June 20th 2018

This is a reasonably steel hike, it starts out in the woods and you be going uphill through them for the first 4 kilometers or so. After that it flattens out when you enter the Alpine meadows.

Absolutely beautiful hike. Wildflowers are blooming up in the meadows and the snow starts soon after that. I didn't end up going to the lake as I didn't fancy picking my way down the snowy slope to it so instead I climbed up to the peak.

The path of to a peak was a bit of a slippery scramble in the snow, I ended up using my poles as makeshift ice axes and I wouldn't do it without microspikes. Once you get you the peak you're treated with an amazing 360 view of the surrounding mountains. If you decide to head up to the peak when the snows gone I'm sure it would be much easier though.