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on Needle Peak Trail

4 hours ago

Went yesterday, easy to drive to and a great challenging hike in the snow. We didn't need snow shoes (we did see other snow shoe prints) but we're so glad we had microspikes with us. A little slippery going down, watch for frosted or ice covered rocks. Poles would've been a nice extra.

great app.

16 hours ago

nice little walk hike for a waterfall

Super quick for an incredible view :)!

I really enjoy this trail, its wide and well maintained. 6 km is a good distance around the lake. Mostly flat with one hilly area makes it an easy walk.

1 day ago

Great hike with beautiful views!!
Been twice and would probably go again.

Cathedral Grove trailhead and then it's up, up, up. Tough, steep climb. Worth the view!

2 days ago

I have done this trip a few times and it is quite enjoyable. It can be pretty rowdy at times though due to the easy access and party people who tend to go. There is no shortage of garbage in the area, most likely including beer cans and cigarettes. I urge anyone who travels to these amazing places to leave it cleaner than when you came. That being said there are some great places to see for those willing to explore. I would like to tell people of an amazing place where one can swim in the area but fear contamination from the hordes of party goers. I will instead post a picture of a hidden pool free of litter. This pool is about 30 feet deep at most and has a stunning waterfall that enters it. Furthermore in the larger pool above it, there is two streams which join together, one colder than the other. This results in a strange phenomenon where you can lay across the narrow section and have one part of your body in colder water than the other. This area also has a decent cliff jump and is worth the trip. If you find it please respect the area... I don't know of anyone who has been there before but my friends and I have chosen to call it Peridot Pool due to the hue of the water in that area.

Great hike for beginners and those getting back into hiking. For those that like trail running I strongly recommend it. 1.5 hours with a quick stop to enjoy the views of LMD is fun and enjoyable.

Too many dogs running around. There is no sign indicating it's an off leash, but only 2 dogs were on leash. Signage is needed.
The numerous dogs running around out of control made it unpleasant.
The trail has lots of roots so keep your eyes open.
If you are looking for a peaceful hike, this is not it.
The suspension bridge is fun.

great little trail. very user friendly

Good and easy for Two nice hours after work :)

Seriously icey on 5th December. Crampons a must. Great view from the top.

Beautiful trail but definitely not for beginners in this season, get spikes and snow gear since it's already covered by snow.

3 days ago

access road was slippery. one car got stuck.i put snowshoes on at the top of forested part of the hike. we were rewarded by an awesome view of surrounding mountains.

Cute switch backs and great view of Hope ! The trails are starting to ice up a tad but easily done in regular shoes/boots yet.

3 days ago

Did the hike joffre lake 25 years ago for 5 years in a row. Was one of my favorite. No one on the trail. Now did it on August long weekend this year. Wow so busy. But still so beautiful.

3 days ago

4X4 with a decent clearance to the trailhead. From thereon, a good hike to the peak and if the weather is clear and sunny, you'll be rewarded with a good view otherwise, a good hike!

Today December 7, we started from parking lot at 9 am. We reached Lindeman in 45 minuted. The trail was moderately sloped and well maintained. But from Lindeman to Greendrop Trail was pretty challenging, not because it was steep, but because almost two third of the trail you have to walk is on uneven rocks. You have balance on rocks and find your way between red dots and you cant go fast. But it was worth going there. We reached Greendrop at 12:40, ate lunch and took 20 minuets break. It was so cold that my water bottle got frozen in few minutes. We returned to our car at 4:10 pm and it was already getting dark. It was Friday, we didn’t see any other hiker between Lindeman and Greendrop. Total two way distance is 12 km.

Did this in June of 2017. Poured rain every day. Made it to Bear Beach the first night. Then Chin the next. Then we aborted and took the path back to the highway. Apparently we had the hardest part in the bag! We want to go back and finish it!

The hike was beautiful, it is moderately trafficked because it is in the fall. The few people we met on the trail were very friendly. It took 4 hours to do the loop, water and a light snack are suggested.

4 days ago

Multiple views along the way. Very pretty!

4 days ago

Completed the trail just yesterday. During winter the road is closed so you have to hike 2km to the tail ahead along the road, which isn’t all that enjoyable. The trail is also pretty easy and unexciting, but it’s all worth it once you get to the falls. They were absolutely gorgeous and partially frozen. Bring micro spikes to help get close to the falls and feel the spray and power of the water. Also, because it was winter we were the only people there which really added to the experience and beauty of the area.

4 days ago

It was a good day for the hike. The hike starts off easy before heading over a few ice covered rocks and an ice covered little bridge. Both were very slippery but not that big of a deal. With stops and all we took our time and reached the top in about 1.5 hours. The climb up was steep in some sections but I never felt like I was in risk of losing my footing. The trail is quite slender but again, traction is good. Once you get to the viewpoint you can get some amazing photos and the caves are a short walk from there. The caves are more like large stacked rocks and don't go very far. There were no bears in them when we went and we explored around to find some of the bigger ones. We squeezed in and out of tiny holes in the earth to explore as much as we could. All in all, we probably went inside about 5-7 caves while we were there. Trip down was a quick 40 minutes walk. A good starter hike for sure.

Hiked yesterday. There is snow along the entire trail. The trail was packed down, so there was no need for snowshoes. It was quite icy and slippery. Wearing spikes would have made the hike much easier and safer. The view from the top was stunning.

Park in the pullout to the left upon arriving.The beginning is steep but ultimately a very easy walk that follows logging roads. Definitely one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the area. Especially in winter months! I would recommend bear spray.

Parties à 10h un jour ensoleillé de semaine. 2h30 pour monter jusqu’au camp ground de Garibaldi lake malgré quelques arrêts pour regarder le paysage. De la neige à partir de 45mn de marche. De bonnes chaussures de randonnée avec des “microspikes” ont suffit. Pause au bord du lac dans le petit refuge (beaucoup de neige au sommet et à 12h30 la plupart des abords du lac étaient ombragés à cause de l’orientation). Nous sommes reparties environ 45mn plus tard, en 2h nous étions au parking. Super journée, super randonnée. Sentiers très bien entretenus et accessibles malgré la neige (bien se couvrir et avoir des semelles adaptées).

6 days ago

Beautiful trail that was quite well maintained. Used micro spikes for the most part and glad we brought our snowshoes to complete the final 500-700m as there was a good foot of snow.

Sunny, crisp fall day with a little ice on the lakes. Easy walk; lots of

on Hoover Lake Trail

7 days ago

Easy hike in. Weather beautiful. The trail from logging road in was dry well marked. Lake starting to freeze up around the lake edges.

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