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22 hours ago

Worst hiking experience of life. Only a little bit of view at the summit. Trail entrance was not properly marked other than 'Z A P A '. Lots of hangry mosquitoes which didn't care about bug sprays. Couldn't take rest anywhere even with spraying bugspray. It's not good for hiking but snowshoe should be better.

Great workout. Not overly long to get to lindeman lake. Stunning view.

The trail is a bit confusing in some spots, lots of elevation but the outcome is a awesome!

6 days ago

Beautiful fall at the beginning, you traverse up beautiful lush greenery with steep elevation gain, river crossing at the top, all to come out at the beautiful lake. Perfect hike.

7 days ago

Some snow sections but not much (they’re fun to slide down though). Upper Pierce Lake still frozen. No snow at the top.

Camped here on June 23rd. The hike to the lower lake involved more bush whacking then I had expected. Long pants are definitely recommended. We also had to cross a few rivers, one of which we had to take off our boots. Views once we got to the lake were beautiful but when we arrived at the campsites there wasn’t much left. If you plan to camp make sure you get there early if you want a good spot. We also did the Brotherhood trail to the upper lake the next day. This was the highlight of the weekend! This part was challenging and had some very technical parts to it. We frequently lost the trail markers and had to back track to find our way. The views at the upper lake were spectacular and well worth the challenge!

Decent day hike. Lake was crowded, as it was a Saturday but very pretty.
Trail is very rooty and rocky making it hard to enjoy any views... if there were any. There are a few peakaboo spots of the creek which were lovely, but no vistas or waterfalls.
Habitat has virtually no diversity and some areas appear to have been clear cut within the last 10 years.
Due to boulder field beyond the first lake we didn’t continue as we had our dogs along.
Probably won’t bother with this hike again but it was a good workout.

I loved the diversity of scenery along this trail. The lakes, slides, boulders and forest are all stunning and the tent pads at both lakes are well thought out. I’ll be sure to get my backcountry camping permit online in advance next time since you can’t register and pay at the trailhead and there’s no cell service for 30ish km’s.

9 days ago

I did this a few days ago and the trail was hard work while packing gear for an overnight but easy to follow and the lake was definitely worth the effort. The only downside was the mosquitos. I opted not to spend the night because the bug situation was unbearable. Maybe because of the recent change in weather? I’d try it again later in the summer.

It was a tough-ish trek up, but the way down is what kills you. Retie your boots and be ready to guard your knees!

It’s a pretty Trek though!

Hiked up to international Ridge with the intention of summiting Amadis but couldn't make it all the way on July 5th 2018.

The trail starts just off the road and is easily accessible to all vehicles. The first two kilometers or so of this trail go along a very well maintained wide horse trail. After about two kilometers you will reach a junction, go left towards international ridge. The trail here becomes slightly overgrown, when I did it much of the trail was covered in plants and stinging nettle, after about 2.5 maybe 3 kilometers of slight uphill through that you will start going uphill towards the ridge. This part of the trail is reasonably steep but luckily not overgrown for the most part. You will be treated to some small viewpoints of Cultus lake, Columbia Valley and the Fraser Valley looking West along the way. At the 7 kilometer mark you will come across a viewpoint looking North and East and you will have a view of the Cheam range, Chilliwack river valley and Chilliwack itself.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to continue on from here as there is no water on the trail (at least as far as I went) and I was running out. So if you plan on going all the way to Amadis it may be a good idea to pack a lot of water.

10 days ago

Favourite hike in the lower mainland. Spectacular views. Baker always looking good from up there too.

14 days ago

Beautiful area, once at pierce lake a 2 bike takes you to the top lake. Very isolated area. Advanced, hard.

14 days ago

hiked it few days ago...trail is clear, no snow..only got 2 mosquito bite at half way mark. nice view of the waterfalls... before reaching the 3.5km mark, you have to cross the creek, one of the wooden bridge is broken but you can go around behind the shrubs, just be careful with your steps though, some of the logs can roll/flip... overall hike is nice and be rewarded with peacefulness/quitenes of the lake... bring your fishing rods if you're upto fresh fish for lunch or dinner... it took us 6 hours return with slow - moderate pace

18 days ago

Best at the end of summer but went up the beginning of June! Be prepared for all of the different elements. Had to hike a couple km’s to the trail head. Only made it to just above the meadow and turned back due to weather. Incredible during the winter!

off road driving
19 days ago

4x4 with good clearance is a must.

20 days ago

Parking at the trailhead overnight can result in stolen tires and rims!! We arrived back to our truck after camping at the lower lake overnight to find it resting on two logs with NO WHEELS. Another party of hikers (who so kindly gave us a ride out of there) had their car's door handles yanked off. When we filed a report with the RCMP the officer advised us to get our truck towed asap as hooligans in the area will light cars on fire just for fun. The lake was nice but in my opinion not worth risking car parts.

Nice day hike! The water is amazing. Super refreshing.

25 days ago

June 16th 2018

Hiked and camped up at Statlu lake. The road in was well maintained and perfectly doable in our low clearance 2wd. As long as you're careful and drive slow you should have no problems.

The trail up to the lake is alright. For the most part it's fairly flat, though there are some short steeper segments and it is overgrown in places.

Once you reach the lake there are a handful of spots you can camp in, however there are practically no spots after that until you reach the other side of the lake. We went up on a weekend and found all the good spots taken so we ended up going out to the waterfall looking for spots to camp. Unfortunately we found nothing, though we were told afterwards that there are camping spots at the end of the lake. The trail towards the waterfall was pretty overgrown in places and forks off to Upper Statlu lake just before the waterfall. If you plan on heading to the other end of the lake you will need to get your feet wet crossing a shallow Creek as well.

Overall the lake is very beautiful and it's a great place to camp. I would rate the hike as moderately difficult.

short hike. done in mid june. hlaf of the trail was still covered by snow. bring your crampons. rewarding when you reached the summit.

one of the best hikes I've been on!!

29 days ago

Definitely need a 4x4 to get to mount cheam. If you don’t like we didn’t we walked the road 12km in. We didn’t get to the peak not enough day light and or time add on another round trip of 4hrs to the peak and back down to the car it would of been late. Traveled June 15th. Lots of snow still up at cheam.

Nice hike, quite relaxing. Lots of places to have a seat and relax at the lake. If you're brave, jump in for a cold swim! Camping is also an option but there a fee. Cayaking is also an option here! Check it out!

Nice hike, the steepest part right at the beginning. If boulders are your thing, you will have fun:) some campers at both lakes on a weekday, unfortunately making fire and leaving trash/food around.

Lindeman lake is much more beautiful and I wouldn't continue to Greendrop a second time, unless I wanted the workout. View is not all that. Would love to have looped back via Flora but reviews of poor trail put me off.

1 month ago

We hiked the trail and overnighted the weekend of June 2nd. Trail conditions were fine. There was patchy snow cover on the trail between about km 3 and km 4, but nothing significant. Nice lake, and good fishing!

Steep short climb but worth it for the views on the way up and at the top. Should be rated at least moderate.

1 month ago

completed may 27 2018:

A relatively steep trail 6.4 kilometers up to the lower lake uphill the whole way. About 2.5-3k in you'll run across a boulder field where you can peak out at the valley, though the view isn't anything to write home about. Just past that you enter a beautiful old growth forest. the creek runs through it and there's some flat areas if you want to spend the night. Continue on for another 3.5k and you'll reach the lower lake. From there you will have an excellent view of MacFarlane and a beautiful lake to keep you company. We ended up stopping there but you can go on to Upper Pierce Lk and MacFarlane if you want to. The lower lake would be an excellent spot to pitch a tent and then go on to MacFarlane

As of may 27th 2018 the trail was completely snow free and the lake had a thin layer of ice on it.

I really like this walk for a quick cardio. Up and down all the way with a nice small stair climb at the end. Beautiful trees and plants in this walk.

I now understand the reason this is a popular trail. It is a relatively easy, considering the rewards.
At least on weekends, it is a very busy trail, so I would pick a regular business day to avoid crowds
The lake is gorgeous, but you have to be really brave to dip into these waters since it is cold.
Still worth the effort. The lake is amazing.

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