rocks (scree) coming down as it is easy to fall

There is a high amount of foot traffic. Arrive early to find parking, and prepare yourself for lots of stairs. All culminates to a lovely view.

The town offers simple parks and gardens by the waterfront through which you can wander with ice cream, gelato, cinnamon buns, or doughnuts. Grab a seat after the hike and enjoy a beer and pizza, or rent a kayak for a few hours if you're up for more activities.

Worth a trip.

great dog walking area. great views, good for a brisk walk

easy to get to, not too crowded, mamy trails to choose from

3 days ago

July 15, 2018- There is a steep incline from the beginning and it never ends lol. Wear proper footwear and bring poles if you have them. We ended up using big sticks on the way down because it’s hella hard to not slip due to the sheer steepness. It’s a great workout, covered by trees most of the way, so you shouldn’t burn. We did get bitten by mosquitoes so I’d recommend applying bug spray.

Very nice view at the top and a small clearing to sit for a bit. I’m in decent shape and found this to be a great workout for my legs lol. Didn’t run into any bears. I would NOT recommend this hike when it’s been raining because there’s a high chance you will slip and fall. Prepare to get really dusty as dirt gets kicked up with almost every step. Our little dog was white when we left and brown when we returned LOL. Oh, and bring water!!

Great hike! Started out early, so really didn't see anyone until we started heading down. It was non stop people by then. Arrived just in time at the parking area to stop a guy from blocking us in to our parking spot - guess the overflow on the road wasn't to his liking and double parking seemed to suit him better. Recommend weekday - morning to hike this.

Great Hike for kids.

nice easy walk but their is a charge of $5 to enter

very touristy but a beautiful trail nonetheless :)

The view along this walk is amazing. Lots of great sights and many places to stop for a few and relax. A walk you shouldn’t pass up

3 days ago

Easy trail with gentle inclines and declines around a beautiful lake. Good for a relaxing stroll anytime of the day or an energetic run.

4 days ago

Enjoyed this hike until we got to Flatiron junction. Didn’t like the scramble up and down, pretty sketchy. Views are great but much better from Flatiron because of the lake. If we would have gone to Flatiron first, I wouldn’t have bothered going to up this peak but we went here first. Dogs cannot go up the actual Needle Peak unless they are small and fit in your backpack, like mine. If you are going up the peak just stay in the center and find your way. Be careful!

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